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monograde engine oil

monograde engine oil

SAE 30, 40, 50

SWIFTEC is premium quality monograde oils blended with highly refined solvent extracted hydrofinished paraffinic oils and performance package additives to meet the API standard for lubrication.


 Premium grade detergent and dispersant oils bringing economy and quality together

•  Perfect lubrication minimizes wear, prolongs engines life and reduces maintenace cost

•  Does not form sludge and deposits, do not foam and oil loss is minimum

•  Steady lubricanting film even at high loads and higher temperatures, improves effiency

•  Effectively controls all kind of rusting and corrosion of the engines parts

•  Selection of viscosity grade as per manufacturers recommendation is enough


Premium grade motor oil for turbocharged and normally aspirated diesel and gasoline engines working under severe conditions either on-road like construction and mining or other applications like power generation using moderate to high sulfur fuel and also where a superior quality monograde oil is recommended by manufacturers.

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