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We offer the best product range of lapolla polyurethane, Fire Barrier Foam, Firestop Sheet, Galvanized Chain Link Fence and Intumescent Cramping Collars.

lapolla polyurethane

Product Design  FOAM-LOK™ FL 2000 is a Closed-Cell spray applied foam, which was developed using an EPA approved next generation blowing agent which when installed following application guidelines adheres tenaciously to framing members and substrates. FOAM-LOK™ FL 2000 Closed-Cell spray foam provides superior energy economy and durability while significantly reducing unmanaged moisture and air infiltration. Product Use As a component of a “systems approach” to proper building envelope construction, FOAM-LOK™ FL 2000 Closed-Cell spray foam provides exceptional performance in minimizing heat transfer, moisture gain, air leakage, and improving racking strength. TYPE : I, II, III, IV, V (A&B) Construction Recommended Product Applications • Walls • Unvented Attics • Ceilings • Floors • Vented Attics • Piping • Unvented Crawl Spaces • Vented Crawl Spaces • Foundations • Concrete Slabs • Ducts • Tanks • Cold Storage • Freezers • Coolers Recommended Processing Parameters Recommended Processing Designation Regular Winter -7 - 10 °C Regular 10 - 27 °C Summer 27 °C - and above Optimum hose pressure and temperature may vary as a function of the type of equipment, ambient and substrate conditions, and the specific application. It is the responsibility of the applicator to properly interpret equipment technical literature, particularly information that relates acceptable combinations of gun chamber size, proportioner output, and material pressures. Processing Designation FL 2000 Equipment Dynamic Pressure 1, 000 - 1, 400 psi Preheat Temperature 125 - 135 ºF (52 - 57º C) Hose Heat Temperature 125 - 135 ºF (52 - 57º C) Drum Storage Temperature 65 - 85 ºF (18 - 30 ºC) Material

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Fire Barrier Foam

Fire Barrier Foam is a two-part, medium density foam supplied as A and B liquid components, which is designed to seal large quantity openings and multiple penetrations, such as cable bundles, cable trays and metallic pipes.   Before foaming, the A and B mixture is liquid type with good fluidity, which is very suitable for sealing the opening that contain multiple penetration items.   Furthermore, when Fire Barrier is exposed to 1 x Gy (1 x rad) neutron and gamma radiation unit, it can still perform good firestop function.       Application:         For sealing construction openings contain single or multiple penetrations through floor slabs, walls and other fire-rated building partitions and assemblies. It can be used on concrete or masonry.           Features:   ·          Good fluidity before foaming.   ·          Good for multiple penetration opening   ·          Intumescence when heated   ·          Excellent resistance to fire consumption   ·          Without halogen and asbestos ·          Durable, no maintenance needed.     Test Compliance UL 1479 : 2 Hr, T & F Rating CNS 14514, 3Hr, Class A&B Far smoke and toxicity test standard ABD0031   ASTM E662  



    PART A

    PART B



    PART A

    PART B

















    A:B = 7:3

    A:B = 7:4


    1 ~ 5 MIN.

    1 ~ 5 MIN.


    20C ~ 30C

    20C ~ 30C


    24 HOURS

    24 HOURS


    APPROX. 2.5 ~ 4 TIMES

    APPROX. 5 ~ 7 TIMES





    15C ~ 25C

    15C ~ 25C


    4 ~ 10 TIMES

    2 ~ 5 TIMES

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Firestop Sheet

Firestop Sheet is a fire resistant composite system basically contains an intumescent layer bonded on one side to a metal sheet. It is designed to seal larger openings to protect penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors. The Intumescent will expand rapidly for against the passage of the flames, noxious gas and smoke.   When INCA firestop sheet is exposed to 1 x Gy (1x rad) neuton gamma radiation unit, it can still perform good firestop function       Application:   ·          For sealing larger openings to protect penetrations through fire rated walls or floors.   ·          For Shielding cables, cable tray, piping, conduit and busway.   ·          Large opening penetrated by various cables or materials.   ·          Can be installed with Firestop Putty, Fire Barrier Sealant or Intumescent Strip for increasing the performance of fire resistance.       Features   ·          Excellent obstruction to flame, noxious gas and smoke.   ·          Excellent resistance to fire consumption.   ·          Easy to cut and install, suitable for large openings and most construction materials   ·          Without halogen and asbestos   Test Compliance UL 1479, T&F Rating CNS 14514, Class A&B ASTM E662   ·          Stable, no maintenance needed.

