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We offer the best product range of BASELINE Fluoropolymer Bottles, Bottle-Top Acid Dispensers and Support Base Bottle-Top Dispenser Base.

BASELINE Fluoropolymer Bottles

SEASTAR™’s BASELINE® High Purity Fluoropolymer Bottles have become popular due to the drive for lower detection limits in trace metal analysis. As with our other products, this requires improvements in all aspects of the analytical process including how samples and reagents are handled and stored. Fluoropolymers have gained widespread acceptance for use in trace analysis because of the combination of chemical resistance and perceived purity. However, Fluoropolymer bottles and labware can contain significant amounts of metallic impurities from both the resins and manufacturing process. In general, virgin Fluoropolymer PFA and FEP resins are better than PTFE in terms of metal impurities, but even bottles and labware manufactured from the best virgin resins and exhaustively pre-cleaned prior to use can contain impurities which will compromise acid solutions at the sub-ppb level.

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Bottle-Top Acid Dispensers

  • volume 0-5 ml in 0.5 ml increments

Dispensing small volumes of high purity acids from a bottle safely and reliably, without contamination or waste has always been a challenge. Pouring introduces the possibility of contamination each time the bottle is opened and invariably leads to waste. Traditional bottle-top pump dispensers are more convenient, safer and cut down on wasted product. However some of the materials used in construction such as glass and ceramics will leach unacceptably high levels of some elements. In addition, traditional dispensers cannot be used with Hydrofluoric Acid. The new SEASTAR™ Bottle-Top Dispensers were developed to combine the convenience of a traditional pump dispenser with the chemical compatibility and high purity afforded by Fluoropolymers.

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Support Base Bottle-Top Dispenser Base

  • Size 250mL to 2L,

Support BASE (BT-BASE4): the support Base will accommodate SEASTAR’s fluoropolymer bottles sized 250mL to 2L, as well as SEASTAR’s 500mL to 2.5L HDPE bottles. The BT-BASE4 helps provide stability to the bottle when the Bottle-Top Dispenser units is attached. The illustration below shows the ease of operation of the BT-Dispenser and the BT-BASE4 providing additional support. Please note that the Bottle-Top Dispenser and the BASELINE® High Purity Fluoropolymer Bottles are sold separately.

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