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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of SS Hose Flexible Pipe, Clean Room Furniture, RO - Edi System, Pendants and Storage Tanks

SS Hose Flexible Pipe

Ruby Enterprises The wide range of flexible hose pipes that we offer is manufactured from high grade material, which is procured from dependable vendors. The authenticity of the procured material ensures the longer working life of these pipes. These pipes are available in different sizes, lengths and end fitting configurations. Widely acclaimed for sturdiness and high resistance against corrosion, our flexible hose pipes are available in standard as well as customized specifications.

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Clean Room Furniture

Ruby Enterprises offer Stainless Steel Clean Room Change Room Furniture including Apron Cabinets, Shoe Racks, Dies & Punches Cabinets, Lockers, Sinks, Sink Tables, Hand Wash Systems, Racks, Tables, Chairs, Cross-over Bench, Multi-purpose Trolleys, Dust bins, Tubs and custom designed furniture. All furniture is fabricated from SS 304SS 316 duly ground and buffed to pharma standards.

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RO - Edi System

Electrodeionisation unit employs EDI technology to produce high purity water. RO EDI process systems replace conventional Dl mixed bed resins unit to produce deionised water. Ruby Enterprises RO-EDI System does not require shutdowns to regenerate the resins with chemicals or replacing resins. Consistent high purity Ultrapure water having resistivity of 12-15 Mohm .cm can be produced. Reverse Osmosis followed by electrodeionisation (RO EDI) and then by ultrafiltration or another stage of RO complies with USP requirement meeting the specifications for the final Rinse of primary conditioning and for non-sterile production of ointments, Liquid and Tablets. Complete unit is mounted on a single stainless steel skid. Hot water sanitizable models that shorten the time necessary for sanitization of the RO and EDI unit and Eliminates need of messy chemicals. RO-EDI System is the safest and most reliable chemical free process to produce Purified Water and is well proven. Hot water sanitization is a perfect solution to prevent microorganism growth and biofilm development without utilizing unacceptable biocide chemical. Two pass RO system with intermediate EDI or RO-EDI with final stage of UF are also an option. Ultra Filtration (UF) is used for final rinse to remove pyrogens (bacterial endotoxins) from water. The UF membrane has a mol. wt. Cutoff on 10000 Dalton. Pure water permeates the membranes but partical, pyrogens, colloids, silica, bacteria and high Mol, weight organics are rejected. Both the versions of Ruby Enterprises High Purity Water System produce water of considerably better quality than current requirements of USP with conductivity less than 1 µscm, and TOC typically less than 500 ppb. Microbial contamination is less than 100cfuml. Standard capacities are available of 250 litrehr. to 5000 litrehr. with custom units available as per client’s requirement.

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Pendent is designed to facilitate various services (WFI DM water piping loops, electrical cabling, steam chilled water lines, nitrogen LPG lines, process media lines, compressed air line ) to be brought into the sterile area or working area in a close nesting manner, so as to provide easy access to services. The Pendent is designed to take mainly electrical cabling, Water, Steam and gases housed in four segments of the Pendent, isolated and independent of each other. To maintain the sterile parameter of a given area pendent enters by penetrating the false ceiling in to the area. Pendent is sealed on the outer edge of the bottom end entering the sterile area. The internals are sealed by means of rubber packing and silicon sealant at the top end after all services are installed. The bottom end is also sealed in a similar manner. This prevents cross contamination. Pendents housing can be dismantled easily by disconnecting utility piping and removed by opening of the clamp giving easy access to the internals.

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Storage Tanks

Plain Storage Tanks. (for DM, Purified, RO Water) Jacketed Storage Tanks. (for WFI) We are engaged in manufacturing Water Storage Tanks of SS-316L, esp. for pharma industries. These are carefully designed & Mfg. with special welding technology. Options of 'Plain' tanks & 'Jacketed' with Insulation & 'Cladding'. Storage Tanks are stills used to store Product Water (Purified Water or WFI Water). These tanks have cGMP design as per ASME sec VIII Div-2 with both sides Torrespherical dished end for 100% drain ability, with appropriate Triclover nozzles for utilities. Storage tanks are vertical type with legs, can be rested on the floor. Storage Tanks are designed as per the tank turn over & tank change over to optimize the generation equipments. Storage tanks are used for sanitation of the piping by thermal or chemical media, which in turn sanitize the same. Material used for Storage tank is SS 316L for contact parts & SS 304 for non-contact parts. Storage tanks are closed type and it breathes through the vent filter.

