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We offer a complete product range of Meat, Fish, Date, Food Packaging and COFFEE & TEA PACKAGING


Amber recognizes the levels on which food packaging affects meat and seafood products. Selecting the proper meat packaging is essential for ensuring product safety and stability, in addition to maintaining the vibrant colors consumers associate with freshness and quality. Seafood packaging must provide strength and protection for even the most delicate of products. We offer a range of specialty packaging films for fresh, frozen, cooked, and shelf-stable meat, poultry, and seafood applications, all designed to meet even the most demanding processing, storage, and distribution challenges. • Gold, Silver & all colours thermoforming films with EVOH option for more shelf life • Permanent seal, easy peelable, re-sealable, anti-fog, sterilization & pasteurization films • Cook-in films with high puncture resistance • High barrier vacuum shrink bags & pouches • Retort Grade pouches • Mortadella, minced / fibrous casings with & without clips, shirred & rolls • Burger bags, Burger Paper & Chicken bags • Pillow vacuum bags • Minced meat paper / molder paper / separators in hamburger packs • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors

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Flexible packaging is extremely effective for fish and seafood products, providing odorless, high barrier puncture proof packaging with premium quality printing of up to 11 colors. One of the biggest advantages of Amber packaging is its high customization: you can choose from roll packaging to many kinds of vacuum pouches (ready-to-seal stand-up pouches, flat pouches, gusseted bags, zipper bags / pouches, top printed films with bottom trays, etc). Amber offers one of the best packaging solutions, allowing you to choose from a number of options to reach a customized solution that suits your needs best. We offer flexible packaging for any fish and seafood products, either chilled or frozen: • Scampi • Trout • Shrimp • Tuna • Salmon • Haddock • Prawns  • Mackerel • Clams

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Amber’s leading food packaging solutions, offers Crystal Clear, High Gloss, High Barrier, Multi-layer thermoforming rigid top & bottom films in all colors including special colors like gold & silver. • Nylon • EVOH • PA/PE • PET EVOH/PE • PVC/PE • HIPS • PP • Stand-up Pouches with zipper, window, etc. • Laser Scoring • Craft Paper laminated with window • Permanent Seal • Easy Peel with re-closable • Matt & glossy finish combination • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors

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Food Packaging

Amber’s leading food packaging solutions, offers a variety of custom packaging options to meet the unique needs of today's diary food processors • Thermoforming high barrier films & pouches (top & bottom web) for shredded cheese & cheese blocks. • Soft cheese triangle packaging aluminum foil • Butter & Margarine wrappers • Lidding foil & films with easy peel, re-closable, anti-fog properties for tray & cups • Plain & printed vacuum pouches • Vacuum shrink bags & Cheese maturation bags • Specialty pouches with features like spouts, vents, easy-open and reusable closures. • Specialized bags for grilled hot chicken • Films for horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form seal (VFFS) systems. • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors • Wax-based or extrusion laminated film for diary, butter or margarine in blocks, sticks & rolls. • Printing side of foil on both bright & dull sides • Embossed with generic or customized pattern

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Amber recognizes the unique needs of coffee and tea packaging. From protecting your blend to promoting your brand, our Flexible Packaging provides the advanced engineering and innovation-driven design and rotogravure printing that make your packaging stand up and your products stand out. Our coffee packaging films provide a range of formats, barriers, closures, and degassing valves to create the perfect environment for preserving freshness and extending shelf-life. For specialty loose leaf tea and coffee, pouches with innovative designs and convenience features can make your product easy for consumers to use and impossible for them to resist. • M-seal bags and stand-up pouches • Foil and metallized high barrier laminated film to maintain freshness • Custom closure options for coffee and tea packages • Easy peel film and tin ties • One way degassing valves • Custom roll stock film structures for high-speed vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS)

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With growing interest in fresh produce, it's time to explore flexible packaging solutions designed to meet the unique needs of fruits & vegetables. From barrier packaging to breathable films, Amber offers manufacturers maintain the highest levels of safety, quality, and freshness through distribution and shelf life. In addition to advanced engineering and performance characteristics, we offer innovative package designs and graphics that engage consumers and increase brand awareness. Amber’s specialty pouches are also well suited for the growing area of organic foods packaging as they provide benefits ranging from reduced materials use to improved sustainability, as well as modern convenience features • Laminate rolls for fresh fruits & vegetables • Lidding films with crystal clear, easy peel • Special micro perforation for breathable films in rolls and pouch form • Specialty pouches for fresh fruits & vegetables • Stand-up pouches • Retort pouches for frozen fruits & vegetables • Convenient features like spouts, vents, handles • Advanced 11 color rotogravure printing • Innovative packaging designs

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Ice cream enjoys enormous popularity with people of all ages and has become an absolute lifestyle product around the world. It is a sensitive food product which demands a lot in packaging. Amber produces cone sleeves made of paper foil laminate as well as lidding for cone sleeves to ensure that the consumer fully experiences the richness and creamy texture of the product. Ice cream wrappers and lidding film are also offered by Amber. • Glossy, matt and partial matt / gloss finishes • Laminate rolls with surface print and reverse print • Cone sleeves made of paper foil laminate with lidding for cone sleeves

