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Our offered Product range includes hydraulic wrench, FRAC PLUG, DRILLING MOTOR - MUD LUBED BEARING, TOE VALVES and SEALED BEARING MOTOR.

hydraulic wrench

MITIGATE THE RISK OF MAKING UP AND BREAKING TOOL CONNECTIONS WITH THE TALON TM  FROM RUBICON. MAKING IT BETTER, MAKING IT SIMPLE The TALON TM  hydraulic wrench from Rubicon delivers a safe and efficient method of making up and breaking connections without compromising on quality or reliability. It provides considerable time savings, reduces the likelihood of failed connection and most importantly, it decreases the likelihood of injury to the operator and damage to tools and connections. APPLICATIONS Downhole Drilling tools (positive displacement motors, drilling jars) Downhole Measurement Tools (MWD/LWD) Fishing and Intervention Tools Coiled Tubing Tools Artificial Lift Tools Fully Customizable The TALON TM  is available in multiple configurations to suit all environments. Whether you need a "breakout machine" mounted unit, vice unit or standalone version, all TALONS TM  are fully customizable. Real-time Data Accurate readings are delivered with real-time torque monitoring and data logging. The carbide inserts ensure proper engagement of the tools in order to reduce slippage and damage.

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REACH GREATER LATERAL LENGTHS AND STAGE COUNT AND REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL LEFT DOWNHOLE WITH THE RZRFRAC TM  FROM RUBICON. The RzrFRAC TM  by Rubicon utilizes a patented design to provide a 10, 000 psi frac plug with 70% less material than a traditional plug. This state of the art engineering allows it to achieve competent frac isolation while drastically reducing the amount of debris to remove from the well after frac operation. The RzrFRAC TM  by Rubicon utilizes a patented design to provide a 10, 000 psi frac plug with 70% less material than a traditional plug. This state of the art engineering allows it to achieve competent frac isolation while drastically reducing the amount of debris to remove from the well after frac operation.

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DRILLING MOTOR - MUD LUBED BEARING DRILL WITH CONFIDENCE, EVEN IN DIVERSE CONDITIONS WITH THE STEADIDRILL TM DRILLING MOTOR – MUD LUBED BEARING. Mud-lubed bearing motors are an integral part of a driller’s BHA, but finding a reliable one that consistently delivers in terms of power, performance and reliability can be tricky. Rubicon’s SteadiDRILL TM  is up for the challenge, and is even compatible with many power section options. The SteadiDRILL TM Drilling Motor – Mud Lubed Bearing reduces bearing friction and mud bypass. Requires little maintenance which lessens repair costs. Performs in all formations and temperature conditions. Allows for greater build rates with less preset on the motor. Sets effortlessly in the field with its unique adjustable tooth design. Serviced easily due to simply design. FEATURES Maximum horsepower with increased bit life and penetration rates Minimum pressure drop ensuring maximum hydraulic power Wear-resistant carbide radial bearing for run longevity Choice of thread protector or a thread on stabilizer according to drilling situations Top quality alloy steels increase motor longevity Oversized driveline handles all torques and stalls Available in 2 and 3 degree adjustable housings options

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SIMPLE DESIGN PROVIDES A RELIABLE OPERATION, SINGLE-START TOE VALVE The Rubicon HydraSTART STV single-start toe valve eliminates the need for tubing conveyed perforating by providing a simple and reliable hydraulically actuated injection path. The simple three-piece design highly engineered seals ensure the sleeve operates reliably.

