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We offer a complete product range of EASYPANEL Wall System, racking systems, Transport Refrigerated Systems, Solar Powered Refrigeration and Profiled Sheets

Profiled Sheets

  • thickness 35, 40,

TSSC profiled sheets offer architects and designers a range of choices for roof and wall cladding such as internal linings, external cladding and for industrial and commercial buildings. Designed to conciliate high static characteristic with reduced weight, these sheets guarantee the optimization of the structure’s realisation costs while providing safe working platforms. The main advantages of profiled sheets are that • They are inexpensive • Allows rapid and rational execution • Minimum labour required for execution • Easy to dismantle for building transformations • Made to site measurement thus eliminating wastage and installation complications • Modifications or extensions can be done at any time. TSSC supplies profiled sheets based on chosen customer parameters such as weight, strength, durability, surface finish and colour. Our dedicated staffs offer the best possible advice for your profiled sheet requirements.

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  • Thickness 75, 100, 120

EASYPANEL - The lightweight concrete technology is highly efficient construction product and system which delivers unbeatable VALUE to the building sector. Dubai Civil Defense Approved Collaboration with CEMEX Compliant with Local & International Standards It has been developed to help developers, builders and consultants meet the needs of today’s fast-paced construction requirements. It accelerates the building assembly schedule and reduces installationfinishing expenses - a solid product, competitively priced. Simply put, it is the smart engineering and business solution for exterior walls and interior partitions.

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racking systems

  • Size 3,000mm L x 200mm W x 40mm H

A range of customized industrial storage & warehouse solutions are manufactured by TSSC to meet the storage needs of various industry sectors. The range can be broadly classified as Selective Pallet Racking System Drive-In Racking System Multi-Tier Racking System To compliment the range, we also manufacture and supply Galvanized Gratings and Converter to meet all warehouse needs of our customers.

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Transport Refrigerated Systems

  • temperatures -25°C

From small to large, mid-temperature to deep-frozen, TSSC can build refrigerated vehicle bodies for pickups, trucks, vans and trailers to specific requirements. These vehicle bodies are ideal for transporting dry goods as well as food products such as dairy, poultry, meat, fruits and juices. Insulated bodies can be constructed to maintain temperatures as low as -25°C.

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Solar Powered Refrigeration

recent addition to the innovative range is the use of solar panels to power the refrigeration units. This application is suitable for refrigerated trucks & trailers designed to maintain refrigerated conditions of the unit, which must be able to operate at both freezer (0°F) and refrigeration (38°F) conditions. Developed specifically to power the transport refrigeration unit (TRU) and maintain the battery charge, the new Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels are easily installed on the roofs of trailers, truck bodies. The vehicle is cooled by KingTech Refrigeration Units specifically designed for such applications. The unit saves fuel and reduces downtime lost to dead batteries that may be drained by not keeping the engine running to power the refrigerated trailer.

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structural components

TSSC manufactures a range of modular structural components that include high quality Purlins, Metal decking sheets. These products are manufactured to meet the prescribed specification of design engineers and building contractors. The components are aesthetically pleasant, weatherproof, with excellent thermal insulation and offer resistance to fire, fungi and mildew.

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Stabilised Aluminum Foam

Stabilized Aluminum Foam is a closed cell aluminum foam that can be produced in flat sheets or as 3-D shapes. The properties of SAF make it valuable in automotive, transport, military and civil defense applications, while the unique appearance of the material also makes it suitable for architectural surface applications. It is produced by introducing gas bubbles into melt of metal matrix composite (MMC). The hard ceramic particles in the aluminum alloy stabilize the bubbles allowing the foam to be formed into its final shape. Some of the many advantages of SAF are listed below: • High strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio • Strain rate insensitive (the speed of loading does not affect the strength) • Notch insensitive (holes do not affect material strength) • Constant properties over time, temperature and moisture range • High mechanical energy absorption in all directions • Not flammable or susceptible to environmental degradation • Electromagnetic insulation properties • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties • Recyclable • High performance-to-price ratio

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Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies

TSSC™ manufactures insulated panels for vehicle bodies in sizes of up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The panels are reinforced to give maximum strength and durability. TSSC takes pride in being one of the very few companies in the region to build truck bodies using only 6 panels, one for each side of the body. All the corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using specially extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated body is built to hold temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C. Advantages of TSSC Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies- 48 Years of expertise in manufacturing Vehicle Bodies of any size and for various applications One Stop Shop for all Vehicle Body needs including Insulated Panels for the Body and the Refrigeration Units Truck Body Built Using Only 6 Panels (4 Walls, Ceiling And Floor)thus providing the structure extra strength and durability. Movable Partitions allow for a high level of flexibility in designing compartments Eutectic plates for Refrigerated vehicle bodies- the insulated body is able to retain its temperature for long periods even after the refrigeration unit is disconnected Eutectic plates for applications where temperatures need to be reduced to -40°C High quality products at affordable prices

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Preinsulated Duct System

These panels feature a unique sandwich construction that is the result of injecting PUR (Polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate) as the core material laminated with aluminium facing on both sides. These panels are suitable for the construction of air distribution ducts in air-conditioning and heating systems. TSSC Preinsulated duct panels have been specially developed for use in residential, commercial and industrial units of HVAC duct system to satisfy the thermal, re and acoustical requirements.

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Factory Built Houses

The company is specialised in designing and manufacturing permanent pre-engineered housing buildings for accommodation to be used in various fields of requirements. Advantages • Aesthetic looks and appearance • Suitable for any climatic conditions • Insulated roof, walls, partition & door panels manufactured to the highest standards • Considerable saving in electricity bills. • Long lasting & durable • Quick delivery & erection time when compared to conventional buildings. • Possible to build Ground + First floor • Can be easily stored as flat pack • Flat-packed and bundled to reduce transportation cost

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Seamless Roofing System

  • Color light blue, white

TSSC Seamless roofing is a unique roofing system where sheets are joined together using a snap lock system. The snaplock system is designed from concept to completion for strength, durability and weather ability and offers a cost-effective construction solution with numerous benefits. It allows the contractor to tailor the shape and dimensions of panels according to the buildings and create harmonious transitions between roof and facade. TSSC standing seam roofing system is used in industrial and civil buildings and complies with the latest architectural trends. Characteristics • Permanent waterproofing through penetrable installation with no transverse joints • Long life • Provides easy access • Self- Supporting and walkable • Joining using locking system • Eliminates damaging effects of thermal movement • Economical and maintenance free • Quick installation • Provides design flexibility • Resistance to wind uplift • Fire resistant

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