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Our Complete range of products are Electronic Stethoscope, Electronic ID Band, Amniosign, Liqui-Prep and Choice Dry Bags.

Electronic Stethoscope

Electronic Stethoscope amplifies the original body sound twenty times. It has a simple button mode changer. An integrated electronic filter allows you to change the frequency mode of the stethoscope with the press of a fingertip. With the Jabes Analyzer software, you can display and visualize the body sound you are observing in real time. You can easily record the sound when using the stethoscope away from the office with many types of simple, portable recording equipment. You can transfer sound data via the internet.

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Electronic ID Band

Built with TSC durability, reliability and commitment to innovation, the 2-inch-format TDP-225 direct thermal printer features a compact design and high performance engine that make it ideal for retail and other labeling applications.

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Rapid immunochromatographic test, pen-shaped, for the detection of Premature Rupture Of foetal Membranes (PROM) by the highlighting of IGFBP-1 (Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein 1), in cervicovaginal secretions.

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The Field of cytology involves the preparation of cells collected from a variety of clinical specimens, Liqui-Prep is a second generation specimen preparation technology which enables the lab to remove blood and mucus from clinical specimens to allow for clear unobstructed analysis by microscopy by a trained Cytotechnologist or Pathologist

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Plain Paper

  • colour green,white

A complete range of cellulose sterilisation wraps for wrapping purposes andor sterile field use (not alcohol repellent). 60gsm ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant. Not alcohol repellent Available in green or white Also suitable for Gamma sterilization.

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340 Wrap

  • colour green, blue

A range of synthetic reinforced non woven materials. For use when increased strength and drape are required. 60gsm ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant. Alcohol repellent Available in green or blue Also suitable for Gamma sterilization.

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Choice Wraps

  • colour Green,Green,Alcohol repellent

A fully synthetic SMS product designed to offer total flexibility. Now you can pack conventionally, or in ‘two layers’ at once. Exceptionally strong and very drapeable. Green 53gsm, Blue 55gsm ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant. Available in: -Green (Alcohol repellent) -Blue (Alcohol repellent) -Blue (Non-alcohol repellent)

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Choice Dry Wrap

An absorbent and repellent tray wrap for dry packs. A unique blend of materials compliant with recognised standards for toxicology, bacterial resistance, drape etc. yet having an absorbent surface ensuring rapid moisture dispersion during autoclaving. 79gsm ISO11607-1 and EN868-2 compliant. Alcohol repellent Available in green or blue

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Transportation Wrap

The ultimate handling material often used to combat damaged packs due to its strength and tear resistance. Of particular use when handling heavy orthopaedic sets. The bright colours (orange, yellow or purple) make it easily distinguishable from the barrier layers. This product can be supplied interleaved with any barrier layer to provide a good quality, strong and cost effective wrap combination. 60gsm Must be used in combination with a compliant barrier layer Can be used to identify specific packs Originally available in purple – we now also stock yellow and orange!

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Dry Transportation Cover Wrap

Purple Transportation Wrap with an additional absorbent layer. For optimum protection from dust, moisture and handling whilst providing an absorbent layer for the dispersion of condensate during the autoclaving process. 83gsm Must be used in combination with a compliant barrier layer Can be used to identify specific packs Available in purple See also Dry Bags

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Transportation Cover Bags

Purple Transportation wrap available in bag format, into which the barrier wrapped trays are inserted, closed using the lip provided and fastened with autoclave tape.

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Transportation Dry Cover Bags

A development of the Transportation Cover Bag, but manufactured from the Dry version, providing an absorbent surface to aid the sterilisation process. Helps to promote dry packs. Simply insert wrapped tray and close using the lip provided and then fasten with autoclave tape.

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Choice Dry Bags

Providing a strong autoclavable outer bag which can be used as a transportation bag or a second sterilisation wrap. Manufactured from Choice Dry, the bags assist the sterilisation process in the same way, enabling the removal of condensate to promote dry packs. Wrapped trays can be easily inserted into the bag, closed and sealed with autoclave tape.

