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Remote Alarm Monitoring Service

Remote Alarm Monitoring Service

Today’s highly automated manufacturing facilities require fewer dedicated staff to run the lines. To help, InfinityQS can automate data collection, alarming and responses so that informed decisions can be made quickly while requiring the fewest human resources. By automating analysis, reactions, reporting, and escalation, you can ensure that information vital to business success is never overlooked. InfinityQS offers Remote Alarm Monitoring Service (RAMS) and Remote Event Monitoring Service (REMS) for real- time event logging and alarming.

Instead of spending valuable time logging quality events and manually monitoring the system, operators can focus on production tasks, only attending to quality issues when they occur. The result is real- time quality management with a significant cost savings for your business. These tools are particularly advantageous in heavily automated, streamlined data collection environments, where resources are focused on strategic quality initiatives as opposed to relentless process monitoring.

How it Works 
RAMS and REMS are Windows Services that run in the background and do not require ProFicient to be running in order to function. The system automatically monitors and analyzed quality data, and then triggers other systems to respond in pre-defined ways to address detected quality issues. 

RAMS and REMS monitor selected data streams and look for chart patterns, control limit and specification limit violations. When a specific event is detected, REMS can launch pre-defined responses from third-party machine controllers, user-specified files, or applications--enabling these remote services to automatically identify alarms, pass information to external systems, and automate responses to quality issues while requiring minimal time and attention. 

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