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  • Needle Roller Bearings

    • Series : NA, RLM

    Needle roller bearings are a variation of the cylindrical roller bearings wherein their main difference is in roller design capacity. The roller quantities are higher and the diameter of each is thinner than usual.

  • Spherical Roller Bearing

    • Brand Name : MCB, NTN-SNR

    A spherical roller bearing consists of a locking feature, an outer ring, and an inner ring which is enclosed by the former in the axial direction. This bearing permits angular rotation to a central point in two orthogonal directions. Spherical roller bearings support a rotating shaft in the bore of the inner ring which must move not only rotationally but to a certain angle. Most spherical roller bearings have an oute More...

  • Tapered Roller Bearings

    Key elements of tapered roller bearings (TRB) include the outer ring, inner ring, rollers, and a cage. These bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between each aligned tapered rollers enabling them to accommodate combined radial and axial loads. Their unique features are higher load ratings, adjustable mounted clearance, and the ability of the outer ring to be mounted separately from the inner ring asse

    Mineral Circles Bearings

    Dubai | More...

  • Needle Roller Bearing

    A needle roller bearing is a bearing which uses small cylindrical rollers. The difference between a needle roller bearing and roller bearing is the ratio of diameter and length of their rollers, as a general rule when the ratio of the diameter and the length of roller of a roller bearing is between the interval of 0.1 to 0.4, that roller bearing is called a needle roller bearing. They are used to reduce the friction

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  • Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings consist of tapered inner and outer ring raceways, between which a series of tapered rollers are fitted. This design allows tapered roller bearings to be particular suited to carrying both radial and axial loads.

    Nfc Middle East Fzco

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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Construction Machinery, Ladders, Roller Bearings, general industrial equipment, carving crafts, Couplings, Material Handling Equipment


    abu dhabi | More...

  • Taper Roller Bearing

    Deals in Truck Parts, Grain, Auto Engine, Automobiles, catalysts, Fresh Cut Flower, chemical waste, Potassium Fertilizer, Animal feed, Jam, Furniture, Taper Roller Bearing, tire inflators, Used Cars, Corn Oil, Welding Equipment, air-separators, Health Food, Agriculture Products, exterior accessories

    Vladco Fze

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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in slides, dental camera, Wheelchair, Dental Handpiece, medical test, Foot Massager, Hardware Products, Roller Bearings, Automobiles, General Mechanical Components, body massager, Bearings, universal parts, Paper Holders, Consumer Electronics

    Aladnan Fzco

    dubai | More...

  • Roller Bearing

    Deals in Charcoal, Motorcycle Parts, Automobiles, Chemical Product, filter supplies, transportation equipment, Roller Bearing, general industrial equipment, Air Compressor Parts, General Mechanical Components

    Al Amani Trd Dubai

    dubai | More...

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Gifts, Jewelry, eyewears, Bench Grinders, Roller Bearings, Apparel, Gemstones, Garment Accessories, crystal crafts, Crafts

    Ahmed Ali Trdg. Estb.

    al ain | More...

  • Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Deals in environment equipment, Cylindrical Roller Bearing, recycling product, handheld video games, Mittens, mouldings, Building Materials, Construction Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Filter, acrylic gloves

    Safari Metal Trading

    sharjah | More...

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in general industrial equipment, Food Processing Machinery, Construction Machinery, rubber product making machinery parts, processing machinery, inflatable furniture, Manufacturing Machinery, Beverage, Material Handling Equipment, Roller Bearings, Food Products, Construction Equipment, Ladders

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in wireless networking equipment, Industrial Equipment, Ladders, Scaffoldings, Construction Equipment, Pet Products, Construction Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Roller Bearings, home products


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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Mobile Phones, consumer electronics agents, Electrical Equipment, Automobiles, Dental Handpiece, Consumer Electronics, universal parts, textile projects, Roller Bearings, Switches, dental camera, Foot Massager, woodworking machinery parts, body massager, Electronic Accessories, Paper Holders, Bearings, Wheelchair, Fruit, slides


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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Bearings, Wheelchair, slides, Dental Handpiece, body massager, Foot Massager, dental camera, Automobiles, General Mechanical Components, hardware product, Paper Holders, consumer electronics agents, universal parts, Roller Bearings, medical test kit

    Angel Auto

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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Roller Bearings, Construction Equipment, Ladders, general industrial equipment, Construction Machinery, Material Handling Equipment

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Construction Equipment, watercraft parts, transportation equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Construction Machinery, Roller Bearings, Automobiles, Truck Parts, chemical projects, Ladders, rockery, Mini Plants, general industrial equipment, environment equipment

    Perfect Gen Trading Co Llc

    shajah | More...

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Bearing Accessories, saunas, Paper Holders, Hand Tools, lacquerware, Key Chains, massage chair, Pulleys, Pipe Fittings, Bearings, Testing Instrument, high precision bearings, Incense, Dental Ultrasonic Scaler, Needle bearing, Minerals, Mechanical Components, Steel Pipes, Dental Autoclave, Roller Bearings

  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in pill storage cases, Moulds, Neoprene, rf beauty equipment, Potentiometers, Ladders, Office Paper, Semi Precious Stone, Construction Machinery, Religious Crafts, breast enhancers, Metal processing Machinery, Disposable Tableware, Construction Material, Paper, Pumps, Aluminum Wire Mesh, Material Handling Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Fresh Burdock

    Al Handal International Group

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  • Taper Roller Bearing

    Deals in Food Processing Machinery, Construction Equipment, Taper Roller Bearing, car reversing aid, Escalators, manufacturing equipment, Rubber Product, general industrial equipment, inflatable furniture, Beverage, Material Handling Equipment, processing machinery, Food Products

    Dutch Digital Distributors

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  • Roller Bearings

    Deals in Construction Machinery, Apparel Fabric, Gearboxes, Textiles, Industrial Equipment, Construction Equipment, work platforms, Ladders, Material Handling Equipment, Leather Products, Flax Fiber, Roller Bearings


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  • Spherical Thrust Roller Bearing

    Deals in embroidery crafts, Air Conditioners, refrigeration, Home Appliances, Environment, Water Dispenser, general industrial equipment, Scarf, Hat, general mechanical components agents, Spherical Thrust Roller Bearing, heat exchange, Water Softener, glove sets, Filter, glass product making machinery parts, Glove Making Machinery, Environmental Products

    Oasis Europe

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