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Offset Printing Service

Just in case you need telling again, we love to print. What’s more, we’re experts in offset lithography, which is great for keeping the price of big print runs down. There are a number of processes involved in offset printing, and our attention to detail and quality control play a vital role in each and every one.

High image quality – offset printing produces sharp, clean, high resolution images
Print more, pay less – offset printing is especially cost-effective for high volume printing
Choice – offset printing can be used on paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather and plastic
Fast turnaround – our offset presses use computer-to-plate systems, while older ones use computer-to-film work flows. This removes one step in the printing process, enhancing quality and turnaround
Pantone colour matching – our offset printing uses actual Pantone inks, giving you the best match with Pantone colours
Flexibility – from printing surface and paper type to size and special finishes, Spectrum’s offset printing caters for all tastes and design

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