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Our product range contains a wide range of led dimming driver and LED CONSTANT DRIVER

led dimming driver

LED Dimmers come as a real life saver for those who want to adjust the brightness of their light in accordance with your homely convenience. Even when they are producing low lights, they will be sufficiently bright and clear. Stability of dimmers switch is very important for the performance of the lighting dimmers. Security is the other factor which provided by the dimmers switch. Good quality dimmers provide the protection systems such as overheating, over-voltage, over-current and other corresponding protection systems. Life of lighting dimmers switch has high compared to others. Most of the dimmers have very simple installation and the controlling systems. Mainly dimmers help to reduce the power which delivered to the tube lights.

Modern LED dimmers work an entirely different way. They use a transistor like device called a TRIAC to switch the electricity on and off very rapidly--120 times each second. Because they sort of 'chop up' the electrical power this wayLED dimmersare sometimes called 'chopper switches.' there are many other benefits to consider when choosing to install dimmable LED lighting. These benefits include longevity, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety. The dimmed LED lamp also operates cooler, which can save air conditioning costs. Dimming then further increases the operating life of the LED lamp.

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Tridonic Drivers play key role in lighting industry for all LED lighting component.LED Corner have large collections of tridonic drivers product.Tridonic drivers helps to control the power to the lightings. Itis protected against overtemperature, short circuit, overload and no load. The life span is up to 100, 000 hours.Tridonic offers a 5-year guarantee on the electronic ballast. The cost of these systems can be lower, especially in larger scale applications. The high proportion of new products in our portfolio indicates a high level of innovation.

LED lightings can be damage by the high voltages coming with the changes of temperature. Tridonic drivers are the self contained power supply which matches to the characteristics of lightings.Tridonic drivers are manufactured to operate all types of LED devices or arrays. LED drivers that use high-voltage AC power are called Off-Line drivers, or AC LED drivers. Operating on a low-voltage DC power supply enables lightings to easily adapted to different power supplies, and allows longer stand-by power, and thereby increases safety. Trionic drivers enable dimming and color-changing or sequencing of lightings. Tridonic dimming drivers can dim lightings by reducing the forward current, pulse width modulation via digital control. Low voltage DC powered drivers can be easily dimmed in different ways. The simplest dimming solution for these is using a potentiometer.

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