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pipeline strainers

pipeline strainers

  • Strainers: Y & Tee, Simplex, Duplex, Basket, Temporary Conical, Plate & Angle in Threaded SW, Flanges & BW ends.

  • Steam Traps: Thermostatic, Float and Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket, Thermo dynamic, Bimetallic Thermostatic in Threaded & SW ends.

  • Safety Relief valves, Control valves, Regulators condensate pumps, Desuperheaters and Noise treatment.

  • Sight Glasses: Tube, Dome, Single & Double window in Threaded, SW & flanged ends

  • Back Flow Preventers: Top-Entry check and double check valve, Dual check valves in Threaded and Flanged ends

  • Rupture Discs: Forward & reversing acting with extensive sizes, Rupture Pressure & Temperature Range

  • Flow Meters: Orifice plate Vortex with extensive size range

  • Level Gauges: Flat Glass, Reflex & Transparent

  • Misc. Ancilliaries: Boiler-Blow-down System, Orifice plates, Sample cooler, Diffusers, Separators Flange & Bolt protector, Casing insulators & End seals, Explosion Vents, Disc monitors & holders.

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