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Plain Sterilisation Paper Bags

Heat Sealable & Plain Sterilisation Paper Bags Plain and heat seal sterilisation paper bags. Fully EN868 Part 4 compliant. Manufactured from medical grade paper, adhesive and inks. Suitable for all popular sterilisation methods.

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Bag Rack

Pouch and Bag Rack Specially designed racks for neatly holding pouches and bags on a working surface.

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Tray Corners

A simple and effective solution to reduce corner and foot damage. Easy to assemble corners for baskets for use during sterilisation, eliminating the risk of wrap perforation, caused by sharp corners or feet. Additionally, the crepe version helps to reduce wet problems around basket corners. Simply Fold, Tuck and Pinch to create a corner for baskets. Available in a choice of 2 materials – a strong crepe and a heavy duty white rigid card.

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Absorbent Tray Liners

Highly absorbent crepe liners made from a finely creped medical grade paper. The liners can be safely used next to delicate instruments for steam sterilisation. The high absorbency and rapid dispersion ensures condensate is removed during autoclaving, which helps to minimise wet packs and improves the effectiveness of the sterilisation process.

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Super Soft Soaker Sheets

Most commonly used under trays to protect inner wraps from sharp cornersfeet on trays and baskets whilst also providing rapid absorption of condensate during sterilisation, reducing the incidence of damaged or wet packs. Approx. 140gsm.

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Millennium Blue Tray Liners

Lightweight and very easy to use. 100% Viscose based dry laid product. A similar absorbency to super soft soaker sheets but made of a lighter material. Matt blue finish to minimise glare.

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Dry Mats

  • colour Purple,Green

A strong purple polypropylene sheet for use as a mat placed under trays to protect against sharp edges. The ‘Dry’ version, with an added absorbent layer, is also available to provide rapid moisture dispersion during the steam sterilisation cycle.

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Tray Anchors

Profile cut tray anchors made from foam used for optimum instrument protection. Cut to required length to ensure a tight fit.

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Point Protectors

For the protection of tips and points where visual identification is helpful. Fully autoclavable and suitable for Steam, Plasma and Ethylene Oxide sterilisation. Instrument can be held open to allow steam penetration. The unique design minimises instrument movement.

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Silicone Matting

A silicone mat with drainage holes and buttons on the underside to allow for easy drainage and steam penetration. Will withstand all known washing methods and can be cut to size as required.

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A unique disposable cleaner for all small cannulae. Various diameters available. Constructed in a range of materials, to give either soft or hard cleaning properties. The dispenser ensures the contents are always available and a cutter is provided to facilitate quick and easy cutting to any required length.

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Blue Brushes

Instrument cleaning brushes for wash room use. A range of brushes with strong nylon bristles mounted into durable plastic handles. Long lasting and safe to use. Suitable for washdisinfection, but not autoclaving.

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Diathermy Cleaning Brush

A robust stainless brush for cleaning the tips of Diathermy Forceps. The removable guard prevents damage to the instrument insulation. The brush itself can be separated for safe cleaningdisinfection. Supplied as a pair—1 x 10mm wide and 1 x 15mm wide.

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UN Approved Red Transportation Boxes

A range of Red Transportation Boxes, with the same properties as the Blue Boxes. Useful to distinguish between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ contents or contents for different recipients etc. Our range of Red Transportation Boxes have been manufactured and tested to meet the requirements for transporting clinical waste by road and each container displays information to confirm that it meets this standard. All boxes are stackable.

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A brand new innovation to assist where immediate cleaning of surgical instruments is not possible. The Humipak is a patented method for preventing the drying out of protein on instruments whilst awaiting cleaning aimed at meeting the requirements of HTM01-01.

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eBooksCard is a personal eLearning solution, designed to improve academic achievement by empowering students of all levels, teachers, and parents with world-class resources that help to upgrade their learning skills and close their knowledge gaps. It is by far the world’s biggest warehouse of multi-media learning-knowledge tools constantly expanding and currently giving access to amongst others over 2.5 million eBooks, 23, 000 Audio Books, 1, 260 Educational games, 500 topics math practice interactive tool, physics simulations interactive tools, creativity and arts tools.

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