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Dry And Wet Risers

Dry and wet rising mains are intended for use by the fire brigade or other trained personnel. Dry risers are vertical mains fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions, constructed of 4'' galvanized steel throughout with outlet valves on each floor and an inlet fitted at ground level to enable the fire brigade to connect to the water supply. Wet risers are pipes kept permanently charged with water either from a storage tank (via a booster pump) or direct from the town's main water supply. A dry riser is a main vertical pipe intended to distribute water to multiple levels of a building or structure as a component of the fire suppression systems. The pipe is maintained empty of water. The dry riser is the opposite of a "wet riser" or "wet standpipe" system where the pipes are kept full of water for manual or automatic fire fighting operations. Dry risers have to have fire engine access within 18m of the dry riser inlet box.

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