    Sleeve Size 4.5 5.5
    OD (in) 5.875 6.875
    ID (in) 3.875 4.5
    Length (in) 37.5 39
    Max Rupture Disc (psi) 18,000 18,000
    Flow Port Area (sq in) 9.534 14,283
    Tensile (lbs) 375,000 545,000
    Torque (ft-lbs) 25,000 40,000
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THE RUBICON SEALED BEARING MOTOR FEATURES THE STRONGEST DRIVELINE ON THE MARKET TODAY, ALLOWING THE OPERATOR TO HAVE A CHOICE OF ANY POWER SECTION REQUIRED TO MEET THE DRILLING REQUIREMENTS. The sealed pack ensures minimal pressure is applied to the oil chamber by dumping excess volume through a flow restrictor system strategically located mid tool. This is paired with a floating piston and extra seal grooves to reduce the likelihood of mud invasion which causes costly damage to the motor. On and off bearings are custom made specifically to fit the Sealed Bearing Motor so maximum loads can be used while drilling, as well as robust radial bearings to build consistently without premature damage due to wear. Lowering overall operating costs for customers. Rubicon motors feature the strongest driveline on the market today, dramatically reducing service and maintenance costs, increasing MTBF performance, and lowering overall operating costs for customers. FEATURES Completely oil sealed unit with unique flow restrictor design ensures maximum flow to the drill bit Design ensures maximum horsepower with increased bit life and penetration rates Minimum pressure drop ensuring maximum hydraulic power State of the art seals used for improved reliability and achieve maximum running hours Choice of thread protector or a thread on stabilizer according to drilling situations Top quality alloy steels used to increase the longevity of the motor Choice of both 2 and 3 degree adjustable housings

    Body Size 3-3/4" 11-1/4”
    Hole Size Range 4-3/4” to 5-7/8” 16” to 26”
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FLOAT EQUIPMENT WITH FLAPPER VALVES ARE KEY COMPONENTS FOR RUNNING CASING AND PERFORMING CEMENTING OPERATIONS. During cementing operations, float equipment is essential for preventing back-flow while also serving as a landing point for wiping and displacement plugs. When surge pressures on the formation are a concern, Top-Co brand float equipment can be configured to auto-fill to prevent formation damage. Flapper style auto-fill float equipment allows for automatic filling of fluid within the casing. Automatic filling also reduces casing running time by eliminating the need to fill from surface as well as lowering surge pressures on formations. TYPE 295/296 - ALUMINUM FLAPPER FLOAT EQUIPMENT Type 295/296 - Aluminum Flapper valve is specifically designed for use with high concentrations of lost circulation material (LCM). The open bore of the hinged flapper valve permits solids to pass through without clogging the valve. The valve is made from aluminum and is 100% PDC drillable.

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TYPE 452 - CABLE WALL CLEANER - HINGED The Type 452 Cable Wall Cleaner with its continuous, interlocking and overlapping loop of cable is designed to remove excess wall filter cake hereby improving bonding of cement to formation. FEATURES Removes excess filter cake, gelled mud, and bit cuttings from wellbore Additional aid in preparing wellbore for cement job While used in most types of well designs, optimum performance achieved when casing string is reciprocated Nut and bolt assembly eliminates need for stop collars Hinged design for ease of installation Manufactured in all common casing sizes

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TYPE 405 - STOP COLLAR – HINGED WITH BOLT The hinged Type 405 Stop Collar is designed to latch-on to the casing without having to be slipped over the end of the casing allowing for quick and easy installation. The holding force of the Type 405 is higher than the allowable centralizer starting force as specified in AP1 Specification 10D. It uses a nut and bolt assembly which when tightened draws the stop collar into a friction grip around the circumference of the pipe. This design does not produce markings or indentations on the casing after installation.

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THE TYPE 400/403 - CEMENT BASKET IS TYPICALLY RUN ABOVE WEAK FORMATIONS OR LOST CIRCULATION ZONES THAT REQUIRE PROTECTION FROM THE PRESSURE EXERTED BY THE CEMENT COLUMN. Normally installed on the casing string above the weak formation, its design allows cement to flow in an upward direction and hold the weight of the cement column once cementing operation ceases. FEATURES Constructed of thin steel petals arranged in an overlapping pattern and reinforced by strong steel ribs Also used in stage cementing or in cementing the annulus from surface Can be used in place of an external casing packer for stage cementing applications Easy installation by sliding over the pin end of a casing joint prior to make-up Each overlapping petal provides maximum flexibility and fluid passage while maintaining optimum support characteristics Allows for casing rotation and reciprocation.