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Gourmet snacks often contain ingredients that require specialty packaging to help products remain fresh and delicious through shelf life. Amber’s packaging engineers understand the unique needs of snack products and know how to meet those needs by creating the perfect package for premium snacks. Our rotogravure printing process works with irresistible graphics that makes products stand out among the competition. Amber’s packaging provides small quantity packaging solutions for snack food. • Protect against exposure to oxygen that can cause off-flavors and rancidity  • Manage moisture that can affect the texture of soft or crispy ingredients.  • Provide consumer-friendly features like easy-open and re-sealable closures • Pouches, bags and laminated rolls with specialized barrier properties • Ultra-clear, colored and printed films • Glossy, matt and partial matt / gloss finishes • Stand-up pouches with re-sealable closures

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lidding foils

Today's ready-meal, diary, beverage markets are a long way from the conventions packaging methodologies and would like to offer the consumers ready to eat food with original freshness. Modern processing systems and preparation methods demand advanced food packaging solutions to ensure product safety and increase user friendliness. Amber has the engineered and developed solutions to help manufacturers package and promote their products perfectly. • Wide range of sealing temperatures • Suitable for liquids & pellets • Easy and continuous peeling with good seal through properties for yoghurt cups, yoghurt drink cups, ayran, lebneh & other diary, water containers. • Clear transparent lidding free from heat seal lacquer which eliminates the risk of product taste with temperature variations • Customer friendly features like re-closable, skin top web, anti-fog, matt & glossy finish, embossing, etc. • Available for PS, PVC, PP, PET & more • Sizes: 48 mm to 130 mm (roll form) • Roto / Flexo printing up to 11 colors

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beverage packaging

The stand-up pouch for beverages has become the most popular form of packaging among all age groups and has been our domain expertise for years. The challenge of a hot fill laminate maintaining excellent stiffness and having no ordour has been the technology of Amber’s packaging material. We provide wrap around labels, which have become the most preferred in all beverages & packaged drinking water industry. The ability to run at high speed and as a cost effective packaging solution. We also offer Shrink Sleeves, the most sought after aesthetic option and ability to take various container shapes. • Shrink sleeves with full body / vertical / horizontal perforation in roll form and cut-pieces • Preformed shrink sleeves up to 450 mm tube width. • Wrap around labels for PET & glass bottles of soft drinks, juice & water • LDPE shrink films with flexo & rotogravure printing to soft pack drink cans, juice bottles and water packs & bottles • Thickness: 30 – 250 microns • Width:  • Core inner diameter: 76 – 152 mm • Roto / Flexo printing up to 11 colors

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chewing gum

Amber offers a wide range of flexible packaging options and continue to look for new, innovative solutions to meet the ongoing packaging needs of our customers. Foil packs, flow packs, multipacks, bags, blisters, capsules, envelopes, jars with label or sleeve and sample bags are among the many possibilities - as well as eye-catching sales displays in various designs. Packaging can also be tailored to individual customer specifications. • Chewing gum inner wrapper & outer wrapper • FFS rolls, wrappers & top webs for individual sticks of chewing gum & gum packs • Hot-melt, extrusion & coating process • High-speed machine performance • Multi Packs wrappers • Over wrapping paper foil laminates • Stand-up pouches • Blister for Chiclets

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FOODSTUFF packaging

Amber’s innovative engineering and technology help baked goods and grain products manufacturers discover advanced flexible packaging structures that replace paper and rigid containers, ensure product safety and quality, and offer convenience features that make products more stable and user friendly.  Amber’s innovative designs, proprietary Brand Color Management and specialized rotogravure printing deliver eye-catching graphics that improve consumer engagement and increase brand awareness. • Multi-layer Stand-up pouch packaging for powdered milk & infant cereals • 3-Side seal bags and M-Seal bags • FLTR structure for tear & puncture resistance • Reclosable zippers and tin-ties • Thickness: 40 – 200 microns • Film structures: 3-5 layers • Easy-pour spouts • Advanced 11 color rotogravure printing

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In-Mould Labels

In mold engineering & technology, the label is placed inside the container mold and while molding, becomes the integral part of the wall thickness of the container, resulting in a no label look and a good scratch resistance.   This is a new technology which has gained prominence in segments like FMCG, Lubricants, Chemicals, etc. The technology increases the operational efficiency and reduces the inventory cost. • Labels (IML) in all shapes and sizes • Orange peel finish

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confectionery packaging

The world of confectionery is colourful and diverse – just as packaging should be in this field. Confectionery is often not consumed all at once, hanging around in the packet for a while before being eaten up. We take particular care to retain the delicious flavour of the sweet treats whilst at the same time doing justice to the packaging design. Amber offers Integrated reclose solutions that allows you to close the bag easily after opening. • Specialty pouches for extended shelf-life • Stand-up pouches to retain the actual taste • 3-Side seal bags and M-Seal bags • FLTR structure for tear & puncture resistance • Reclosable zippers  • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors • Glossy, matt and partial matt / gloss finishes

