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MARKATOR Germany experts in durable and economic marking of industrial parts to help eliminate forgery. We have been developing and manufacturing high-quality machines for dot peen marking, scribe marking and conventional marking for over 25 years. We can meet our customers’ needs individually and precisely by constant dialogue with them and their applications which help us maintain a continual development, optimization and innovations within our product range. Our marking machines is broadly classified in to

  • Hand-held marking machines
  • Table marking machines

Hand-held marking machines

1. Electro-magnetically driven hand-held marking machines

Our electro-magnetically hand-held marking machines are 100% mobile and with this portable. Thanks to the use of powerful Lithium-Ion-Batteries, no cables.

A. Flymarker Mini

The already fourth generation of the mobile dot peen marker can be described as a new milestone in the history of the battery operated hand-held marking units.The new FlyMarker® mini builds on the strengths of the proven previous models and convinces with its light weight and its compact design as well as also due its unique introduction price.
• Weights only 2.4 kg
• Marking area of 65 x 30 can be used completely

B. Flymarker PRO

Compact and 100% portable hand-held marking machine without cables
Marking area (x/y) 75 x 25 mm, 75 x 45 mm,
120 x 25 mm or 120 x 45 mm
Powerful Lithium-Ion battery
High resolution LC-colour display and control unit in break-proof housing
Integrated keyboard
Interfaces: USB-A, USB-B und Ethernet
High quality, double guided linear guides for precise marking results
Latest software technology

2. Electro-pneumatically driven hand-held marking machines-MV5 M50/M80/M120

Our electro-pneumatically and with this wired hand-held marking machines are particularly suitable when extremely deep markings are required.

Ideal partner for self-independent markings of heavy, bulky and stationary work pieces on site

Very space-saving and handy by compact construction and ergonomic design

High speed marking due to latest control technologies

Low moving masses due to compact design

Solid mechanics with high quality, double guided linear guides in x- and y-direction

Perfect power transmission into the material to be marked

High repeat accuracy

Extremely precise and warp-free marking result

Can be used in any position

Available marking areas:

Marking area (x/y) 50 x 25 mm (MV5 M50/25)

Marking area (x/y) 50 x 45 mm (MV5 M50/45)

Marking area (x/y) 80 x 25 mm (MV5 M80/25)

Marking area (x/y) 80 x 45 mm (MV5 M80/45)

Marking area (x/y) 120 x 25 mm (MV5 M120/25)

Marking area (x/y) 120 x 45 mm (MV5 M120/45)



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