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Fire Glovesare an essential product for firefighting! Every firefighter and first responder should have a good pair of rescue gloves, tactical glovesorfirefighting glovesin their pockets. Choose from a variety of products from MAF

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Fire Helmets

We supply an excellent selection of certified fire fighter helmets that will provide an excellent degree of protection. All helmets are constructed from the finest materials and are suited to use in fire fighting operations and search & rescue operations.

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Fire Alarm Cable

Fire alarm cables are for use with fire monitoring/detection, power-limited fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, signaling, audio circuits, control circuits, fire protective circuits and security systems. FIRE ALARMCABLE 1mm X2C & 1.5mm X2C

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Grooved Landing Valve

Grooved type landing valve 2.5-Flange type landing valve-Key for lock shield valve-Valve DCP-Automatic valve

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Fire Alarm Panels

The modern fire alarm system is capable of detecting smoke and heat from a small flame, water flows in a sprinkler system or an activated pull station, and reporting this information to on-site personnel via dedicated phone line to any location in the world. Although a seemingly straightforward device from an installation standpoint, fire alarm [

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Fire Retardant Coating

The full line of fire free products are water-based, intumescentfire retardant and fire resistant coating that can withstand extreme temperatures (up to 2000 Fahrenheit) for an extended time (over two hours). They are the first fire retardant and fire resistant coatings to bring a true fire barrier to a wide variety of materials including sheetrock,

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When the public water supply doesnt have enough pressure to supply the fire sprinkler protection system, a fire pump is a must. But a fire pump that is not dependable doesnt do the end user any good. Fire pumps that are FM Approved are designed by their manufacturers to provide reliable performance at the critical

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Fire Fighting Suit

A firefighters tunic is made from fire resistant, synthetic fabric which retains its structural strength after fire exposure, and resists cuts and tears. It provides a good level of protection without exacerbating the metabolic heat stress of the firefighter. It is designed to enable good flexibility and the collar has a long zip to ensure

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Fur Cape Hood

Fire retardanthood. Protectivehood fire resistant interlock knitted. With anti static fabric single layer in off white color.

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Breeching Inlet Valve

Features Pressure: Hydrostatically tested to 24 bar Non-return valve tested to 22.5 bar Inlet: 65 mm male instantaneous coupling to BS 366, non-return valve, blanking caps and chain, copper alloy parts, with brass springs and stainless steel lock-nut & washer Compact design with excellent flow characteristics High quality casting finishes Adjustable Relief Valve 25 mm

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Water & Foam Sprinkler System

It is best to have protection in commercial buildings in case of fire or smoke. Installing a sprinkler system is a good preventative measure to take. There are various types of fire sprinklers and below are descriptions of these so you know which one is best suited for your commercial building.

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Fire Extinguisher Co2

A fire extinguisher prevents the chemical reactions involving heat, fuel, and oxygen (combustion), thus extinguishing the fire. Sodium bicarbonate, regular or ordinary used on class B and C fires were the first of the dry chemical agents developed. In the heat of a fire, it releases a cloud of carbon dioxide that smothers the fire.

External Epoxy paint adds extra protection to with stand extreme temperature.

Product Description: Sticker Label or Screen printing.

CO2 valve with CE approval to ensure reliability and optimizes efficiency.

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Stand Alone Detectors

Smoke and fire detection equipment is an integral part of any buildings safety. When working properly, they alert the occupants in a building of a fire before it spreads, giving them enough time to evacuate. This type of equipment comes in many forms: heat detectors, smoke detectors, flame detectors, and CO gas detectors.

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