  • Specifications

    FP - 02


    FP - 03


    7.7 ±1.3mm


    Expansion Rate

    5 – 10 times

    8 – 12 times

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Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Application Areas   Steel Construction Applications Private Security Zones Private Lands Garden Plots Residential Areas Sports Complexes Miscellaneous Industrial Applications    Technical Specifications   RAW MATERIAL SAE 1006-1008 low carbon steel TENSILE STRENGTH 350n/mm² - 500n/mm² GALVANIZED COATING DETAILS Hot  dip galvanized coating at 450C in the ratios between min 120 g/m² and max 300      g/m² is made up of a 99% pure zinc compound. PRODUCTION STANDARDS TS EN 10223 - 6, BS EN 10223-6, ASTM A 392 QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES TS EN 10223-6 TS EN ISO 9001:2000 HEIGHT WE PRODUCE We weave from 0.30 m to 12 m of one-piece wire mesh

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Intumescent Cramping Collars

  • Specifications INFS0812  
  • Available size 5mm*60mm*2M
  • Expansion rate ≥20 times
  •  L.O.I. ≥40
  • Pass Accelerated Aging 158+/-5°F for 270 days
  • Pass High Humidity 97 to 100% RH
  •   95+/-3°F for 180 days

INFS0812 Intumescent Strip is a fire resistive elastomeric strip with Aluminum foil on one side. The SCCI Cramping Collars is a stainless steel collar work in conjunction with INFS0812 - Intumescent Strip to tightly seal an opening left by a burned away plastic pipes for preventing the spread of flames, smoke and other by products of combustion. It is available in convenient strips for quick and easy installation.   The high expansion of INFS0812 maintains a tight seal preventing the spread of fire, smoke and other by products of combustion.       Application:   Can be used through-penetration materials including plastic pipe and insulated metallic pipe.       Features:   ·          High intumescent rate and heat insulation.   ·          Quick expansion to tightly seal around the penetration items.   ·          Can be cut to fit irregular shapes. ·          Easy to install, size adjustable                   Test Compliance UL 1479, 3Hr, T & F Rating CNS 14514, 3Hr, Class A & B ASTM E662 Specification SSCI  For nominal size of 4” and 6” pipes              

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moldable fire putty

  • Specifications FM012  
  •  Density 1.35 - 1.45g/
  •  Color Red
  •  Operating Temperature  5 – 40C
  •  Time for full cured 7 - 14 days
  •  Storage Temperature 10 – 30°C
  • Package 5 Kgs/20 Kgs
  • Specifications FM011  
  •  Density 1.25 - 1.35g/
  •  Color Black
  •  Expansion Temperature  220°C
  • Volume Expansion >400%
  • Package 0.5 KG Sausage Pack
  • Hardness (full cured) Shore A 30 – 40°C
  •   12 Packs/Box

These two products have been developed by INCA against the passage of flame, noxious gas and smoke. It is used for protecting the penetrations such as cable bundles, metallic pipes and air duct with 3 hours of fire rating.   When INCA firestop putty is exposed to 1 x Gy (1 x rad) neutron and gamma radiation unit, it can still perform goodfirestop function.   Application: Use to seal the construction gaps, cables, insulated pipes, electrical conduit and metallic pipes penetrations on fire rated walls. It is also used to seal gaps, pipes and cables penetrations on floors.   Features:   ·          High intumescent when exposes in fire condition. ·          Good plasticity and easy to install. ·          Halogen free and no asbestos. ·          No organic solvent be volatilized. ·          FM011 will not coagulate, which can be reusable. ·          FM012 is non-sag.     Test UL 1479, 3Hr, F Rating CNS 14514, 3Hr, Class B ASTM E662  