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TOP-CO PRODUCTS' CEMENTING PLUGS ARE USED DURING CEMENTING OPERATIONS FOR WIPING THE CASING ID CLEAN OF DRILLING FLUIDS AND PROVIDING SEPARATION BETWEEN MUD, SPACERS, AND CEMENT. They also prevent over displacement of the cement slurry and indicate when the cementing job is complete. All plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads. Cementing plugs designed and tested for superior performance. The plugs are built using aluminum cores to which an outside layer of rubber is molded. The wiping and sealing fins are molded from Natural Rubber or Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) with the minimal thickness of rubber designed to allow for proper wiping and sealing. The plug set is designed and tested to withstand 5, 000 psi differential pressure. The plug sets are also designed and tested to allow them to be pumped onto the float equipment rates of up to 10 barrels per minute. The plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads and can be run with Top-Co Type 225/226, 235/236 and equipment.   FEATURES Ideal for use in high temperature well conditions Cast Aluminum core cementing plugs Wiping fins are molded from Natural Rubber or Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) Temperature rating (°F): -65 to 180 (Standard); -40 to 300 (High Temp) PDC Drillable

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TOP-CO PRODUCTS' CEMENTING PLUGS ARE USED DURING CEMENTING OPERATIONS FOR WIPING THE CASING ID CLEAN OF DRILLING FLUIDS AND PROVIDING SEPARATION BETWEEN MUD, SPACERS, AND CEMENT. They also prevent over displacement of the cement slurry and indicate when the cementing job is complete. All plugs are designed to fit in conventional cementing heads. Cementing plugs designed and tested for superior performance. The Top-Co, Type 547/548, KWIK DRILL® cementing plugs are a single or double plug system made from silicone rubber and a polymer core. Bottom cementing plug wipes the casing clean of drilling mud, separates fluids, and prevents cement contamination. The top plug is the cement displacement plug. FEATURES KWIK DRILL® plug is a non-rotating plug that utilizes friction to prevent it from spinning during drillout Compatible with any float equipment that has a flat landing surface Temperature Rating (°F): up to 300 (Standard); 450 (High-Temp Core) 100% PDC Drillable Reduces drill out time Increased contact area to maximize wiping efficiency

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MINIMIZE DRILL OUT TIMES Type 678 Stage Collar utilizes phenolic seats, darts, and plugs with integrated anti-rotational features to significantly reduce drill out times from traditional stage cementing collars. The Hydraulic Stage Collar standard plug set is made from phenolic core for easy drill out. Plug systems/stage tool is fully customizable based on the application needed, including liners. Phenolic seats allow for faster drill out. FEATURES Designed for hydraulic operation with mechanical back-up Snap ring design provides robust locking mechanism Shifting pressure is accurate within +/- 10% Externally set shear screws for field adjustable shifting pressure (for hydraulic only) All internal components are fully PDC or Tri-cone drillable Standards tools are available in API L-80 and P-110 grade materials Standard seals rated for -15 degrees F to +400 degrees F and suitable for sour service

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REDUCE DRILL OUT TIME, IMPROVE CASING SHOE ABILITY. Rubicon’s BridgeBUSTER® offers a range of options for increased drilling efficiencies and reduced NPT. The shoes protect casing integrity, make it possible to ream to planned TD and facilitate casing runs and cementing. The BridgeBUSTER® is a reamer shoe designed to be run on the bottom of the casing or liner to enable strings to be washed, rotated and reamed to planned TD. The BridgeBUSTER® fitted with the FastDRILL nose reduces the time required to drill out while still maintaining high compressive strength. The BridgeBUSTER® increases probability of casings and liners reaching planned TD. Can be run in conjunction with a NaviGATOR to provide end of casing rotation when the full string cannot be rotated. Minimizes the risk to BHA. Improves casing shoe ability. Reduces the risk of damage to the casing shoe integrity with its fast drill out time. Provides low cost improvement in operational efficiency. Improves bit performance. FEATURES Fast drill out eccentric aluminum nose 360 degree cutting structure coverage Large flow by area Short compact design Matched to client casing weights and treads Hollow tool Can be provided with shear out flotation plugs Right hand spiral stabilizer Casing shoe bore protection

