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We offer a complete product range of Planter element, wall blocks, retaining walls, Surface washed Paving blocks with marble chips exposed and Sedra Sand

Planter element

Varioflor planters as heavy retaining wall, as stability element for slopes, as “green” protection against views, noise or wind or as small wall for garden separation  

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wall blocks

Special pillar elements The Trento Mur® pillar with its measures of 37.5 cm x 37.5 cm ideally integrates with the appearance of the wall. The pillar with its reinforceable concrete core and bonding notches is especially suited for being integrated with constructions featuring wooden fences and garden doors. The pillar is formed out of short end blocks. The blocks’ reverse sides are placed next to one another in such a way that a cavity to take up concrete (B25) is created in centre. Via the filled bonding notches of the end blocks, the force-fitted bond is created. It is advisable to additionally armore the concrete core with at least one (better with four) steel bars (ø 10 mm) reaching down into the foundation. The concrete core needs to set for at least 7 days before the pillar can be worked on again.

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retaining walls

Advantages Easy to fix – self centering outline Can be handled by one person (35 kg) Up to 1.50 m height no anchor system required A Attractive split face Wall system can follow any form of terrain Rough split face offers ideal support for creepers and other climbing plants Negligible height tolerances A all wall types can be built up with one single block type. The symmetrical blocks have different visible faces, thus providing a multitude of design options. Full use of the static capacity due to large three-level supporting areas. Center of gravity on the center line of the supporting area. Full stability even when the blocks are displaced. In case the wall width of the lower part of the wall has to be extended for statical reasons, no special blocks are required. Self-centering construction without the disadvantages of synclinal bedding. Safe, statically reliable curves and angles, formed easily by simply staggering the blocks, supporting them at different heights. In open-type walls the soil reaches until the front edge of the block, thus offering perfect conditions for planting.

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Surface washed Paving blocks with marble chips exposed

The production of PASCO exposed Paving blocks is done in fully automatic plant which guarantees even appearance throughout the full delivery. Additional orders at a later stage will be done with the same surface. With PASCO exposed the customers receives a long lasting beautiful colored product. PASCO exposed surfaces can be applied to most of the many shapes and designs PASCO produces, e.g. La Plaza, Marbella, Nizza circle, Trento, La Palma etc. A special effect can be achieved by mixing standard PASCO products with PASCO exposed products. Please note PASCO exposed Paving blocks are available in 8 cm thickness only.

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Sedra Sand

All PASCO Paving is produced with washed sand from SEDRA. Washed Sand is integral of any high performance concrete. Washed Sand from SEDRA increases durability of concrete, decreases water permeability and increases its strength. SEDRA Sand Washing Plant supplies excellent sand in accordance to most demanding specifications.   Four recycling water basins with a total volume of 18, 680 m3 ensure availability of necessary wash water. 4 Independent Wash-Stations guarantee the elimination of silt down to less than 3%. A dewatering sieve reduces water content of cleaned sand to approx. 10% of weight, an excellent value compared to 20% water content for plants working without dewatering sieve

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standard paving stone

Uni Block Paving Stone - Durable traffic surfaces The Uni Block ®  Interlocking Paver is a highly economical concrete paver with outstanding capability.Its denticulating form creates a force fitting connection between block to block. The result is an optimal distribution of traffic loads and an even relief of tension. This capacity of taking loads increases the durability of traffic surfaces laid with Uni Block ®  Interlocking Pavers. Standard Uni Block ®  Interlocking Pavers come with thickness of 6cm, 8cm and 10cm and in an edged design according to the new European norm for paving blocks. According to EN1338, pavers with a minimum chamfer of up to 2 mm are classified as edged. The possibility to lay the blocks by machine in a herringbone pattern additionally increases the load-bearing capacity of the surface (with an offset execution). In conjunction with the herringbone pattern is the block of choice for industrial surfaces which must bear high loads.

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