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Q-Matic system

Q-Matic system

People Counting Systems -Q System 
A simple to use linear queuing solution suitable for retail, finance and any queuing situation where the transaction times are short and the objective is to keep queuing times moderate as well. It can use the standard Qmatic hardware including displays and terminals making it a powerful system building block for any size or capacity of linear queuing solution from basic system to highly customised ones. With a built-in HD video output to provide graphical content on standard displays Solo Linea can be used either with standard high-contrast low-power Qmatic LED main displays or with full HD graphics or both. Sound is also built-in making installation even simpler 

Q-Matic system is meant to
:improve customer service processes,
Ensure cost-effectiveness,
Pay off in the short term,
Tthey are reasonable and necessary investment. 

Purposes of Flow management systems Q-matic:

To build an enabling and pleasant environment in Client Service centers, providing the customers with the information about the place and consecutive number of rendering of services when entering;
To guide customer flows accordingly with the customer service strategies without using any signs on walls or above the operator desks, in that way maintaining customers confidentiality;
Planning VIP customer services, by identifying these customers as soon as they enter Service Center and start choosing their preferable service option or operator using their bank cards;
Planning the processes of expeditious services provided of a certain operator or desk;
To receive all the data about the amount of customers, response times, servicing durations per sections and employee working time expenditures at the end of a working day;
To follow the customer flows an if necessary, increase the amount of operators that get demanded the most;
To evaluate the amount of employees and their qualification
To calculate the amount of unsatisfied customers, who leave the place without being served.

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