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Other Products / Services

Our Complete range of products are swaging tools, Tie Down Equipment, roundslings and Wire Rope Bridles-Bright.

swaging tools

  • Length 26"
  • Weight 6.5 lbs
  • sizes 1/16", 3/32",1/ 8 "

The Locoloc® Multi-Compression Hand Swager with an integrated cable cutter is a tool with a dozen functions including eye, lap and stopsleeve slpicing of cables. Swages a total of 11 sizes: 116", 332", 1 8 ", 532" and 316" oval and stop sleeves, plus 732" stop sleeves. Able to cut 116" through 316" diameter aircraft quality steel cable. "Over-Center" Leverage transmits a powerful snap-action to the final thrust of the jaws assuring a tight, clean compression every time. Easy adjustment. Individual replacement parts are available.

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Tie Down Equipment

  • Item ID 200-TDRA2X27/10000W
  • WIRE 2"X27'

Our 2” Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks is a versatile, heavy duty Ratchet Strap used to secure heavy loads. The yellow, industrial grade polyester webbing is 27’ long and will not stretch over time or loosen with road vibrations. This strap has double wire J-hook end fittings. The durable polyester makes this strap highly resistant to weathering, abrasion, corrosion, and other damage. Ratchet Straps are labeled with their Working Load Limit (3, 335 lbs) and Minimum Breaking Point (10, 000 lbs). All hardware is zinc-coated steel.

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  • Item ID 319-ENR02X03
  • Extended Description 5300LB VERT, 4200LB CHOKER, 10,600LB BASKET

Liftex® ENR2 Endless RoundUp™ Roundslings are green with a rated capacity in lbs of Vertical 5, 300; Choker 4, 200; Basket 10, 600. All Endless RoundUp Roundsings are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fiber, with the actual number of winds determining the capacity of the sling. The double polyester woven jacket protects the load-bearing windings from damage. Features include a strong grip on loads, easy handling and storage, a tighter choke with an easier release, risk reduction of back and hand injuries and reduced cost with less total rigging weight. Each sling has a tough, resilient tag for quick and easy identification.

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Wire Rope Bridles-Bright

  • Item ID 060D-2L0500X02/3TA
  • Item Description 1/2X2' 2 LEG WIRE ROPE BRIDLE 3TA DOM

Our Two Leg 12” ImportDomestic Wire Rope Bridles are made to exacting specifications by our fabricating division. We use high quality domestic master links and eye hoist hooks, and 6X25 IWRC high quality Korean extra improved plow steel wire rope. Thimbled eyes help protect wire rope from wear for increased service life. All bridles come with a rating tag as per OSHA specifications. Warning: Do not exceed rated capacities. Rated capacities are reduced when applying angular loads.

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