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DAP - Diammonium Phosphate

DAP - Diammonium Phosphate

DAP Granular is the most widely used fertilizer as a source of both phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen. It contains 18% of nitrogen in ammonia form and 46% of phosphorus as ammonium phosphate. The high phosphorus content makes it a true high energy fertilizer. Ammonia nitrogen of DAP can be not leached from soil and can be slowly uptake by crops, it facilitates phosphorus uptake, but limits excessive uptake of potassium. Phosphorus form of is easy available in soil and generally not mobile in soil, DAP granular should depth application in the soil with 2-5cm distance near the root of the crops for available absorb.

DAP Granular is alkaline with a high pH. It is incompatible with alkaline chemicals because its ammonium ion is more likely to convert to ammonia in a high-pH environment. DAP granular is excellent suitable for low pH or alkaline soil, also can be apply to the soil in water deficiency conditions. But over a long term the treated soil becomes more acidic than before upon nitrification of the ammonium.

DAP Granular gives optimal effects when applied with potassium chloride and can be mixed at any time. DAP Granular can be also blended with urea, ammonium nitrate and CAN before spreading. Avoid mixed with acidic fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, SSP &TSP.

DAP Granular should be stored in dry, clean and well ventilated roofed compartments with moisture-proof foundation in the piles up to 10 layers of bags@ 50kg.


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