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Anti vibration mounting pads

Anti vibration mounting pads

Ribbed Mounting Pad
Alternate High Low Ribbed Construction.
Easy to Cut Pads can be cut to be slightly larger than the size of the leg or machine, using shears or knife.
Easy Field Installation
Multiple layers of Ribbed Mounting Pad can be used to increase deflection.
Cork Sandwich Pad
Cork sandwich Pads are laminated pads having 12″ thick close grained cork securely bonded between two layers of14″ alternate low high ribbed Neoprene rubber pads.
Offers highest level of sound attenuation and vibration isolation.
No need for bolting
Easy Field Installation
Metal Sandwich Pad
Metal Sandwich Pads are constructed of a steel plate bonded between Ribbed Anti Vibration Pads.
Designed for very high load capacity.
Waffle Pads
Designed with in built suction cups.
Easy Cut design without tools allows job site flexibility.
No need for bolting.
Easy Field Installation.

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