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Industrial Ovens & Furnaces

Our product range contains a wide range of Continuous Casting Induction Furnaces and medium frequency induction furnaces

Continuous Casting Induction Furnaces

TCC - Vacuum Continuous Casting Machines
TCC Vacuum Continuous Casting machines have been design with the most up-to-date technologies to give you semi-finished products with the best quality and in the shortest time.
With only one machine, you will be able to obtain the semi-finished product you desire, such as wires, sheets or tubes.

TCC machines are equipped with Gas Wash Purge procedure which removes oxygen with the vacuum pump and fills back the melting chamber with inert gas, preventing the oxidation of the alloy in a very fast and efficient way.

Medium frequency induction heating stirs the melted alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity, while the temperature is constantly monitored by two independent temperature controls.

As on option, it is possible to have an additional vacuum loading chamber, positioned on top of the cover with automatic crucible feeding mechanism, for continuous production.

During drawing, the temperature of the die is constantly monitored to obtain always the best density and quality in the semi-finished products. In addition, there are two independent temperature controls for preventing liquid metal leakage, one of them with an optical pyrometer aiming directly on the bar coming out from the die.

The drawing unitcan also be equipped with an extrainduction generator, which allows to restart the cycle afterthe production shutdown.

Pulling unit is equipped with devices for automatic detection of slippage phenomena between the roller and the semi-finished product. Another specific device will also detects the end of the cycle, when the bar reaches its end.

To reduce the risk of oxidation during drawing, the semi-finished products are under a constant inert gas flushing as they come out of the die.

In addition, when a quicker cooling is required, semi-finished products can be cooled down by a direct water sprinkle aiming on their profile.

Hydraulic cutting on the run is available on request, with automatic and programmable measurement of the profile length.
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medium frequency induction furnaces

All the G.B. F.LLI BERTONCELLO models of melting furnaces, mod. BETA static, mod. IDEAL with tilting crucible, mod.

MINI - mod. DELTA - mod. LARRY with vertical continuous casting, mod. LOGIC with horizontal continuous casting, have been designed by our engineers to achieve the best metallurgical quality on precious metal alloys melting process, with optional 1500C melting temperature as require d by some special alloys.


  • Silent working

  • High-performing medium frequency induction generators

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Perfect homogeneity of the alloys thanks to our Pulse Mixing System

  • Quick melting

  • Easy control of the working parameters by PLC and touch screen video, temperature control by thermocouple, optional by optical detector

  • Monitor display for self-diagnosing and possible alarms with buzzer

  • Possibility to save the working recipes and parameters

  • Programmed maintenance with display warning

  • Protective gas injector to prevent metal oxidation

  • Graphite crucible with ceramic casing

  • Tongs to handle the extractable crucible

Crucible Heating Power 3,5 kW 4,5 kW 5,5 kW 10 kW 12 kW
Capacity of Graphite Crucible with Ceramic Casing 125 cm3
2,5 Kg - Au/999
2 Kg - Au/750
1,3 Kg - Ag/925
205 cm3
4 Kg - Au/999
3 Kg - Au/750
2 Kg - Ag/925
380 cm3
6 Kg - Au/999
4,7 Kg - Au/750
3,2 Kg - Ag/925
800 cm3
12 Kg - Au/999
10 Kg - Au/750
6,4 Kg - Ag/925
980 cm3
14 Kg - Au/999
12 Kg - Au/750
7,5 Kg - Ag/925
Maximum Temperature 1300 °C 1300 °C 1300 °C 1300 °C 1300 °C
Number of Working Datasheets to Save 100 100 100 100 100
Feeding Voltage 230 V
50/60 Hz
1 ph
230/400 V
50/60 Hz
3 ph
230/400 V
50/60 Hz
3 ph
230/400 V
50/60 Hz
3 ph
230/400 V
50/60 Hz
3 ph
Furnace Dimensions 45x55x29 h
45x55x29 h
51x51x88 h
51x51x88 h
60x60x100 h
Furnace Weight 44 Kg 46 Kg 110 Kg 150 Kg 172 Kg
On Request, Silicon Carbide Crucible with Ceramic Casing - - -

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