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fire proofing spray

  Interior furniture and synthetic fabrics are the number one contributing factors to fire spread and smoke generation today. Spray to Protect DC 68: is a new water based fire proofing spray that is a Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic, colorless and odorless formula that can be used on any water absorbent fabric or material*. DC 68 Spray to Protect: retards fire and prevents the spread of flame over the treated area. DC 68 reduces smoke generation which increases visibility and the time to escape a fire situation, smoke is the leading cause of death in fires and using DC 68 significantly increases survivability. DC 68 Spray to Protect: highly effective when applied to Curtains, Drapes, Carpets and Rugs, Upholstery, Decorations, Paper Products, Sleeping Bags, Mattresses, Wall Paper & Coverings, Aprons, Boots, Table Cloths, or any Water Absorbent Fabric*. DC68 Spay to Protect: will not affect look, feel or ventilation qualities of most materials treated, however it is recommended to test a small area before applying to entire surface. Passed: NFPA 701 Meets National:   101 Life Safety Codes Description:   Fire Retardant for Fabric and Material* Conveniently packaged:   24 FL OZ (0.7 L) Trigger spray bottles Special Order:    5 Gallon Pails and 55 Gallon drums Coverage:   75 square feet per 24 OZ Uses: Coverage 75 square feet per 24 FL OZ Curtains Drapes Carpets and Rugs Upholstery Decorations Paper Products Sleeping Bags Mattresses Wall Paper & Coverings Aprons Boots Table Cloths Any Water Absorbent Fabric* Requires no special equipment to apply.   Dubai Civil Defense Approved , UL Certified Available in the Middle East  (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, KSA, Saudi, Bahrain Etc. ) and North Africa through MVL Group and MVL Supply .

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Baymak Water Heaters

Maximum working pressure : 8 bar Maximum testing pressure : 12 bar Maximum temperature: 85 C Insulation: CFC free PU (polyurethane) Optional: heating element from 2 kw until 12 kw Insulation material:  Polyurethane Densitiy: 40 kg/m3,   Thickness: 50 mm (The models 800 lt and 1000 is with 100mm soft foam) Enamelled tank Enamelled coil Mg anode Flange Cover in any colour STORAGE TANK WITH SINGLE COIL (SERPENTINE)

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Fireproof Paint

  • Color White
  • Finish Flat
  • Application 160 – 200 ft2/gallon
  • Specifications  
  • pH Neutral
  • Density 10000-25000cps (25°C) adjustable
  • Solid Content 65 ± 3%
  • Used Solvent Water
  • Storagetemperature 5°C – 35°C
  • Drying Time Dry to touch – 3hours; Dry hard – 24 – 48 hours (depending on weather conditions)
  • Flame Spread Index 0 (ASTM E84)
  • Smoke Developed Index 25 (ASTM E84)
  • Package 5 gallon/pail

DC333 Fireproof Paint is produced by a state of the art retardant system using proprietary leading edge intumescent fire retardancy and fire resistance. DC333 Fireproof paint has been highly tested and has passed countless tests from certified labs and testing facilities.   When exposed to high temperatures or direct flame, it expands, then caramelizes forming a “char barrier” that lifts off the surface, or materials.   In doing so, DC333 Fireproof Paint offers an effective and durable barrier that cuts off the fuel source that fire needs to develop and reduces smoke dramatically.   Application:   Provides an unsurpassed fire protection when DC333 Fireproof Paint is applied. It can be used for homes, commercial buildings and interior.   Characteristics:   ·          Reduces fire spread and smoke up to 90%.   ·          Minimal odor.   ·          No harmful side effect; Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.   ·          Low cost and high efficiency.   ·          No special tool required; apply with brush, roller or sprayer.   ·          Water based. ·          Intumescence when heated.   Test Compliance ASTM D5116 ASTM E84 (UL 723) NFPA 286 (UL 1715) NIEA R401.21T ASTM E119 (UL 263) UBC 26-2 ASTM D5590  

