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Turnstiles are one of the most effective forms of gates to prevent anyone from entering or leaving a secured premise without authorization. These turnstiles cannot just ensure that only one person passes at a time or the entering passers are separated from the leaving persons but also ensure that only those who have any authorized card, token, ticket, etc., can get past this baffle or control gate. Secure World is an eminent name in the security market and offers the most sturdy, automated, and cost-effective turnstile to suit every organization’ need.

We install and resale turnstiles to meet your exact requirement. You might need them for access control, sports admission, traffic control, transit fare collection, or simply for enhanced security, our experts can understand your requirements to bring to you the best turnstiles to suit your needs. We have a wide range of turnstiles that can be sued in different situations. You can choose from the following:


  • Glass Lane Turnstile
  • Waist high Turnstile
  • Drop Arm Turnstile
  • Opticle Turnstile
  • Mass Transit Turnstile
  • Wheel Chair Access
  • Automated Ticketing Turnstile
  • Waist High Traffic Control Turnstile
  • Roto Gate Turnstile


Apart from these, you can also discuss your requirements with our experts and we can offer customized turnstile solutions that match your specific needs. Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your needs and get the best quote.


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