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Surgical Equipment & Supplies

We offer the best product range of AED Machine.

AED Machine

Situated in Dubai, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the worldwide markets as the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the AED Machine of best kind. These AED Machines, falling in line with crucial industry standards, are much admired for their innovative designing and exemplary performance for uninterrupted time. As per the client’s project, these AED Machines can be tailored. And, we quote rational prices.


How to use an AED 

 You're in the mall, and suddenly the shopper next to you collapses. On the wall is an automated external Defibrillator (AED), a device that can shock a heart in cardiac arrest back into a normal rhythm. Although Sending electricity through an unconscious stranger's heart may seem like something best left to a professional, AEDs can be used successfully by passersby with no training. And the sooner the better : Survival rates are near 90 percent for people treated within the first minute.

  • Call 911 to get the profesionals moving in your direction. Have someone else do CPR chest comprssions. Clear the area of flammable liquids and standing water.

  • Turn on the AED. Open the case (in this model, you pull the plastic cover). This will activate voice commands. If the information button flashes, press it for more info.

  • Stick the adhesive electrode pads to the person's bare chest according to the diagram on the machine. The pad labeld "right" goes above the right nipple ; the "left" one goes below the left nipple along the ribcage.

  • The machine will analyze the heart rhythm and in less than eight seconds determine whether a shock is needed. No one should touch the patient during the analysis. If the device indicates, stand clear and hit the shock button.

  • After the shock, continue CPR until you see signs of life. The machine can fire a second time if needed. (If the machine says not to fire, continue CPR until the paramedics arrive.

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