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We offer a complete product range of Industrial Lighting, Communication Cables, cable management systems, LAMPS & LIGHTING COMPONENTS and low voltage switchgear components

Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting Low Bay and High Bay fittings Weather-proof fluorescent fittings Reflector Batten fittings Explosion-proof fluorescent fittings and flood lights Area Lighting Weather-proof Flood Lights Street Lights and poles and accessories Garden Lights and Bollards Weather-proof Bulkheads Buried lights and step lights Fa├žade uplighters and downlighters Solar-powered garden lights and street lights Decorative Lighting Rope lights with controllers LED Rope lights Decorative Chandeliers and Wall fittings Architectural And Commercial Lighting Fluorescent Batten fittings Aluminium Louvre recessed/surface mounted fluorescent luminaries Prismatic Diffuser recessed/surface fluorescent fittings Compact fluorescent lamp & HID downlights Low Voltage dichroic spot lights Striplights/Mirror lights Aluminium & Plastic louvres, lenses and diffusers, roll form reflectors LED lighting strips/coils, panel lights and downlights PIR/Ultrasonic Motion Sensors/Photocells Wall and Ceiling mounted motion sensors/photocells External IP rated motion sensors and photocell switches Sensors with lights indoor and outdoor Lighting Controls/Dimming Systems KNX/EIB lighting control systems DALI/DSI dimming systems

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Communication Cables

Single core Wires PVC Insulated Building Wires 450/750V to BS 6004 XL/LSF Insulated Building Wires to BS 7211 Bare Copper Conductors XLPE Insulated Cables XLPE Armoured Cables 0.6/1KV to BS 5467 XLPE Unarmoured Cables 0.6/1KV to IEC 60502 LSF Armoured/ Unarmoured Cables 0.6.1KV to BS 6724 XLPE Armoured Cables - 11KV-33KV to IEC/DEWA/ADWEA Multicore Industrial Cables PVC Insulated/Sheathed Flexible Cables to BS 6500 (type 3183Y/3184Y) HRPVC Insulated/Sheathed Flexible Cables to BS 6500 (type 3093Y/3094Y) Twin Flat Cables to BS 6500 type 6242Y Special PVC Control Cables Screened/Unscreened Rubber Cables/Welding Cables Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Cables type H07RNF Silicon rubber insulated High Temperature Wires Welding Cables to BS 638 Panel/Switchboard & Battery Cables Tri-rated Flexible Panel Wires 105oC to BS 6231 and complying to IEC, CSA and UL standards Battery/Auto Cables to BS 6862 Fire Performance Cables FP200 Type Cables CWZ to BS 6387 FP400 Type Fire Performance Cables to BS 7846 Telephone/Data/Fibre-Optic/Instrumentation/Co-Axial Cables Indoor Telephone Cables Type CW 1308 External grade Telephone Cables jelly filled Type CW 1128/1179 Cat 5E/Cat 6 UTP/FTP Data Cables Fibre-optic Cables - Single mode/Multi mode and Composite Cables Instrumentation Cables to BS 5308 Coaxial Cables Power Factor Capacitor Bank Components Power factor Capacitors 2.5KVAR to 50KVAR Reactors for control of Harmonics Power factor Regulators- 5-14 steps

