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Green Aden General Trading LLC

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The company is the noted Supplier of high quality Methanol based in United Arab Emirates. Our Methanol is SGS approved and accredited for its purity and precise chemical composition. Methanol that we offer is extensively used for making other chemicals as it is a common laboratory solvent. Moreover, in order to ensure safe delivery of Methanol we offer it in quality packaging.

Minimum Order Quantity  : 1×20” FCL


Items Test Method Limited
Purity (wt %) ASTM E-346 Min. 99.85
Water (%wt) ASTM E-1064 Max. 0.10
Specific gravity @ 20o/20oc ASTM-D-4052 Max. 0.7928
Ethanol (wt %) ASTM E-346 Max 0.005
Acetone (wt %) ASTM E-346 Max. 0.003
Permanganate time ASTM-D-1363 Greater than 50 Min.
Non volatile matter ASTM-D-1353 Less than 8mg/1000 ml
Distillation Range @ 760 mmHg ASTM-D-1078 Not more than 1oC and shall include 64.6 oC-0.1oC
Color, PT-Cobalt Scale ASTM-D-1209 Max. 5
Carbonizable, PT-Cobalt Scale ASTM-E-346 Max. 30
Appearance IMPCA- 003 Clear and free from suspend matter
Odor ASTM D-1296 Non- Residual
Acidity as CH3COOH (wt %) ASTM-D-1613 Max. 0.003
Alkalinity as NH3 (wt %) ASTM D-1614 Max. 0.003
Miscibility ASTM D-1722 Passes test
Iron (ppm) ASTM E-202 Max. 0.1
Chloride (ppm) ASTM D-512 Max. 0.5
Sulphur(mg/kg) ASTM D-3961 Max. 0.5
TMA(1) Optional ---
Aromatics(2) Optional ---

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Hafiz Muhammad Ahsanullah

Suit 307 - C, Block Al Hudaiba Awards, Building Jumeirah, - 166890, United Arab Emirates

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