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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of STYRO EPS Insulation Panels, Insulation Chips, Insulation Balls, Insulation Hard Coating and Insulation Beads.

STYRO EPS Insulation Panels

  • Standard Size 1200x600x75/100mm Density: 18-20 Kgs/m3

STYRO EPS cut sheets (Insulation Panels) or styrofoam sheets have multiple applications in the construction, HVAC and packaging industries. They can be used in cavity wall, duct and floor insulation, void filling, floor raising and packaging application. High density sheets are recommended for insulation and floor raising applications. A low density sheet which has good resilience property can be used for packaging applications. Density: It can be produced from 8-50 KgsM3, special densities can be produced upon request. Standard thickness: Possible from 5mm to 1350 mm, the higher thickness can achievable in multi-layers by bonding. Concrete curing and Expansion joint for Concrete STYROFOAM EPS cut sheets are used as concrete curing application. These sheets are used as insulation medium when concrete is directly exposed to sunlight or windy weather. STYRO is supplying from 50mm thick standard size sheets for such applications. Standard Size: 2000×1000 mm or 2500x1250mm or any non-standard size can be cut and supplied. Density: Normally from 14-16 Kgsm3 sheets are recommended. Expanded Polystyrene cut strips are used as expansion joint fills. A general concrete surface has a tendency to shrink or expand according to the atmospheric temperature. It expands in summer and shrinks in winter. To protect the concrete surface and avoid any cracks on the surface, EPS strips are used as expansion joint fills while casting. EPS strips allow the concrete to expand or shrink without any cracks or damage on the surface. These strips can also be used in the roads, bridge slabs, and precast elements. Standard Size: 2000x200x15-20mm. EPS high-density strips are recommended to fill the joints. Density: 20-25 Kgm3. Sound and Acoustic Insulation SoundNoise has become a by-product of our day-to-day life. It is just an irritant and it can disturb our sleep, add stress, infringe our privacy, and generally steal from our quality of life. Such unwanted stressful situations can be averted with the help of STYROFOAM Sound Insulation Panels. In modern days, there are varieties of insulation materials solutions which are available in the market to keep away soundnoise from the buildings. STYRO offers the best, economical, environment-friendly solution.

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Insulation Chips

  • size 20 x 20 x 20 mm

STYRO packing chips beads are the most convenient forms of packing and packaging for fragile objects, especially gifts and over-the-seas shipped packages. The chips beads form a high-resistance pad that envelopes the object and therefore protects it from shocks, sudden movements, and sudden temperature changes. STYRO packing chips are very light, occupy volume, and could be packed in boxes of all sizes and shapes. STYRO has all kind of chips according to customer’s choice. STYRO recently introduced Plate type & Cashew type chips to the U.A.E Market, these chips are made from special grade European origin Raw material ideal for loose fill packaging. STYRO Chips can be used for a variety of jobs around the house and at work: Since packing STYRO Chips are used to take up leftover space, use them when you’re packing holiday ornaments away for the season. This will safely secure your valuable ornaments year after year. Use packing STYRO Chips in Arts and Crafts. Kids can glue them together on construction paper and then paint them to create artwork for school art projects or for bedroom walls decoration. STYRO Chips can be used in the garden, too. Mixing packing Chips into rich soil when potting houseplants helps your plants to grow and thrive. They are economical & convenient packaging solutions for fragile and breakable items such as Glass wares, Ceramics, Electronics, HI-FI systems and many more. They are ideal for irregular shaped items and are the best protection for materials in transit. STYRO chips form a high resistance pad that envelops the object, thus protecting it from shock, sudden movements, and sudden temperature change. They are light weight materials that occupy minimal volume and can be packed in boxes of various sizes and shapes. Standard Sizes of STYRO Chips are as mentioned below and any special sizes can be made to order. 10 x 10 x 10 mm 15 x 15 x 15 mm 20 x 20 x 20 mm 25 x 25 x 25 mm Plate type Cashew type

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Insulation Balls

STYRO balls are mostly used in decorations, and as accessories for various events and themes. Being made from polystyrene foam, STYRO balls are used for various purposes such as making styrofoam snowman or styrofoam cupcakes. They are easy to cut in half and form into desired shapes. STYRO balls are sturdy and can be sculpt to combine with any design and figure for completing variety of projects. All which can be produced from small sizes (10cm) up to huge sizes (10 meters).

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Insulation Hard Coating

In modern days, Expanded Polystyrene is used widely for creative art works or theme work, model making, branding, decoration, etc. STYRO EPS needs special type of coating for such applications. STYRO offers varieties of hard coating at reasonable prices, which are: PU based coating – thickness ranging from 0.5-2mm, this hard coating allows to apply solvent based – oil paints to obtain a glossy finish on expanded polystyrene surface. Glass reinforced fiber coating – thickness ranging from 1-5 mm. This allows keeping the display for outdoor applications such as Branding, Modeling, Theme works, Decoration and art works.

