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  • Fasteners

    A fastener is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. Fasteners can also be used to close a container such as a bag, a box, or an envelope; or they may involve keeping together the sides of an opening of flexible material, attaching a lid to a ...

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  • Welding Equipments

    Equipments that helps in Welding (To join (metals) by applying heat, sometimes with pressure and sometimes with an intermediate or filler metal having a high melting point).

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  • Hand Tools

    A hand tool is any tool that is not a power tool – that is, one powered by hand (manual labour) rather than by an engine. Some examples of hand tools are garden forks, secateurs, rakes, hammers, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and chisels. Hand tools are generally less dangerous than ...

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  • hardware consumables

    Hardware Consumables is any material which is used for construction purposes. Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, rocks, sand, and wood, even twigs and leaves, have been used to construct buildings.

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    Marine oil fields items are all items required in marine oil industries for fittings.

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  • packing items

    Packaging materials are intended to enclose or hold together the materials that are to be packed. In other words, the material that is to be packed can be packed into or onto the packaging material. The packaging material can be a load ...

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