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cable coating

  • Density 1.3 – 1.4g/
  • Viscosity 10000 – 25000cps (25°C), adjustable
  • Color White
  • Specifications  
  • pH 7.0 ±1.0
  • Solid Content 60 – 63wt%
  • Storage temperature 5°C – 35°C
  • Drying Time Dry to touch – 3 – 4 hours; Dry hard – 24 – 48 hours 7; days to be fully cured
  • Flame Spread Index 0 (ASTM E84)
  • Smoke Developed Index 15 (ASTM E84)
  • Packaging 5 gallon/pail

DC309 Cable Coating is an intumescent coating for internal application to limit flame spread effectively, when fire occurs, the coating will rapidly intumesce to forma foam carbon char layer to prevent the fire propagation.   DC309 cable coating is water base, asbestos-free and environmentally friendly.   Very effective for protecting wire and cable in reducing toxic gas and smoke emitting in a fire.                   Application:   Coating for protection of grouped electrical, data or communication cables on cable trays or racked cables in industrial building.           Characteristics:   ·          Water based.   ·          Excellent resistance to fire consumption.   ·          Flexible with good adhesion; Does not peel off.   ·          Intumescence when heated.   ·          Does not halogenate.   ·          No asbestos and solvent. ·          Minimum 1 year shelf life.   Test Compliance IEEE383 IEC332-3A GA181-1998 ASTM E84 ASTM D5116 ASTM E662 FAR 25.853-1995  

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firestop mortar

CFS01 Mortar is a light weight Portland cement based firestop product. This non-intumescent material offers a good combination of workability, strength and fire resistance.   CFS01Mortar mixes with water to a proper consistency and forms a non-shrinking, rigid, gas tight and fire resistant structure.   It can be applied by pouring, pumping and troweling.   Its low density makes re-penetration for retrofitting a simple task.   CFS01 Mortar systems are rated up to 3 hours, during a fire it can prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gas.         Applications:       ·          Concrete wall or floor applications.   ·          Can be used in a wide range of penetrants such as cable trays and metallic pipes in medium or large opening.   ·          Blank opening of all sizes.   ·          Outdoor cable trench.   ·          Applied by pouring, pumping and toweling.   Features:   ·          Adjustable consistency (variable mix ratio).   ·          Non-shrinking.   ·          Paintable.   ·          Fast drying.   ·          Safe and simple to use.   ·          Non halogen or asbestos.   ·          Water and gas impermeable.   ·          Good structure strength.   Material Properties:   ·          Color: Grey.   ·          Density: 0.7-1.0 g/cm3   ·          Mix Ration (Mortar/Water): 1/0.65 – 1/0.85 (by weight).   ·          Set hard time: 3 – 4 hours (approx).   ·          Fully cured: 4 weeks (approx).   ·          Yield per 20kg bag: 21L – 23L (1280 – 1400   ·          Availability: 20kg bag   ·          Storage: Stored in a dry condition indoors under protective cover in its original container. ·          Shelf life: Minimum 2 years subject to inspection when stored indoors in a condition area and in its original un-open bag.   Test Compliance UL 1479, T&F rating 3 hours CAN/ULC S115 F/FT/FH/FTH Rating 3 hours ASTM E814  

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aluminum windows and doors

BM Insulated-72 Insulated  BM-72 Characteristic Properties  Frame depth: 72mm Sash depth: 80mm Profile wall thickness: 1, 6mm - 2mm Maximum glass thickness: 56mm Insutalion bars: 28mm (polyamid) Thermal insulation valueflJf): 1.36 W/m'K - 2.54 W/m>K Inward and outward opening step-Hush door&windows and hidden vent TiltSturn, parallel and folding opener selection  

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Economic Sliding Window System