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pharmaceutical products packaging

Amber offers a variety of specialized structures designed to meet the unique needs of medical packaging and pharmaceutical products. Our advanced engineering and design together develop flexible packaging solutions that ensures medical supplies are contained effectively for storage and transport, while remaining easy to open and use by medical professionals and consumers. • Thermoforming high barrier laminate rolls • Lidding films with lock-weld, peelable, easy-open, and re-sealable technology Specialty pouches • Innovative barriers for delicate light and oxygen requirements • Amber’s barrier films for chemical resistance • Convenience features like easy-peel, easy-tear, reusable zippers, spout, etc. • Paper with poly extruded structures for ORS / rehydrate powder packaging • Advanced rotogravure printed laminates up to 11 colors • Innovative packaging designs

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Flexible packaging makes household products traditionally sold in paper, cardboard, and glass containers lighter, safer, easier to use, and more environmentally friendly. Amber’s advanced barrier films stand-up to household cleaners and chemicals, while innovative packaging designs, convenience features, and graphics engage consumers and build brand awareness. • Stand-up pouches • Convenience features like spouts, fitments, reusable closures, etc. • Specialized barriers to withstand chemical abuse and prevent ordour contamination • Innovative lidding films • Laminated rolls with hot-melt coating • Amber’s barrier films for chemical resistance • Advanced 11 color rotogravure printing • Innovative packaging designs

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pet food packaging bag

As with any food application, proper pet food packaging is essential for ensuring quality, maintaining freshness, and extending product shelf life. Whether you're looking for premium dog food packaging bags for high volume kibble products, or specialty pouches for treats or single serving portions of shelf stable wet pet foods, Amber has the flexible packaging films you need to contain it perfectly. From retort pouches to laminated rolls, standard bags to stand-up pouches, custom handles to closures, we have the barrier and protection characteristics products and the convenience features for customers. Amber’s commitment towards manufacturers to improve consumer engagement and increase brand awareness is always an added advantage. • Retort grade laminated rolls to maintain freshness • Specialty pouches for extended shelf-life • Stand-up pouches to retain the actual taste • Retort pouches to maintain nutrient integrity • Innovative packaging designs which improves shelf presence and brand awareness • Advanced 11 color rotogravure printing

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customized packaging solutions

Amber’s in-house capabilities allow us to convert printed roll fed film into a variety of preformed pouches. Preformed pouches continue to grow due to operational ease with end users. They are a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging and offer increased versatility, as well as consumer convenience. Preformed pouches contribute to smaller batch sizes, quick changeovers and most importantly provide a great canvas for the brand's marketing. Stand-Up Pouch Our capabilities provide the highest quality stand-up pouch based on your product's life cycle, usage and filling process. With our engineering expertise we provide the unique features your product needs to engage consumers. Shaped Pouch Available in a variety of custom shapes and sizes specific to your brand. We offer in-house converting and die-cutting technology to fit your product needs. Shaped pouches can be enhanced further with reclosable options, fitments, handles or stand-up capabilities. Quad Style Pouch Quad style pouches are cost effective and provide more billboard space for your product. There are four sides to the quad style, allowing for a better presentation on the shelf. Quad pouches are great for transitioning from box packaging to flexible packaging. Lay-Flat Pouch Often referred to as "pillow pouch, " lay-flat and flat pouches are the perfect fit for almost any product from single to multi-use applications. Lay-flat pouches are typically displayed lying down or inside of a box. We offer multi-layered film options specific to your product's requirements. Fold over Pouch Perfect for single serve and multi-use applications, a fold over pouch has two side seals while the bottom of the material "fold-over" forming the preformed pouch. There are a variety of film structures and printing options to fit your flexible packaging needs. Side Gusset Pouch Available in a variety of sizes and material structures, this pouch style is becoming a trend in the packaging industry due to their durability, ease of use and shelf appeal. Side gusseted pouches provide the durability needed for your product, as well as, promotional space for your brand.  Spouted Pouch Spouted pouches are suitable for many applications, including food and beverage. There are multiple benefits to adding spouts to a preformed pouch, from food safety to convenience we offer a complete solution for your flexible packaging needs. Box Pouch Enhance shelf appeal with five panels of printable surface area providing increased billboard space for your brand. Box pouches are more stable on shelves and are easy to stack providing convenience both to retailers and consumers. Sample Packets/Sachet We offer an extensive range of sachet and sample packet solutions for condiments, sauces, seasonings, shampoo and other health & beauty products. Add our high quality printing and materials to enhance your brand appeal.

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Rotisserie Chicken Bags

Specifications We supply rotisserie bags with pre punched handle and zip lock. Bags are made from special anti mist We supply rotisserie bags with pre punched handle and zip lock. Bags are made from special anti mist film to avoid fogging due to hot product. Bags can be provided vent holes to let out steam and avoid puffing. These bags can with stand hot temp for few hours.

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