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Insulation Beads

  • Size 3 to 12 mm

STYRO Beads are light weight, white color, fire retardant, pearl shaped, closed cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads, the diameter of the beads normally ranges from 3 to 12 mm with apparent density of 8-15 Kgm3. STYRO Beads are also widely consumed by the ready-mix suppliers for light weight screed production, which has remarkable characteristics of Thermal cum Acoustic properties used by the construction industries. Normally EPS beads are mixed with concrete to increase its thermal rating and reduce its weight per cubic meter, which results in significant saving in structural cost. STYRO Beads come in 2 types, the Virgin beads and the Re-ground beads. Virgin beads are perfectly smooth and spherical in shape, approximately 3 -12 mm in diameter. They are denser than the re-ground beads so they support tightly with their round shape. Re-ground beads are large block of polystyrene (Styrofoam), grounded to make small beads with approximately 3 – 15 mm diameter. They are also known as pre-consumer recycled beads, designed to carry out the environment friendly campaign of re-cycling. Beads for Light weight Concrete STYRO Beads are light weight, white colored, fire retardant, pearl shaped, closed cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads, the diameter of the beads normally ranges from 3 to 12 mm with apparent density of 8-15 Kgm3. STYRO polystyrene Beads are also widely consumed by the Ready-mix suppliers for light weight screed production, which has remarkable characteristics of thermal cum acoustic properties used by the construction industries. Normally, EPS beads are mixed with concrete to increase its thermal rating and reduce its weight per cubic meter, which results in significant saving in structural cost.

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Insulation Parapet Moulds

Description: Traditional wooden parapet molds are no more existent since they were replaced by expanded polystyrene “Styro” made parapets. This tectonic change happened due to Styro parapet molds being cost effective, flexible in design and faster in production since it is cut by using High tech CNC Machines with CAD CAM technology. Application: Let it be a dwelling, villa, mosque, prayer hall, community hall, shopping complex and office apartments, commercial & residential buildings, arched entrance elevations can’t be imagined without having profiled parapets. Aesthetic look of the above civil structure can be enhanced with special parapet designs. How to order: Needs a simple drawing showing detailed dimensions of profile. Quantity in running meters or linear meter. Density – we normally supply 10-15 KgsM3. High densities are possible upon request. Needs radius or diameter if the profile is arch. Styro has many popular designs which are moving fast in the United Arab Emirates, we may provide several standard designs upon request.

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Insulation Boxes

  • Capacity (KG) Styro Box 40 KG
  • Internal Size (cm) 94.0 x 35.5 x 23.0
  • External Size (cm) 100.0 x 40.5 x 30.0

STYRO Boxes are the best choice to pack and ship the perishable goods, fragile items for relocating, and protection of delicate electronic and medical equipment. Fresh, frozen foods such as fish, meat, and vegetable should be kept cool and well- preserved to maintain their freshness for longer periods of time, regardless of the external environment. STYRO Boxes are used primarily as fish boxes, however, packing fish is not the only use for them. STYRO Boxes make an excellent packing for ice-cream and provide reliable protection for all types of confectionaries packaging such as chocolates, cakes that require protection from extreme temperatures. STYRO Boxes are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to take your items where they need to go, fresh, in one piece, and at a reasonable cost. STYRO Boxes are the well known solution for pertaking the above products, be it mass shipment, storage for restaurants, hotels, and other F&B commercial outlets. At normal usage, Molded STYRO BOXES don’t break or crack. They are made with special grade, food friendly Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) raw material. All our STYRO Boxes are CFC-free, Re-usable and 100% recyclable. All our STYRO Boxes have no nutritional value and do not support the formation of molds, bacteria, or moss. Consequently, their demand in the food industry packaging and storage is extremely high, especially in the poultry and fishery. Though all standard STYRO Boxes are Molded with state-of-the-art technology shape molding machines, we have a facility that produces any size non-standard STYRO Boxes by fabricating them as per customer’s requirements.

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Special Insulation Packaging

STYRO team is well aware that all packaging requirements are not similar and need less to be fit within the standard range of packaging. Styro can provide solutions and technical support for special types of packaging. We offer custom packaging requirements to pack fragile, items, glass wares, electronic peripherals, and special instruments or tools on quality materials at a very reasonable price. In accordance with your specifications, thoughts, ideas and contents, we will produce custom packaging Boxes.

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Insulation Letter Cutouts

Letter cutouts: Small or big, letters, numbers or symbols of any shape, font or color, are all easily made by STYRO. Our material is very flexible and easy to work with, and we can offer you any different finishing according to your budget and specific needs.

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