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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of cocopeat disc, COCO PEAT COIN DISK, Grow Bag, Coco Husk Chips and Cocopeat.


  • Size 30x30x12CM
  • Weight 5kg (+ or -) 3%

SITCO avails the best quality coco peats at cost-effective rates for both horticultural purposes and for the agricultural industry. This multipurpose bi-product are a secondary product which is derived from the processing of coconut husks. This is a completely organic and natural product which is prewashed and machine dried and graded according to the fiber content to make it easy to use and eco-friendly. Cocopeat finds application in seed and container planting. It is used as an ingredient for exceptional quality potting soil and bedding for absorbing plant as well as animal residue. It serves as the best substitute for customary peat mosses and Rock wool. Coco peats also find applications in Green Houses, Hydroponic growers and for Golf course and lawn construction.

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cocopeat disc

Cocopeat in Coco liners are used in potting soil, mainly for home-gardening purposes. Coco Discs made from coconut fibers are best for use in seed rising, for seedlings or for saplings. Coco discs are available in numerous sizes and shapes. It is easy to use. Soak or for adding water until the pressed disc expands to the required volume. It is suitable for quick seedgermination. The compressed cocopeat discs have the strong ability to make any plant grow. In addition to using as seeding and planting at initial stages, it can also be used as growing medium for grown plants. They are available in different weights and different dimensions.

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  • EC Level Below 0.6 ms/cm (Low Ec)

It is a natural product made of cocopeat. Seeds grow very fast in Jiffy Peat Pots. Start planting indoors and transplanting to garden.

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Grow Bag

A grow Bag is a partially or completely enclosed system for raising plants indoors or in small areas. Grow Bags are used for a number of reasons, including lack of available outdoor space and the desire to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers during cold seasons. They can also help protect plants from pests or disease. These are totally enclosed, and contain a built-in light, intake and exhaust fan system for ventilation, hydroponics system that waters the plants with nutrient-rich solution, and an odor control filter. These advanced elements allow the gardener to maintain optimal temperature, light patterns, nutrition levels, and other conditions for plants. Grow Bags contains all necessary macros and micro nutrients for ideal growing condition. It contains naturally composed and mechanically cultured media that contains palm fibers, composted organic agriculture materials and has base product that’s added with 15 more minerals and nutrients sourced from natural and marine based plants with absorbable forms of growth fertilizer.

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Coco Husk Chips

Superior plant results from the perfect blend of fine coir and coir husk chips. It’s easy-touse, straight from the bag so there is no need for additional media. It helps in fast root growth and for obtaining healthy plants from coir chips. They are ideal for small & medium sized farms. It helps reduce the buying of growth media making components thereby saving money. Coco Husk Chips, Natural Coconut husks are cut into chips in various sizes from 12″ to 1″ size. It absorbs water 10 times & releases moisture to the plant for long periods. Husk Chips helps the fertilizer live up to its full potential in any soil or weather condition. Husk Chips helps prevent insects & harmful fungi. It helps sandy soil and lightens heavy soil giving it an ideal condition for seed germination. It is easy to dispose because it is naturally biodegradable.

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Geo Textiles

Geo textiles from SITCO meets your expectations by delivering excellent quality and usability. Geo Textiles are penetrable fabrics having the ability to reinforce, protect, filter, separate or even drain. Geo textiles are made from polyester or polypropylene fabric. There are three basic forms (woven, needle punched and heat bonded). However, coir geo textiles have great demand for many reasons because this serves as a sensible natural solution for preventing soil degradation or soil erosion. The world wide acceptance of coir geo textiles attributes to its environment friendly nature. They are ideal to be applied on rail embankments, roads or even hilly slopes. These coir geo textiles last around 5 years and later on it degrade into humus which again enriches the soil. Thus the user’s investment will never be in vain.

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Coco Poles

Coco Poles are an environment friendly products from SITCO which ueses coir fibers wrapped in PVC tubes. Coco poles gives an ideal support to plants, growing creepers, climbing plants etc which produce ariel roots. Coco Poles are high moisture retention capacity which enables the roots of the plants creating a perfect moist environment for long periods of time ensuring the plant grow stronger. These are available in different lengths, diameters and it could be manufactured in customized sizes to suit the customer specification

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Coco Basket Liners

We at SITCO are always engaged in offering a range of quality Coco Basket Liners which are widely used to grow indoor and outdoor plants. They are eco-friendly and bio-degradable and absorb excess water. The organic properties and the low weight of coir makes them viable for internal gardening. Plants grow faster and healthily in these coir baskets.

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  • Size From 1.5 CM

SITCO manufacturers wide range of Coco Seedling Cups. Our seeding cups are manufactured by quality raw material and are the best substitute for plastic cups. The plants can be planted without removing the cup by cutting the outer layer without damaging the roots. We also use advanced manufacturing techniques in order to confirm its long life.

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  • Size Diameter 5cm, 10cm, 12cm etc.

This Eco-friendly and Biodegradable product from SITCO is ideal for control made from natural coir fibers and latex. The product is excellent for those who grow high value plants and trees. COCO MULCH MAT is manufactured using the finest coconut fibers and natural latex. Coco discs efficiently protects plants from night frost in winter and suppresses , control soil temperature in different seasons. The Coir Discs prevent the growth of around the plant and in the container. As the plant roots are blocked from direct sunlight, the moisture is not evaporated it helps keep the plant roots moist.

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