    Casing Size 4.000 in (101.60 mm) 18.625 in (473.08 mm
    Outer Diameter 5.125 in (130.18 mm) 20.250 in (514.35 mm)
    Length 31.890 in (810.01 mm) 53.346 in (1,354.99 mm)
    Inner Diameter (nominal) 3.472 in (88.19 mm) 17.689 in (449.30 mm)
    Inner Diameter (drift) As Per Connection As Per Connection
    Connection KS-BEAR Variable, Client Specific
    Casing Weight (min) 9.5 ppf 115.0 ppf
    Casing Weight (max) 11.6 ppf 115.0 ppf
    Drillout Size (max) 3.375 in (85.73 mm) 17.375 in (441.33 mm)
    Float Valves None Single
    Directional Ports 3 3
    Drillable Nose Yes Yes
    Nose Profile Eccentric Eccentric
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EXTERNAL CASING PACKER (ECP) Continuous Mandrel ECP assemblies are designed with packer elements in 4 Foot (1.22m), 10 Foot (3.05m), and 20 Foot (6.10m) standard lengths. Rubicon packer elements soundly conform to irregular or washed-out open hole diameters. Steel reinforcement slats are used within the elements to ensure that the ECP self-centers itself in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wellbores. FEATURES The continuous one-piece mandrel eliminates the need for internal threaded connections Mandrel specifications match to the casing used in the well The Valve system is located above the packer element Valve operation is not affected by unpredictable pressure changes below the element Superior anchoring system prevents element rotation, and packer shoe travel, while tools are run into the well Rubicon ECPs can be manufactured with materials suitable for H2S and CO2 environments Shear pins in the valves may be easily adjusted in the field, allowing the operator greater flexibility when well conditions change

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THE RECORDER CARRIER ASSEMBLY IS DESIGNED TO CARRY PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE RECORDERS USED TO DOCUMENT SUBSURFACE PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE FLOW PASSAGE DURING A WELL TEST. The inside recorder slots are designed to hold the gauges which monitor the pressure and temperature of the inside flow passage during a well test. The outside recorder slots are designed to carry the gauges to record the subsurface data in one on two subsurface zones. If the carrier is run directly below the upper inflate packer, the test interval outside the flow passage is recorded. If the carrier is run above the upper inflate packer the pressures and temperatures in the annulus are recorded. Each Recorder Carrier assembly holds two inside and two outside recorders.

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THE CASING PACKER IS A FULL-OPENING, HOOKWALL-TYPE PACKER DESIGNED FOR USE IN TESTING, TREATING, AND SQUEEZE-CEMENTING OPERATIONS. The full-opening feature permits large volumes of fluid to be pumped with a minimal pressure drop and allows the passage of a through-tubing perforation gun. These features help make the tool useful for multiple operations, such as perforating, testing, treating, squeezing, and re-perforating, with one trip in the hole. Generally, it is necessary to run the Casing Packer with a Casing Circulating Valve assembly.

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THE GU PLUG/PACKER CAN BE SET WITH A NON-PYROTECHNIC SLICKLINE TOOL, WIRELINE PRESSURE SETTING TOOL, COIL TUBING OR ON PIPE USING A HYDRAULIC SETTING TOOL. The plug can be equipped with different packing elements depending on well environment. Nitril, HNBR or AFLAS elements and O-rings are available. FEATURES Versatile plug/packer for well suspension, injection, testing, bridge plugging Fracturing, squeeze cementing and gravel packing Compact, fast running, slickline, electric wireline and pipe set Retrievable with slickline, wireline or tubing/pipe – no rotation required Bidirectional one piece slips protectively located in-between the elements High differential pressure

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RUBICON’S TUBING ANCHOR/CATCHER IS A RUGGED ANCHOR THAT EMPLOYS DRAG BLOCKS AND FULLY ENCLOSED LARGE CROSS-SECTION SLIPS FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY. It has a tension shear release that is easily adjustable in the field. To set the slips, run to setting depth and rotate to the left. Pick up and sit down several times while turning to the left to ensure a tight set. To release, rotate to the right with the tubing in neutral. The slips will retract to the run-in position and the tubing can be pulled from the well or the anchor relocated. If the anchor is stuck, pick up and sit down several times while turning to the right to free the slips

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RE-SETTABLE INFLATE TEST AND TREAT SYSTEMS (RITTS) ARE DESIGNED FOR SELECTIVE TESTING AND TREATING ZONES IN VERTICAL, DEVIATED, OR HORIZONTAL WELLBORES. The system is re-settable allowing multiple zone isolation in open-hole or casing, with each trip into wells. Large internal bores make the system well suited for high rate pumping. The system may be used with coiled tubing or regular jointed tubing strings.

