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Hoop barriers, Arm barriers, crash & impact protection barriers, safety barriers, height restriction barriers are offered in different designs & sizes by the top barriers maker in Dubai, HAS Engineering. The barriers comes with different mounting systems and protection level based on applications. The barriers can be used in areas like loading bays of factories, building entrance, building surroundings etc.

Our barriers are offered in different materials like steel, Rubber, Polycarbonate , PVC etc. based on the assets they protect and the level of protection required. Being the best barriers suppliers in Dubai HAS Engineering also hold distribution rights for barriers from Mermac & Softstop in the region. 

Softstop Aplus-rail®  is a patented energy absorbing guardrail. It provides Triple security in terms of protection to  infrastructure, vehicle and driver and remains intact after collision. It absorbs kinetic energy upon collision by forklift or other vehicles. It Bends and returns to its original position upon collision. Softstop provides everlasting protection.

Innovation: It is extensively tested to be combined with Softstop® bollards as support poles for creating an efficient energy-absorbing guardrail construction. They are available in yellow, orange or blue color.  It doesn't  require re-painting after collision and further they are corrosion- and spark-free. It offers Cost savings compared to the conventional system and further safe with rounded edges

Applications: Ideal for the food industry where corrosion is to be avoided and it offers a cheaper alternative to metals like stainless steel.  Soft stop Aplus-rail are safe to be deployed at  explosion sensitive environments such as fuel farms, chemical storage area, truck loading stations where sparks following collisions are a serious HSE risk factor. It also can be used in pedestrian areas and aisles where color barriers stand out . Aplus rail offers reduced damage to the vehicles in consumer environments and further they are easy to install in Critical zones where installation and repairs are expensive and requires Hot work permits etc.

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