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We offer a complete product range of Solar Monitoring System, SMA SOLAR INVERTERS, PHILIPS STREET LIGHTING, Solar-Powered LED Lights and Solar Panel Installation Accessories

Solar Monitoring System

Power n Sun makes available a one stop solution for finding a wide range of Photovoltaic System monitoring and controlling equipments, of both hardware and software categories such as mounting accessories, microcontrollers, a range of sensors, Ethernet modems, data managers, cluster controllers, energy meters and a lot more. We have assembled sophisticated products manufactured by world leading brands that facilitate advanced technology and optimal precision, and fully automated mechanisms. Our product catalogue for Solar Panel Monitoring is displayed at the eCommerce platform, and we supply bulk orders to other businesses, specially, small and medium resellers and stockiests. We deliver to countries located in the Gulf, Africa and South Asian regions. You can place your order online via our eCommerce platform, or call us to place an order.  CALL: 971 4 3686393s | Email: Meteocontrol BLUE’LOG X-SERIES PYRANOMETER IRRADIANCE SENSORS MEASUREMENT OF THE TEMPERATURE / MODULE TEMPERATURE COMPACT WEATHER STATION WIND SENSORS STRING MONITORING UNIT (SMU) MOUNTING ACCESSORIES

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Get solar powered products of SMA here at Power n Sun. These are perfect power backup solutions, which could cater to both industrial and domestic markets. Power n Sun is a supplier of SMA small PV inverters,  Commercial and Industrial PV inverters, and Battery inverters for On and Off grid Applications in UAE, Saudi, India and Africa region. We have very attractive rates for Distributors/Dealers of Solar Inverters, PV Inverters and Battery Inverters for On and Off grid Applications in India, Middle East & Africa. In case of any inquiry feel free to contact us on 2305, Burlington Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE +971 43686393 or mail us at SMA offer you the right device for each application: for all module types, for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range. SMA - SMALL PV INVERTERS SUNNY BOY 1.5 / 2.5 THE NEW STANDARD FOR SMALL PV SYSTEMS; Topology: Transformerless; Max. DC-voltage: 600 V; Max. apparent AC power: 1500 VA / 2500 VA SUNNY BOY 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 SMA - COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PV INVERTERS SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1 SUNNY TRIPOWER 5000TL - 12000TL SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL / 20000TL / 25000TL SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 BATTERY INVERTERS FOR ON & OFF GRID APPLICATIONS SUNNY ISLAND 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H SMA MONITORING & CONTROL SYSTEM SMA MONITORING & CONTROL

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Philips is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics, and is a giant innovator of breakthrough solar powered street lighting, by harnessing sunlight to illuminate the city during nighttime. You can get a wide range of products under the Philips Solar LED Street Lights or centralized systems for both on and off-grid areas, without needing AC grid access. Philips Solar Street lights save for diverse range of applications, starting from input voltage of 12V DC power and up to 24V DC. With smart energy efficient mechanism, it allows maximized energy saving, and fully adheres with all road lighting safety standards. Designed with detailed orientations, it maintains uniformity of the light between pole spaces, probating sustainable and consistent illumination solution for sidewalks, highways, sport fields, industrial parks alike. A solid die cast housing manufacture, and fully approbated world class components, deliver high ingress protection, and excellent thermal management, assuring a long life cycle for its fixtures, and consistent high performance, for the long run. Power n Sun makes available the entire product catalogue of Philips Street Lighting systems, for B2B sales, to small and medium stockiests, retailers and distributors in the UAE, India, Pakistan,   Bangladesh, Srilanka  and African regions. To place an order, free quotes and other queries you can get in touch with us directly, via our phone line  +971 4 3686393 , or write to us at . Philips Led Street Lights Philips Road Flair Philips Green Vision Xceed Philips Luma Philips LumiStreet Philips DigiStreet Philips Solar Led Street Lights UrbanSpark