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THE LOGAN OIL TOOLS SERIES 10 SUCKER ROD OVERSHOT IS A SMALL, RUGGED TOOL DESIGNED FOR ENGAGING AND RETRIEVING SUCKER RODS, COUPLINGS, AND OTHER ITEMS FROM INSIDE TUBING STRINGS. The Logan Oil Tools Series 10 Sucker Rod Overshot consists of a Top Sub, Bowl, Grapple, and a Guide. Depending on the diameter of the fish, either a Spiral or Basket Grapple will be used. Fish diameters near the maximum catch limits re-quire the use of a Spiral Grapple and a Control Guide. Fish diameters that are substantially below the maximum catch limits of the Overshot require a Basket Grapple, a Basket Grapple Control, and a Plain Guide.

    Maximum Catch Size (Spiral) 1-1/16 2-3/8
    Maximum Catch Size (Basket) 7/8 2-3/16
    Overshot OD 1-9/16 2-27/32
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A LOGAN LEAD IMPRESSION BLOCK IS AN EFFECTIVE TOOL USED TO DETERMINE DIMENSIONS, CONFIGURATION, CONDITION, AND LOCATION OF THE TOP END OF A FISH IN THE HOLE. Make up the impression block to the bottom of the fishing string and run into the hole. Do not rotate. Slowly lower the impression block to the point of contact with the fish. Apply weight to the impression block and lift it from the hole.

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LOGAN FULL CIRCLE RELEASING SPEARS ARE USED TO INTERNALLY ENGAGE AND RETRIEVE ALL SIZES OF TUBING, DRILL PIPE, AND CASING. It may be used with internal cutters for cut and pull operations. Full Circle Releasing Spears are designed to evenly distribute expansion strain over a long vertical section of a fish and ensure positive internal engagement. The design of the slips and the effect of the body tapers upon the slips permits tremendous pulling and jarring strains with no danger of distortion to the fish.

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STANDARD RELEASING SPEARS PROVIDE A POSITIVE MEANS TO ENGAGE AND RETRIEVE AN INTERNAL FISH FROM THE WELL. The design of this rugged, dependable, and inexpensive internal catch fishing tool ensures positive engagement, easy release, and re-engagement such as pack-off assemblies and internal cutters.

    Nominal Catch Size O.D. 1.050" 20"
    Spear O.D. 11/16" 11-3/4"
    Spear I.D. N/A 3-1/2"
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LOGAN ROTARY TAPER TAPS ARE THE SIMPLEST, AND THE MOST ECONOMICAL, INTERNAL CATCH FISHING TOOLS DESIGNED FOR RETRIEVING A FISH FROM THE HOLE. They are available in an assortment of sizes, lengths, and connections, or can be custom-made to customer specifications

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THE LOGAN SEGMENTED SPEAR GRAPPLE ENHANCES THE SPEAR'S USEFULNESS BY PROVIDING AN EXTENDED CATCHING RANGE BEYOND THE MAXIMUM RANGE OF THE STANDARD ONE-PIECE GRAPPLE. The segment-type spear grapple consists of a grapple body, eight grapple segments, two retainer rings, six retainer ring screws, six retainer ring spacers, and sixteen grapple segment screws.

    Catch Size (Pipe Size) 10-3/4" 20"
    Pipe Weight 32.75 lb. 133 lb.
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Core Type Junk Basket

THE LOGAN OIL TOOLS CORE TYPE JUNK BASKET IS AN EASY TO USE JUNK RETRIEVAL TOOL DESIGNED TO EFFECTIVELY REMOVE SMALL OBJECTS SUCH AS BIT CONES, SLIPS, HAND TOOLS, AND TAIL CHAINS FROM THE HOLE. The Logan Core Type Junk Basket consists of a top sub, barrel, type A mill shoe, and an upper and lower catcher. The short fingers of the upper catcher are designed to break the core that has been cut by the mill shoe. The combination of short and long fingers of the lower catcher are designed to trap and retrieve the core and junk. Both catchers are free-revolving within the mill shoe, eliminating any breakage of the catcher fingers.

