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Swiss Pac is a leading manufacturer of packaging bags and a pioneer in flexible packaging products. Our bags are made in different shapes and types: standing or straight bags, side bag bags, tap bags, flat bottom bags, sealing bags ... Our bags are also varied in color. Our packaging bags come in many colors matte or matte, Transparent packaging from one side and other transparent bags on both sides. In order to satisfy as many of our customers as possible, our raw materials are used to make packaging bags. There are types of 
kraft paper bags as well as plastic bags.

We have integrated the aluminum material into most of the packaging bags we produce from plastic bags and brown kraft paper bags, in order to ensure the best bags for packing your products. Aluminum bags are now used to pack all kinds of materials, mainly food packaging. Aluminum bag is characterized by solidity and aesthetic appearance, making it the best choice for packing products of any kind.


The aluminum bag provides many advantages, including the fact that it is suitable for filling liquids such as liquid soap, water and other due to its high hardness, preserves the advantages of the basic product because it closes tightly, provides it on a zipper makes it able to close and open whenever the buyer wants the final, On the bag so you can distinguish it from competitive products at the lowest cost ...

Aluminum bags, inner aluminum bags of brown kraft paper bags and plastic bags are the ideal solution for packing and transporting food. We have aluminum bags of various sizes and sizes ranging from 28 g and 5 kg bags to large bags, the latter are made by hand handle, so easy to carry and transport.

We also manufacture two types of aluminum bags according to customer request. There are aluminum bags in stock and ready to transport to our warehouse around the world. The second type of bags is printed according to the design that the customer wants on the size he wants, Kraft paper bags.

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