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Solar-Powered LED Lights

Power n Sun, the renowned supplier of solar products, has brightened up the homes of millions by making Philips Solar-Powered LED Lights available at a reasonable rate. Grab the high-powered LED luminaires that come with pervasive benefits. These not only contribute to a better lifestyle with high-quality indoor and outdoor illumination but also reduce electricity bills considerably. Recognised as the chief supplier of Philips Solar-Powered LED Lights to dealers/distributors in  UAE, India, Saudi and Africa region , Power n Sun has won the hearts of many with its breakthrough technology to deliver a sustainable lighting solution. This cost effective yet convenient way to lighting is sure to bring out the best in any of those urban or rural landscapes. Philips Solar Lighting System offered by Power n Sun includes products such as LED Solar Lights and lighting accessories, a comprehensive solution for Home & Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting for Urban Areas, Street Lighting Solutions and Flood Lights and Community Area and Event Lights, all this, being powered by natural sunlight through an eco-friendly and powerful system. These are heavy duty and low maintenance solar products that efficiently saves solar energy throughout the day, and works even on cloudy days, to give out bright unfaltering illumination all though dark evenings and nights. With our B2B e-commerce platform, other businesses and Philips lighting distributors can buy their desired products of Philips LED Lights Online, with our policies of transparency, value for money and convenient supply. Feel free to contact us for quotations, queries or any concerns about any product or service, at Call:  +971 43686393  or mail us at . Conventional Lamps and Tubes Essential LEDBulbs - Pack of 3 TMS012 1xTL-D36W I 240V-50Hz TMS012 1xTL-D18W I 240V-50Hz TL-D 36W Snow White 1SL/25 TL-D 18W Snow White 1SL/25 S10 4-65W SIN 220-240V BL LIS/12X25 S2 4-22W SER 220-240V BL LIS/12X25CT TL-D 58W/54-765 1SL/25 TL-D 36W/54-765 1SL/25 TL-D 18W/54-765 1SL/25

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Solar Panel Installation Accessories

Our huge range of solar power accessories will ensure that you are fully equipped for every situation. Our accessories range from solar power guards, solar cables, PV connectors, energy meters,  solar charge controller, solar pump inverter, battery management system and many other accessories. We also have a large selection of 12 volt LED Lights which will help reduce bills and also lower your carbon footprint. We at Power n Sun are focused to deliver you the most sophisticated and long running equipments that sustain green energy for a better environment and better lives, with both urban and rural development. We supply to small and medium retailers and distributors, anywhere in the Middle Eastern regions, specifically to locations in Dubai, UAE, and Africa. If you have a query on quote or about any other concern feel free to contact us at  +971 43686393  or mail us . SOLAR CABLES PNS PHOTOVOLTAIC SO-SOLAR FLEX 1X4SQ MM PNS PHOTOVOLTAIC SO-SOLAR FLEX 1X6SQ MM PNS PHOTOVOLTAIC SO-SOLAR FLEX 1X10SQ MM PV CONNECTORS MC4 MF STRAIGHT CONNECTOR FOR 2.5, 4&6 SQ.MM CABLE MC4 BRANCH CONNECTOR FEMALE Y FOR 2.5, 4& 6SQ.MM CABLE MC4 BRANCH CONNECTOR MALE Y FOR 2.5, 4& 6SQ.MM CABLE PANEL CONNECTOR FEMALE TYPE FOR 2.5, 4 & 6 SQ.MM CABLE PANEL CONNECTOR MALE TYPE FOR 2.5, 4 & 6 SQ.MM CABLE PV STRUCTURES PNS FLAT ROOF TILTED ADJUSTABLE SOLUTION 1*2 (PORTRAIT) PNS FLAT ROOF TILTED ADJUSTABLE SOLUTION 1*4 (PORTRAIT) PNS FLAT ROOF TILTED ADJUSTABLE SOLUTION 1*10 (PORTRAIT) PNS FLAT ROOF TRIANGLE BRACKETS SOLUTION 1*2 (PORTRAIT) PNS FLAT ROOF TRIANGLE BRACKETS SOLUTION 1*4 ( PORTRAIT) PNS RAIL LESS MOUNTING STRUCTURE 1*4 (PORTRAIT) PNS METAL ROOF MOUNTING STRUCTURE 1*4 (PORTRAIT) PNS PITCHED TILE ROOF MOUNTING STRUCTURE 1*4 (PORTRAIT) PV COMBINER BOX 1 STRING INPUT, 1 STRING OUTPUT 3 STRING INPUT, 1 STRING OUTPUT 4 STRING INPUT, 2 STRING OUTPUT 5 STRING INPUT, 1 STRING OUTPUT 6 STRINGS COMBINER BOX: 6 STRINGS INPUT /2 STRINGS OUTPUT 10 STRINGS COMBINER BOX: 10 STRINGS INPUT /1 STRING OUTPUT