    Hole Size 3-3/4 to 4-1/8 15 to 20
    Barrel OD 3-5/8 13-3/4
    Shoe OD 3-5/8 14-1/2
    Maximum Diameter of Fish 2-23/32 12-1/16
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THE LOGAN DITCH MAGNET IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEANS AVAILABLE TO TRAP AND REMOVE METAL PARTICLES FROM DRILLING MUD MISSED BY THE SHALE SHAKER. The ditch magnet will capture all magnetized metals. During milling operations, the magnet is particularly valuable for the removal of mill cuttings and debris that cause wear on mud pumps and other equipment. It eliminates the problems caused by harmful debris returned downhole and is equally effective in both wash-over and fishing jobs.

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THESE QUICK, SMOOTH OPERATING TOOLS ALLOW FOR FAST RECOVERY OF TUBING OR DRILL PIPE. A hydraulically fed piston forces the knives of this cutter into the pipe to give the operator sensitive cutting control. The tool consists of a top sub, segmented piston assembly, knives, knife pins, guide screw, body, and guide.

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LOGAN JUNK MILLS ARE HARD-FACED WITH SINTERED TUNGSTEN CARBIDE PARTICLES THAT MILL AWAY STUCK FISH THAT CAN NOT BE RETRIEVED WITH CONVENTIONAL FISHING METHODS. These tools are highly resistant to impact and their super rates of penetration result in fewer round trips. Their maximum useful life is enhanced by their self-sharpening feature.

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THE LOGAN SURFACE BUMPER JAR IS USED WHENEVER THE DOWNOLE DRILLING, FISHING, OR WASHOVER RUNNING STRING BECOMES STUCK AND REQUIRES A HEAVY DOWNWARD FORCE TO RELEASE IT. It is often used to free key seated drill pipe and drill collars, and initiate sharp jarring blows down the string to actuate drilling bumper subs, bumper safety joints, and other similar downhole bumping tools. It is also useful for transmitting heavy downward impact to release embedded grappling tools. Since it is not necessary that the two striking surfaces meet, the tool’s 48-inch stroke allows the fish to be hammered down farther than what is possible with conventional jarring tools. Because it is intermittently used only on the surface to release a stuck fish, this tool has an extended service life when compared to conventional bumper subs.

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THE LOGAN LUBRICATED FISHING BUMPER SUB IS A DEPENDABLE ACCESSORY THAT IS SUITABLE FOR ALL FISHING OPERATIONS, ESPECIALLY HARSH, DOWNHOLE APPLICATIONS AND DEEP WORKOVER OPERATIONS. It can also meet the demands of tools that require sharp, sustained bumping action to actuate or release them. The tool enables the operator to release the fishing tool in the event it becomes impossible to pull the fish. It can provide the necessary impact in either direction and deliver the required torque.

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THE SIMPLE DESIGN OF THE LOGAN DRILL PIPE SAFETY JOINT HAS NO RELEASE RING, WHICH ALLOWS FOR QUICK DISENGAGEMENT PROCEDURES OF THE TOOL. The Logan Drill Pipe Safety Joint is designed for the safe and dependable release from drilling, fishing, tubing, washover, or testing strings should they become stuck.

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THE DEPENDABLE LOGAN OIL TOOLS HYDRAULIC WIRELINE JAR UTILIZES A HYDRAULIC SYSTEM THAT PERMITS CONTROLLED JARRING IN MEASURING LINE OR STRANDED WIRELINE OPERATIONS WHEN ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY BELOW THE JAR IS NOT REQUIRED. Such operations include permanent well completion services; setting and pulling gas lift valves, chokes, and other retrievable downhole tubing equipment; and cable services such as swabbing, bailing, and fishing.

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THE LOGAN TYPE A PACKER TYPE TUBING PATCH ENABLES YOU TO REPAIR A SECTION OF DAMAGED TUBING WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE STRING FROM THE HOLE TO REPLACE IT. This external catch tool is designed to engage a previously prepared fish, pack it off, and become a permanent part of the tubing string. Positive engagement and seal-off in either direction provides a permanent, rigid connection that will remain leakproof for years, yet is easily removable if the need arises.

