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Our offered Product range includes Liquid Storage Tanks, cylinder racks, Gases, steam vaporizer and Welding And Cutting Regulators.

Liquid Storage Tanks

anks may be spherical or cylindrical in shape. They may be mounted in fixed locations as stationary vessels or on railroad car and truck chassis for easy transportation. The unit measure of capacity of tanks is the gallon. Sizes range from 300 gallons to 420, 000 gallons. The space between inner and outer surface are vacuum and contain insulated powder (Perlite Powder) to protect heat transfer from outside. Safety relief valves protect the tanks designed to specifications for the pressure and temperatures involved.

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cylinder racks

ack is set of gathering cylinders into a group which 1 pack compiles 20 cylinders. Pack is used for the customer who has limit areas can reduce the cost of transportation and convenience to connection between manifold and pack. Pack size is appropriate for a consumption and stability of customers.

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Ultra high purity gases or speciality gases(Standard mixed gases, chemical gases, Electronic gases) are disdtributed by cylinders under pressure. these have been constructed to withstand high pressue and meet the safety requirements as per the UAE standards. All cylinders are identified by name(ie. color code and label) and tagged fro ready identification and basic hazardous warning information . All gases are supplied with valves having BS outlet connections.

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steam vaporizer

Vaporizer are use for transforming liquid phase to be gas phase by liquefied. It works by increase liquefied temperature of the air surround vaporizer until they change to be gases. Size of vaporizer is depended on the customer’s consumption.  

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Welding And Cutting Regulators

Regulators are used in gas systems to reduce the pressure from a high pressure source to a safe working pressure for use. A pressure regulator should always be used when positive control of the pressure in a gas stream is required. A pressure regulator is as much a safety device as it is an important tool. There are two basic types of pressure regulators: a single stage type and a dual stage type. The outward appearance of the two distinctly different types is somewhat similar and difficult for the novice to distinguish. Most pressure regulators are fitted with two gauges to monitor pressure (some line regulators only have one). This gauge is used to monitor the source pressure. The low pressure gauge connected internally to the outlet of the regulator is situated on the left side of the regulator when facing from the front. This gauge is used to monitor the outlet pressure (this is the only gauge most common on line regulators). Gas welding & cutting torches achieve the jointing or cutting of metals through use of a flame, in order to raise the temperature of the metal to fusion point. Fully portable and compact it’s ideal for use on site or around the workshop.

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An illustration of a typical vacuum jacketed dewar. A dust cap over the outlet of the neck tube prevents atmospheric moisture from plugging the neck tube. This type of container is considered a non-pressurized container. The unit measure of capacity of the container is the liter. Five to two hundred liter containers are available. Product may be removed by pouring from the smaller containers. In case to transfer liquid product from dewars capacity 50 liters or more should be transferred by pressurization tube

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