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Our offered Product range includes Turnstile, Time Attendance Machine, Id Card Printer, Smart Card Reader and Access Control System.


Turnstiles are one of the most effective forms of gates to prevent anyone from entering or leaving a secured premise without authorization. These turnstiles cannot just ensure that only one person passes at a time or the entering passers are separated from the leaving persons but also ensure that only those who have any authorized card, token, ticket, etc., can get past this baffle or control gate. Secure World is an eminent name in the security market and offers the most sturdy, automated, and cost-effective turnstile to suit every organization’s need. We install and resale turnstiles to meet your exact requirement. You might need them for access control, sports admission, traffic control, transit fare collection, or simply for enhanced security, our experts can understand your requirements to bring to you the best turnstiles to suit your needs. We have a wide range of turnstiles that can be sued in different situations. You can choose from the following:   Glass Lane Turnstile Waist high Turnstile Drop Arm Turnstile Opticle Turnstile Mass Transit Turnstile Wheel Chair Access Automated Ticketing Turnstile Waist High Traffic Control Turnstile Roto Gate Turnstile   Apart from these, you can also discuss your requirements with our experts and we can offer customized turnstile solutions that match your specific needs. Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your needs and get the best quote.  

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Time Attendance Machine

CPU 32 bit ARAM Wiegand Input 26/34/37 bit Memory 64 M Flash, 64 M RAM Wiegand Output 26/34/37 bit Display 2.8 TFT Color LCD TTL Input 4 Port Optical Sensor 500dpi 10KEY Touch Keypad Semiconductor Sensor AES 1711 Function Key Touch Keypad LE Sensor LE Sensor Link Product Size 118 * 163 * 40 (mm) F/P Storage 2K, 10K, 30K, 50K External Reader Yes (Max 4) Camera Optional Voice Output Yes Event Log 500K Events LED Blue, Red IP 65 WaterProof Tamper Switch Yes Network 485/TCP F/P Touch Sensor Yes Wi-Fi Yes(Optional) DHCP Yes USB SD Memory Card Power 12 V Relay 2 Humidity 20% - 80% Door Phone No Temperature -10°C - 60°C POE(Power of Ethernet) Yes Language English/arabic/persian/chinese RFID Card EM/HID/ARE/iCLASS

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Id Card Printer

Secure World  is a leading name in providing effective solutions for security of our client enterprise. We have been in the business for quite some time and have facilitated a number of corporate houses with full-fledged digital ID card printers and production systems. We offer complete installation of ID card printers that come with video imaging system and specialized ID card software. Our systems have assisted many firms in addressing their need to create ID cards for their employees and staff members in-house. Whether it is a government sector enterprise or a corporate house, an ID card is the main prime proof of identity of the person working in that organization. We offer economical and flexible solutions to ensure that every company’s needs are met according to their manpower and size of firm. In addition to that, we have also provided ID card pointers for other requirements like universities ID card, insurance card, medical health card, driving license card, etc. FEATURES OF OUR ID CARD PRINTERS Both monochrome and color print Quick & easy exchange of TPH & ribbon Individual card slots for reprinting Integrated ‘The Designer’ design software RFID Ribbon Protection Strong Encoding   The ID card printers that we offer are designed for an economic performance and require minimum virtual maintenance or training. Our printers’ software is laced with full-proof security to ensure no one is able to copy the data afterward. We can also offer our printers with digital cameras, card accessories, photo lighting equipment etc. So contact us anytime to discuss your requirements and get the best quote for custom-made card printing solution

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Smart Card Reader

Smart cards have become an important part of everyday life. Be it in universities, hospitals, metros, hotels, or other corporate organizations, smart cards act as the single card to perform a number of applications. At Secure World , we excel in creating new solutions to cater the smart card requirement of different organizations. Working for us is a team of experts that can easily integrate secure smart card solutions into your organization’s systems. Apart from offering smart cards for different functions, we also have cost-effective and compact contactless smart card readers. Our card readers can be integrated into any system or PC environment and offer versatile use. They are available in Serial interface as well as USB interface. These readers can be sued for a number of applications in areas like physical or logical access controls, public transport terminals, vending machines, etc. You can also get in touch with us if you require any type of smart card technology integrated into your application. You can approach us with your security requirements and the applications you want to be integrated with the smart cards, we can tailor-make solutions for both smart cards and their compatible card readers.

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Access Control System

Controlling the access adds another layer of security to protect your organization and its important data. Whether yours is a small business or a global corporation, today’s access control systems can be custom-built to suit each organization’s requirements. You can easily manage the access to your organization by controlling who accesses through the entrance by swiping the card through the systems. At Secure World , we offer the most reliable access control systems for all types of organizations in the UAE, Dubai, and the Middle East. Be it a few doors or dozens of them, we can provide you with the best access control systems to let you manage the access to your area. Providing automatic ID card verified access control systems, we have helped a number of organizations in securing their firm from getting accessed by any foreign entity. We offer smart card security solutions with small and tamper-resistant smart cards that are effective in offering advanced functionalities. These cards can easily contain, encrypt, and transmit large amount of data securely while fitting easily under the surface of the digital ID cards that we offer. Our smart card hardware, software, systems and solutions protect your firm and its important data from any security threat or hack by blocking the access. We have simple access control systems that use visual elements of the portrait cards to identify the identity of the person before giving them access inside. Considering the increasing number of counterfeit cards being produced, we also offer anti-counterfeiting systems that create a watermark on the ID cards that cannot be copied. Our biometric access control systems are also loved by many organizations. These systems add to the security by using biometric or body identification like retina, fingerprint, etc., before granting access. The biometric gets encoded on the smart card which has a microchip and built-in encryption and memory processor. The card reader can easily read the biometric to see if the person is authorized and grants access.

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