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THE LOGAN CASING ROLLER REPAIRS AND RESTORES DENTED, COLLAPSED, OR BUCKLED TUBING OR CASING OF ANY SIZE AND WEIGHT TO ITS ORIGINAL INSIDE DIAMETER AND ROUNDNESS. The Logan Casing Roller is composed of a mandrel with eccentric roll surfaces, three heavy-duty, precision ground rollers, a nose cone, and rugged ball bearings. Special wear resistant alloy steels are used in the manufacture of the tool. The rollers are hardened to improve their wear resistance. The rollers are secured to the mandrel by the nose cone that is retained by rugged ball bearings. Circulation capabilities are provided by a through bore.

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casing scrapers

OBSTRUCTION-FREE CASING IS CRITICAL FOR THE EFFICIENT OPERATION OF MANY DOWNHOLE TOOLS DURING DRILLING, FISHING, COMPLETION, OR WIRELINE JOBS. Logan Casing Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs, and other obstructions or foreign material from inside the walls of casing. Logan Casing Scrap-ers are available to condition pipe ranging from 4-1/2 to 13-3/8 inches O.D.

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OBSTRUCTION-FREE TUBING IS CRITICAL FOR THE EFFICIENT OPERATION OF MANY DOWNHOLE TOOLS DURING DRILLING, FISHING, COMPLETION, OR WIRELINE JOBS. Logan Tubing Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs, and other obstructions or foreign material from inside the walls of tubing. Logan Tubing Scrapers condition 2-7/8, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 inch O.D. tubing.

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LOGAN LEAD SEAL CASING PATCHES REPAIR PROPERLY PREPARED PIPE WITHOUT RESTRICTING THE BORE OF THE CASING OR TUBING. Lead seal patches are particularly suited for use in wells that contain fluids or gases harmful to rubber or synthetic packers and are as strong as the string being repaired. Patches are available in popular casing sizes ranging from 2-3/8 to 13-3/8 inches. H2S service is available upon request.

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THE HYDRAULIC MOTOR-DRIVEN, LOGAN 120-TON POWER SWIVEL PROVIDES SMOOTH, SHOCK-FREE TORQUE. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 120 tons at zero rpm and 65 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 2, 000 lbs and fits into most drilling or workover masts. Maximum torque is rated at 8, 100 ft/lbs at 150 rpm maximum.

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RUBICON CLEANUP TOOLS CLEAN AND PREPARE THE HOST CASING IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO SETTING A PRODUCTION PACKER, LINER HANGER OR INTEGRAL LINER HANGER PACKER ONTO THE COMPLETION ASSEMBLY. The tools play the crucial role of pushing debris ahead of critical components such as formation isolation valves, inflow control devices and other functioning downhole equipment. The In Line CleanUP Tool is a disposable tool that reduces debris on top of the formation isolation valves and glass disc subs. The assembly or multiple assemblies can be positioned and spaced out on the completion pipe as required to clean while running in the hole. The tool also utilizes gravity to move debris downhole - easier than removing debris. The results are improved operational efficiencies at low costs. Eliminating the need for a dedicated wellbore clean up trip. The CleanUP tool reduces the potential risks from steel swarf and other debris. This saves the client both time and money as no time consuming dedicated clean-up trip is required. FEATURES In-line tool with premium connections matching metallurgy Field proven Industry standard carbon steel bristles High strength rare earth magnets 360 degree brush coverage Short compact design Easy to install

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THE THRU-TUBING INFLATABLE PACKER (TTIP) IS USED FOR ISOLATING ZONES IN OPEN-HOLE OR IN CASING. TTIP’s are normally run through a tubing string and set in larger openhole or casing located below the tubing string. The Thru-Tubing Inflatable Packer may be used in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells. FEATURES Can be used in vertical, deviated, or horizontal wells Stainless steel strips provide excellent expansion characteristics Standard elastomer compounds are suitable for 240 degrees F High temperature elastomers are available upon request Long 48" elastomer seal length provides excellent anchoring capabilities Equipped with an opening valve, preventing fluid from prematurely inflating the element

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