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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are basically stills, which are designed as per ASME sec VIII DIV-2, as the heat transfer area is important factor. These are sanitary type with 100% drain ability; it may double tube sheet type or shell & tube type. There are two sides primary & secondary side, always primary side is utility and secondary side is product. All the product contact parts are ­SS 316L and utility contact parts are SS 304. Hot type Heat exchangers are basically used for sanitation of DM, RO, and Purified water line when the Storage tank is not jacketed. Cold type Heat exchangers are used when the recirculation loop is hot but the formulation requires cold water. These are economical as the surface area can be increased or decreased as per design considerations. These are not recommended by the regulatory authorities as they stills when not in use or by-passed. The product side has Triclover ends and the utility sides has flanged end or screwed end or as per requirement. Plate types Heat exchangers are also available but the regulatory authorities do not recommend them as the have dead legs or dead pockets, and even the sealing gaskets are not food grade.

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Cip-Sip System

Clean-In-Place (CIP) Steam -In-Place (SIP): Clean-In-Place (CIP) Steam -In-Place (SIP) technology offers significant advantages to manufacturing facilities from efficient cleaning of process equipment & piping at lower costs to improved product quality CIP Systems are fully integrated incorporating tanks, pumps, valves , spray cleaning devices, heat exchangers, piping & controls without the need to disassemble all or part of the system, significantly reduces cleaning costs and minimizes the handling of chemicals to provide a safer environment for plant personnel. CIP CYCLE: The CIP process involves a sequence of cycles that includes an initial and final drain step, a pre-rinse and post-rinse step. The CIP process may include a sanitize cycle to reduce the levels of bacterial contaminants This cycle uses aqueous solutions of strong oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine containing compounds.

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process piping

Ruby Enterprises undertakes design, supply, installation and commissioning of fully automated WFI and Purified water loops as per ASME BPE and ISPE Volume IV, pure steam lines, utility and product transfer systems ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. The piping systems are supported by validation documentation and necessary statutory approvals. Inline with needs of the project, piping & structural fabrications of SS 304, 304L, 316, 316L, or any other material are undertaken following with the ASME or ASME BPE codes & GEP. Custom-built process piping is designed & laid out using SS 316 L pipes (RA less than 0.3), electro polished internally. The use of sophisticated orbital welding technology has played a key role in improving piping system quality because of good inner weld bead & repeatability of the process.

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SS Daiphargam Valve FDV

Air or Electrically operated (Automatic Actuated valves) Flow Diversion Valves are used to divert flow, as they have three ports in which one is inlet and other two are outlets. These valves may be 3-way ball valve, 3-way diaphragm valve or 3-way dumping or piston valve. FDV reduces the number of valves, as there are two outlets, which can be hooked up to two different lines. FDV’s are to be mounted in such position for 100% drain ability. The dead legs are minimized, as valves and fittings are reduced. FDV’s are used as dumping valve when conductivity fails in therecirculationloop. Air or Electrically operated FDV’s (Automatic Actuated valves) are used when the manual operations are to be replaced by control panel operations, but the utilities like air or electricity has to be incorporated besides the valves. The utilities required for the automatic valves are 4-6 kgcm2 for air & 23VACDC or 230VAC for electricity.There are two types of valves Manually operated Air or Electrically operated (Automatic Actuated valves) Valves are used to regulate, divert, and shut-off the product which is passing through the pipeline. Valves suggested for pharmaceutical applications are Diaphragm valve with EPDM or PTFE lined diaphragms, Ball valve with PTFE seats, Butterfly valve with silicon seat, they may be manual or automatic as per the requirement. Valves preferred by all pharmaceutical industries are diaphragm valves as they have 100% drain ability, when installed at 150. Diaphragm valve body is available in SS 316L but the bonnet is available in Cast Ion with epoxy coating or in SS 304.These valves have triclover ends or plain ends as per requirement. Diaphragm with PTFE lined is specifically used for Pure Steam, Water for Injection and some of the corrosive chemical transferline. Air or Electrically operated valves (Automatic Actuated valves) are used when the manual operations are to be replaced by control panel operations, but the utilities like air or electricity has to be incorporated besides the valves. The utilities required for the automatic valves are 4-6 kgcm2 for air & 23VACDC or 230VAC for electricity.

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ss sanitary pumps

Pumps are used to transfer product from one place to another by means of piping or for recirculation in distribution systems. These are located after Storage tanks for transfer or for recirculation of DM, Purified, RO, and WFI Water Distribution System. It plays very important role for distribution loops as the tank turn over which is one of the factor is maintained. These pumps have cGMP design with 100% drain ability. Mechanical seals preferred are Tungsten Carbide vs Tungsten Carbide or Silicon Carbide vs Silicon Carbide for Pharmaceutical applications. Inlet & Outlets nozzles are Triclover end. Centrifugal pumps with drain valves for easy draining are available on request.

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