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Red Sea Aiptasia-X Treatment Kit Marine Additives

Red Sea Aiptasia-X Treatment Kit Marine Additives

Reef-Safe elimination of Aiptasia. A unique, thick adhesive mixture that globulates on contact with the aquarium water.



It is easily injected near to the oral disk of the anemone and stimulates the anemone to ingest the material without causing it to withdraw. Within minutes of ingesting the Aiptasia-X the anemone will implode, eradicating both the anemone and planulas.



Aiptasia-X globules will not affect the sessile polyps of corals and allows for the safe treatment of Aiptasia that have grown inside coral colonies.
Excess Aiptasia-X will decompose over time without causing any harm to the reef.
Product features:
– A unique adhesive material
– Aiptasia does not retract during treatment
– Does not affect water chemistry
– Includes straight & angled applicator tips
Further instructions enclosed in the box

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