Highlights of the System  Same accessories and auxiliary materials can be used for thermal and nonthermal applications. easy installation for any  accessory in the market. Maximum thermal and water resistance rate for its equivalent models.  With narrow dimensions it has enables to make large size openings (3m) Provides economic solutions with 1.4mm wall thicknesses.  BS-66 has an aesthetic look with european style formed profile designs Vent Profiles with 90 degrees joining and no need for glazing bead.  With 66mm frame width to work with minimum wall thicknesses. 40mm clamping profile provides a wide and aesthetic visioned for better look. Double glass applciations up to 24mm. Security stoppers for theft control and multiple locking instruments for maximum security.  Easy Installation on locking mechanism without risking ay venting profile on vents. Euro Standar type, brio type and brio keyed locking handle selections. Fast shop fabrication with accesory kits which can be provided on demand. Rapid manufacturing with minimum required profile notching. Abililty to framing with screw, no need for corned pressing. Pulleys to choose with plastic and metallic rollers. Track profiles to choose Aluminum  and Steel. Up to 6 movable vent applcaitions with double and triple track profiles. Interior and exterior insect screening application. Features modling profile separated and combined with framing profile.  S300-Cost Effective Sliding with Thermal Break  S3000-Characterictic Features Frame width in the range of 81 mm and 129 mm Narrow and wide face width Special design up to heaight of 2.5 meters. Silent and proper running with special ball stainless roller. Door and window systems with thermal break. Extensive designing freedom, adapter and other connection accessories. Glazing molding support in the range of 20 mm and 22 mm. Fireproof thermal barrier options.   S4000-Sliding with Thermal Break S4000-Characterictic Features Frame width 135mm High security locking applications at more than one point Hebe Schiebe (lift-and-Slide) mechanism Narrow and wide face width Special design up to the height of 5 meters Silent and proper running with special ball stainless roller Door and Window systems with thermal break Extensive designing freedom, adapter and other connection accessories Glazing molding support in the range of 4 mm and 42 mm Fireproof thermal barrier options   S6000-Cost Effective Sliding with Thermal Break S6000-Characteristic Features Frame width 135mm High security locking applciations at more than one point. Hebe Schiebe (lift and slide) mechanism Narrow and wide face width Special design up to the height of 5 meters Silent and proper running with special ball stainless roller Door and window systems with thermal break Extensive designing freedom, adapter and other connection accessories Glazing modling support in the range of 4mm and 42 mm Fireproof thermal barrier options.

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intumescent coating

The-928 Intumescent Coating is designed to prevent the calamity from fire, has excellent flame resistance and thermal insulation property.   This is a thin film coating that forms an insulating layer, noncombustible thermal barriers preventing flame and heat from contacting substrates, when exposed to fire/heat (high intumescent type)           Applications:       ·          Used as interior paint for structural steels.   ·          Used to increase the steels fire rating for 1 hour.   Installation:   ·          Clean the surface of steels before painting, all surfaces must be free of rust, grease, oil, moisture or other contaminants.   ·          Operating condition: 5 – 35°C, up to RH 85%.   ·          Apply by brush, roller or airless spray.   ·          If necessary, the paint can be diluted by solvent.   ·          Premix it well with hand mixer before application.   ·          Do not mix with other paint.   ·          Store the paint 5-38°C indoors.   Physical Data:   ·          Finish: flat.   ·          Density: 1.4±0.1g/ cm3   ·          Viscocity: 20000 – 40000cps (at 25°C); adjustable.   ·          Solid content: 71 ± 3%.   ·          Color: White.   ·          Used Solvent: Isoamyl acetate (banana oil) or Xylene.   ·          Operating Temperature: 5 – 35°C.   ·          Dry to touch: 3 hours.   Test Compliance BS476: Part 21 UL263 ISO-834   ·          Flash point: 27°C.

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Steel Coil

Baymak Water Heaters Maximum working pressure : 8 bar Maximum testing pressure : 12 bar Maximum temperature: 85 C Insulation: CFC free PU (polyurethane) Optional: heating element from 2 kw until 12 kw Insulation material: Polyurethane Densitiy: 40 kg/m3,   Thickness: 50 mm (The models 800 lt and 1000 is with 100mm soft foam) Enamelled tank Enamelled coil Mg anode Flange

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Silicone Fire Barrier & Fire Barrier Caulk

  • Color Grey/White
  • Specifications INSS1440  
  • Density 1.55
  • Operating Temperature  5 – 40°C
  • Tack-free time Approx. 30 min
  • Time for full cured 7 - 21 days
  • Expansion rate 3 – 5 times
  • Storage temperature 10 – 30°C
  • Package 25 Tubes/Box
  • Specifications INSS2460  
  • Density Approx. 1.15 - 1.25g/
  • Operating Temperature  -25 - 80°C
  • Time for full cured 7 - 14 days
  • Hardness (full cured) Shore A 30 – 40°C

