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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging


Pharmaceutical products such as medicines and infant formula require packaging bags with a strong air barrier in the outside of the bag and low fluid permeability with high hardness so that they do not break easily. Pharmaceutical materials, such as medicines and infant formula, should be packaged in a bag capable of ensuring that the original qualities of the product are maintained throughout the storage period without altering the chemical formula or the original formulation.

If you own a pharmaceutical company, such as pharmaceuticals and infant formula, and you are looking for a supplier of bags, plastic bags or paper bags produced by a company with extensive experience in producing packaging bags, let us know that you are in the right place. Our company is the world's leading manufacturer of packaging bags. The company aspires to build long-term partnerships with companies producing materials that need packaging bags, whatever the size of the company, however different and varied their needs.

Our bags are the ideal solution for packing and packing pharmaceuticals, such as medicines and infant formula. The bags are made of two layers, three or four layers of film polymers, with a third layer of aluminum foil, which greatly increases the characteristics of the protective barrier. Plastic bags made for pharmaceutical packaging, such as medicines and infant formula, weigh less and take up a small space, making them more economical in transportation and storage.

We are manufacturing two types of packaging bags according to customer request. There are ready-made bags in stock which are transported directly to the customer's warehouse for use, while the second type of bags is printed according to the design desired by the customer on the size he wants, Or kraft paper bags.


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