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Oil and Lubricants

We offer the best product range of Base Oil, Rubber Processing Oil and Paraffin Oil.

Base Oil

We have established ourself as a well renowned name as Base Oil Exporter, Lube Base Oil Supplier involved in the supply of excellent quality Base Oil. New materials and technical innovations from over years of experience has resulted in this advanced optimum quality Base Oil. So go ahead and avail the opportunity of reasonable prices and conduct a blissful purchase from us. Our industry is equipped with state- of -art manufacturing facilities. Our work force is the team of committed individuals, who understand and value their work. Our success starts with our team and we have achieved our reputation over the years by our team's dedication in the line of supplying different kind of Base Oil.

  • Base Oil SN 150(Virgin) Origin: Iranc
    Characteristic 150 Test Method ASTM
    Kinematic viscosity @ 100 °C ,Cst 6 MIN D-445
    Viscosity index (VI) 88 MIN D-2270
    Flash point, °C 200 D-92
    Pour point, °C -1 D-97
    Specific gravity @ 15. 6°C/ 15. 6°C 0.880 D-4052
    Color 2.0 D-1500
    TAN , Mg KOH/g <0.05 D-664
    Carbon residue content(wt%) 0.12 D-189
    Appearance B&C Visual
  • Base Oil SN 500(Virgin) Origin: Iran
    Characteristic 500 Test Method ASTM
    Kinematic viscosity (@ 100 °C ,Cst) 10.5 D-445
    Kinematic viscosity (@ 40 °C ,Sct) 101 D-445
    Viscosity index (VI) 95 D-2270
    Flash point, °C 240 D-92
    Pour point, °C -6 D-97
    Specific gravity @ (15. 6°C/ 15. 6°C) 0.880 D-4052
    Sulphur content ,(wt%) 0.4 D-2622
    Color 1.5 D-1500
    TAN , mg KOH/g <0.05 D-664
    Carbon residue content(wt%) 0.12 D-189
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Rubber Processing Oil

When it comes to best quality Rubber Processing Oil , then there are very few alternatives available to Rubber Processing Oil provided by us. New materials and technical innovations from over years of research and experience has resulted in such advanced Rubber Processing Oil. The terms like unparalleled and exclusive appear out to be most appropriate if one starts looking for the words to describe the quality of products provided by us. When the search is aimed for the best suppliers and exporters of Rubber Processing Oil, then our name comes first. All of our Rubber Processing Oil are of modern technology with the excellent performance of every single employee. We are moving towards the advancement in the path of prosperity, making an indelible mark in the industry by the virtue of our products, which have a vivid and striking potential.

  • Rubber Processing Oil (RPO) Origin: Iran
    Characteristic Value Test Method ASTM
    Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °c ,Cst 32 D-445
    Flash Point °c 260 D-92
    Pour Point °c 35 D-97
    Specific gravity @15.6°c / 15.6°c 0.995 D-4052
    Aniline Point °c 45 IP-2
    Ash Content wt%0.02 0.02 D-482
    Carbon type analysis, % (Ca, Cn, Cp) 32,24,40 D-3238
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