These two kinds of fire barrier sealant products have been developed by INCA for the purpose of sealing gaps between compartments, pipe or cable penetrations in fire walls or floor, sealing joints, around doors and window frames in high fire rated structures. INSS 2460 is used where high flexibility and good waterproof is needed.   INSS1440 is used for up to 3 hours fire rating in special installations.   When INCA fire barrier sealant is exposed to 1 x GY (1 x rad) neutron and gamma radiation unit, it can still perform goodrfirestop function.   Both products show excellent fire performance with high expansion rate and good heat insulation properties.   Good adherence on most materials like concrete, stone, plaster, metals, glass, plastics etc.   Totally asbestos and halogen free.   These two products are easy to install.   Test UL 1479, 3Hr, T&F Rating UL 2079 (for INSS2460), 3Hr CNS 14514, 3Hr, Class A & B ASTM E662    

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Sandwich Panel

Izocam Tekiz Mineral Wool Insulated Panels are preferred for the buildings which require high fire safety or for the places where flammable and combustible materials are stored. They are produced by continuous process. By the help of class A noncombustible rated mineral wool layer that is used as metal outer shell and insulation sealant, a fire resistant composite system is obtained. In addition to fire safety, the panels also provide thermal and sound insulation and they don’t consist of any environmentally hazardous substances.   Mineral wool is sliced in fully automated production system so that its fibers become in a perpendicular position to the panel surface. By this process, panel’s load capacity increases. Fibres are sliced according to fill the corrugations and installed in the panels automatically with staggered joints.   Polyurethane insulated panels are composite roof and facade coverings with polyurethane rigid foam sealant. Two components named polyol and isocyanate are injected between two formed surfaces. Chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate results in the formation of polyurethane. The top and bottom surface used in polyurethane panels can be galvanized painted sheet, aluminium, craft paper or for the top surface only PVC or TPO membrane depending on the product type.   Metal rolls go through the continuous panel production line. They are being formed in roll-formers and compose the top and bottom surfaces. Based on the order, Class B2 or B3 polyurethane is injected homogenously between two surfaces by special spray system. Later it is cured at belt press. After curing, chemical reaction ends, adhering to the metal forming the composite parel. Provided that it has minimum 3 m length, it is cut automatically according to the desired length by the help of flying saw which functions synchronously with the continous production line. Then they are packed and become ready to be shipped.   They have extensive area of use like factories, industrial buildings, military buildings, public buildings, prefabricated buildings, sports facilities, swimming pools, construction site buildings, silos, hypermarkets, shopping malls, market halls and houses. It offers an insulated, aesthetic outer shell for the buildings.       CORRUGATED SHEETS   Polyurethane thermal insulation material has a good value ( _ = 0, 023 W/mK ) in terms of thermal conductivity. By using different insulation thicknesses depending on the climate situation of the region, required climate conditions can be attained efficiently.         ·          Since polyurethane is activated with pentane gas at Izocam Tekiz Panel production line, they are environmentally friendly products.   ·           The panels have high load bearing capacity by means of corrugated metal surfaces. Since the panels are lightweight, they provide savings on the load bearing system.   ·           They don’t get affected by temperature differences.   ·           Fast installation saves time and labour.   ·           With the help of its metal surface, it doesn’t allow any water leakage. It can be used securely.   ·          They don’t produce or hold any bacteria.   ·          They don’t produce dust. ·          They are long-lasting.

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Thermal Fire Barrier

DC315: Your one step solution for Polyurethane Foam "15 Minute Thermal Barrier" and "Ignition Barrier" ratings. DC315 Certified Warnock Hersey (WH) Approved Thermal - Ignition Barrier Over Polyurethane Spray Foam listed and rated product which has passed certified testing for both the (UL-1715) 15 minute Thermal Barrier and the NFPA 286 (AC-377 standards) as an Ignition Barrier.   Product Name: DC 315 Fireproof Paint for Foam Name of Company: International Fireproof Technology, Inc. Brand: Paint to Protect TM  

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