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cable management systems

PVC Conduit And Trunking Systems Rigid conduit pipes, tting and circular boxes Flexible PVC and Nylon Corrugated conduits and fittings Mini and Maxi Trunking Dado and skirting Trunking Steel Conduit Systems Rigid Steel conduits to Class 3 electrogalvanized and Class 4 hot dipped galvanized to BS 4568/BS 31 Malleable junction boxes and ttings for rigid Steel conduits Flexible Steel conduits including PVC coated conduits to BS 731, Low Fire Hazard (LFH) coated conduits, Braided conduits, Liquid Tight PVC coated conduits Fittings for various exible Steel conduits Cable Trays, Ladders And Steel Support Systems Galvanized Steel Cable Trays & ladders- medium/heavy duty and accessories Galvanized Steel Trunkings with couplings and lid and accessories Steel support systems include channel sections, channel nuts & various brackets and fitments Steel wire baskets Floor Distribution Systems Modular Flush Floor, Raised Floor and Underoor (screed) Distribution Trunking Systems including service boxes, junction boxes , tees, risers and bends Cables Glands/Lugs/Connectors/Cleats BW-CW-EIW-A1/A2 Brass Industrial cable glands to BS 6121 Increased Safety and Hazardous Area glands EIW-F Copper lugs and connectors and Bimetallic lugs Cable cleats and fixings suitable for majority of low, medium and high voltage cables Explosion Proof cable glands, junction boxes Cable Jointing Systems Low Voltage Cable Joints in 1000V AC/1500V DC7 Cathodic Protection Joints with split-bolt line-tap or without connector Medium Voltage Heat Shrink 15KV Joints in polymeric, paper and transition types upto 3 core 300mm2 Cabling Equipment And Tools Cable drum trailers and pulling winches Cable rollers, cable drum lifting jacks Cable crimping and cutting tools - mechanical and hydraulic

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Fluorescent Lamps T5/T8 linear fluorescent tubes Circular tubes Compact fluorescent lamps and Energy saving lamps Insect killer lamps Halogen/Incandescent Lamps Linear tungsten halogen lamps Low Voltage dichroic lamps GLS bulbs, candle & luster bulbs, reflector bulbs HID Lamps Blended and High Pressure mercury lamps High pressure sodium lamps Metal Halide lamps - double ended/screw type base/G12 base Ballasts/ Transformers & Control Gear Magnetic flourescent and compact flourescent lamp ballasts-Standard/Low Loss Electronic flourescent and compact flourescent lamp ballasts-Fixed Output/Dimmable (Digital/Analogue) Magnetic low voltage transformers for dichroic lamps Electronic low voltage transformers for dichroic lamps with Leading/Trailing Edge dimming Magnetic ballasts-high pressure mercury, sodium and metal halide Open/Closed magnetic control gear for HID lamps Electronic control gear- high pressure sodium and metal halide Capacitors, ignitors and flourescent lamp starters LEDS & Converters LED Modules/Chains/Strips and accessories Retrofit LED lamps for dichroic/incandescent Constant Current/Constant Voltage LED converters PWM Dimmers/Sequencers and Boosters Special Lamps U V Disinfection lamps for purification applications Stage/ Theatre/ Film/ Studio lamps

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low voltage switchgear components

Modular Distribution Board Components Miniature Circuit Breakers 3KA/6KA/10KA to IEC 60898 and plug-in type Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers DIN Rail Mounted Isolators Modular contractors Fuse carriers Main Distribution/Panel Board Circuit Breakers Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) 800A-6300A Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) 16A-2000A to IEC 60947 Load Break Isolators/ Enclosed Isolators & Changeover Switches Load break disconnecting switches/ isolators Enclosed Isolators and Safety Switches Weatherproof Isolators and Main Switches in die cast/polycarbonate Manual and Motor operated Changeover switches

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Wiring Accessories

British/European Standard Wiring Accessories Moulded/Metal finish wiring accessories Modular/Grid switch systems Weather-proof switches and sockets Pendant/Batten holders Standard/Plug-in type ceiling roses Plugs and Multi-adaptors Extension/Trailing sockets and cable reels IEC Standard Industrial Plugs and Sockets Communication Accessories Telephone line jack with/without capacitors Box connection units and 10 pair connection modules RJ45 Data outlets for Cat5E and Cat6 cabling systems Patch cords and Patch panels Wall-mounted enclosures in 6U, 9U and 12U for 19" patch panels Dimmers Lighting Dimmers from 250W to 1000W Fan Dimmers High Power Dimmers upto 5000W and Touch Dimmers PVC Connectors & Terminal Blocks PVC/Polyamide strip connectors Connectors for lighting industry Terminal Blocks for Appliances

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