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Air Conditioner Split Computer Room Units

Air Conditioner Split Computer Room Units


Petra understands the importance of environmental control for sensitive equipment and offers its Computer Room Split Air Conditioner.

PASC Series is specifically designed to be used wherever temperature, humidity and filtered air have to be controlled continuously within close tolerance limits.

Sensitive Electronic devices require demanding & controllable environment throughout the year (24/7). Such devices have to be controlled in terms of humidity and internal temperature to close tolerance limits.

Typical requirements of such environment is to maintain internal conditions  between 16-28 °C (60.8-82.4 °F) with moisture content of 50-60% relative humidity.

Computers & communications systems generate 6-10 times the heat load of normal occupied spaces and they require state of art air conditioning equipment to control them They can be installed in data centers, tele-communications centers, laboratories, computer server data rooms, network operation centers, testing facilities and others.

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