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Studer Solar Equipment

Studer Innotec is a Swiss manufacturer of sophisticated off-grid solar equipments, with a significantly a strategic product catalogue including solar inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, battery monitors and other products, that facilitate an array of solutions ranging from Satellite Transmission, SNMP / Modbus and professional SCADA integration. You can find at Power n Sun, all the essential products, including the Xtender Series of flexible inverters and chargers, that can be controlled with automated functions, or the simple and powerful Compact series of a plug and play inverter/charger system that acts as an “all-in-one” solar hybrid system. Then we have the VarioTrack series of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. All the mentioned products, along with a host of other accessories are available for B2B wholesaling, that can be bought via our B2B online shop, or direct calling/emailing to us at  CALL: 971 4 3686393 | Email: . We deliver all regions in UAE, KSA, South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria Xtender Series Xtender XTS Xtender XTM Xtender XTH Variotrack Series VarioTrack VT-65 VarioTrack VT-80 VarioString Systems VarioString VS-120 VarioString VS-70

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Solar Street and Garden lights are eco-friendly, solar powered LED lights, supplied by Power n Sun, through our B2B ecommerce platform. The innovative mechanism of the solar lights absorbs sunlight and creates 30%-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days. It has in-built lithium-ion battery, External Battery with Battery Management System, which makes the installation and maintenance very easy and comes with a reduced risk of accidents. These are smart power solutions, ideal for remote, rural areas with erratic or inconstant power supply. It can also supplement a reduced dependence on thermal energy in urban areas, and impose excellent contribution for green energy. Power n Sun is a vital distributor of these meaningful products that are the thing of the future. We operate across continents, from UAE, South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, we are also a part of Orange group, which is a diversified and progressing. You can now reach us at +971 43686393 or, for any kind of inquiry Premium Integrated Solar Street Lights PnS 8 watt solar street lights PnS 12 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 15 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 20 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 25 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 30 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 40 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 50 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 60 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 70 Watt Solar Street Lights PnS 80 Watt Solar Street Lights

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Su-Kam Power Backup Solution

Su-Kam's range of UPS and Solar Inverters are by far the best and is an industry standard power backup solution. While the Falcon+ series exhibits an impressive ATC automatic sensor, the Colossal and Brainy categories tend to astonish the customers with their extraordinary performance. If you are seeking power backup solar solutions having an excellent track record and those possessing an automatic charging and temperature detection facility, then approaching POWERnSUN will prove to be the wisest decision. It is the perfect storehouse of Su-Kam UPS and Solar Inverters, extending them at an affordable rate, catering to the immediate requirements of offices, homes and private dens, all at the same time.

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Philips Luminaires for Residences

Light up your home in a sustainable fashion without incurring much of costs with Philips LED Lighting products from POWERnSUN. Not only will you feel comfortable and safe at your residence with them but will also be surprised by this cost effective lighting solution. Are you wondering what is in store for you? Essential LED Bulbs, Core Pro LED candles, Scene Switch LED Bulbs, Eco Fit TLED LED tubes and much more are hosted at our e-commerce site for you to choose from. Pick from them to experience energy efficient lighting solution to boost up livability indoors. Let us create the perfect ambience at your home without the worries of humongous electricity bills.

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Tesvolt is a young and dynamic company delivering advanced and high capacity flexible battery storage systems of German manufacturing. By conjoining the names of Tesla and Volta Tesvolt was created, beginning its journey in 2015. Within a short period of 3years, the company has acquired an ambitious repute. With a strong penchant towards the empowerment of renewable energy, Tesvolt has developed an innovative product line including the TS 48 V and TS HV 70 Lithium Storage Systems that is optimized for commercial use for both On-Grid and  Off-Grid systems , being adaptive with diverse applications such as agricultural lands, factories, and the likes. The products are specifically designed for longevity of 30years, with high performance, and include features like Samsung SDI prismatic cells, and three variations of rack sizes of modular design, available from 14.4 to 48 kWh.

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energy storage system

Power n Sun is a proud distributor of premium batteries. It has a huge collection of UPS and Inverter batteries for every household and businesses. Each of them is available at a wholesale rate and promises users a superior electrical performance. These are one of a kind as they are all made up of durable materials.

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