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Our offered Product range includes Asphalt Mixing plants, Roadmarking Machine, Mono-bottle carriage, Bitumen Boilers and Petrol operated Roof cutter.

Asphalt Mixing plants

Containerized Asphalt Mixing Plants are available with many options, including: Cold feed units with various bin capacities. Single or multifuel burners for heavy oil, diesel, gas or coal dust. External and integrated hot storage silos with various capacities. Bitumen tanks in vertical or horizontal design Filler silos with capacities from 50 – 80 m 3 Fuel tanks Cold- and Hot-recycling Bitumen modification systems (Rubber, Polymer or white Bitumen)

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Roadmarking Machine

For each marking/demarking job the right machine . With their know-how in road construction, the WINTER Grün GmbH has specialized for many years in the development and production of innovative and powerful marking and demarkingmachines for roads and airports. For each marking Job, even for structure markings, thick-layer markings or spray applications in AIRSPRAY, AIRLESS or hot spraying process, the product portfolio of WINTER GRÜN GmbH offers the right machine technology – from hand-guided devices via self-propelled maschines, up to marking trucks with maximum capacities, and optional equipment. Accessories such as road dryer, erasing and milling machines, thermoplastic preheaters or bead dispenser are completing the product range. In the high pressure water jetting technology, we are offering as the OEM of PeelJet and TrackJet systems highly efficient solutions for road and for airports demaring, surface roughening and rubber removal.

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Mono-bottle carriage

Art.-Nr. 5058 0000 Gas bottle carriage and gas bottle pre-heating burners. Gas bottle carriage for easy transport. For 1 propane gas bottle 33 kg.

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Bitumen Boilers

  • Content: approx. 50 l
  • Bitumen through-put: approx. 100 l/h
  • Max. propane consumpt.: approx. max. 0,8 kg/h
  • Operating pressure: 1,5 bar
  • Weight: approx. 38 kg
  • Weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Bitumen boiler KIPP 50 0211 0000
  • Bitumen boiler Stationary 50 0215 0000

Handy little devices. Ideal for repairs. With powerful propane boilers, thermometer for control of temperature. These small manageable boilers with lockable lids will go through almost any roof-hole and are therefore excellently suited for repair work and small jobs. The high-powered propane beam burner ensures a rapid heating up period. On request the equipment can be equipped with a dial thermometer for temperature control. Bitumen is poured by tilting the boiler in the tilting frame. The stationary boiler is equipped with footstands and drain cock.

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Petrol operated Roof cutter

  • Cutting depth: adjustable up to max. 120 mm
  • Motor rating: 4,8 PS / 3,6 kW
  • Cutting capacity at normal proof structure: approx. 1.500 m / h
  • Weight: approx. 60 kg
  • Spare percussion knife 350 mm 5023 1000

Art.-Nr. 5426 0000 The robust, powerful cutter with four-stroke engine 4, 8 HP,   one percussion knife with hard metal cutting blades. The cutting depth is infinitely variable.

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Puddle Buddy suction pump

  • Suction motor: 230 V / 50 Hz / 150 W
  • Pump rate: to 120 l/minute
  • Head: max. 7 m
  • Weight: approx. 5,25 kg

Art.-Nr. 5057 0001 Robust, portable all-metal pump that removes water up to a height of approx. 1 mm above the floor surface via the protected oor inlet. Hose connector for ½“, ¾“ and 1“ hose. Power e% cient residue pump & tted with a thermal overload, wich protects the pump against overheating Portable and versatile The top outlet and waterjacket design forces the pumped water to cool the motor, allowing prolonged use in low water levels Easy to use including 10 m cable and additional suction grille

  • roduct Part No. Figure
    Water hose 20 m ¾“ 1601 0000

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Water and dirt suction equipment

Art.-Nr. 5056 0001 With special filter and plug socket for tools and input electronics for handcraft and trade. Suction motor 220-240 V / 16 A / 1200-1500 W, motor housing made of high-impact plastics separate Bypass Motor cooling protected against splashed water compact 45 l stainless steel tank – rustless 5 m connecting cable chassis with plastic covering, 2 big rubber wheels rear and 2 pulleys in front useful driving facility, useful metal box for accessories Weight: 12, 7 kg Accessory included in scope of supply para. 1-9 complete

  • Description Pic.-No. Part No.
    Water suction nozzle 1 5056 0144
    Triangle nozzle 50 mm Ø 2
    All-purpose nozzle with brushes 3 5056 0141
    Joint nozzle, narrow 4 5056 0143
    Inclined-tube nozzle 50 mm Ø 5
    Joint nozzle 50 mm 6
    Suction pipe – stainless steel 7 5056 0139
    Suction pipe – plastics 8
    Suction hose complete for
    stainless steel suction pipe
    9 5056 0138

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Simer suction and immersion pump

  • Suction motor: 230 V / 50 Hz / 400 W
  • Pump rate: to 60 l/minute
  • Head: max. 6 m
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg

Art.-Nr. 5057 0000 Powerful, portable all-metal pump that removes water up to a height of approx. 2 mm above the floor surface via the protected floor inlet. The pump already starts working at a water level of only 5 mm! Hose connector for ½“, ¾“ and 1“ hose. Robust cast aluminium construction Portable and versatile Self-venting starts at a water level of just 5 mm Suitable for continuous operation 10 m replaceable power cord Completely submersible, IP 68 Stainless steel rotor shaft Integrated thermal protection Mechanical seal

  • Product Part No. Figure
    Water hose 20 m ¾“ 1601 0000
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Bitumen pouring equipment

Art.-Nr. 5012 0000 With aerated foot and wide footprint to avoid damage of the roof panel through pressing and gluing. Solid welded design, pot-galvanized, content approx. 12 l, with handle and large filling hole. Content approx. 12 l

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Bitumen bucket without spout

Art.-Nr. 5001 0000 Bitumen bucket with ventilated insulating bottom and large base for avoiding damage to the roofing by means of impression and sticking. With large grip and handle. 30 cm Ø, content approx. 20 l

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Gas bottle pre-heating burner

Hot-dip galvanised, finishes with bottle glaciations and guaranties full efficiency and complete utilisation of gas. The gas bottle is heated in a temperature-controlled water quench and the vapour pressure is increased to ca. 10 bar, whereby the operating pressure and the amount of gas can be guaranteed even in case of extreme extraction. Thermostatically adjusted electric- heating rod 220 V. It is possible to heat 1 gas bottle 33 as well as 1 gas bottle 11 kg. The bottle carriage is contained in the scope of delivery. Accessory for gas bottle pre-heating burner Gas bottle bearing,   stand-alone, hot-dip galvanised. Facilitates bottle transport. Art.-No. 5074 0000 Double swivel fitting with valves for simultaneous operation of 2 appliance   Art.-No. 1553 0000   accessoriesItem number Replacement gas cylinders carrier, solo, hot-dip galvanized. Facilitates the bottle transport 5074 0000 Double tee with valves for simultaneous Betriebvon 2 appliances 1553 0000

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