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Digital Metal Printing

Digital Metal printing and ACP printing We can print any metal directly like MS, GI sheet , steel or aluminum. No matter if you have personal photos, commercial photos, photographed artwork, scanned artwork or you just want interiorexterior signage for your business, your images will be enhanced by our metal printing process. Our process provides a depth and detail to your high resolution images that makes them look three dimensional. The translucent dyes and reflective quality of the aluminum or other metals lights up your images with color that POPS off the metal. Amitoje Indias metal Prints offer durability and archival quality that is unmatched. Our prints are waterproof, weatherproof and have UV protected coating. This means you can use our prints in areas where moisture and heat are present. The prints contain a very hard surface and are lightweight. You can clean the prints as often as you like with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner.
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Non-lit Promotional Flanges

Non-lit promotional flanges for dealer shops In the Indian setting, a lot of retail outlets require passers by to glance at a certain offer or product range they sell or a brand they stock. Non-lit flanges are a great way of achieving this and is an excellent branding tool. A non-lit flange is an extremely cheap option for branding which is usually made from a durable outdoor-grade material with UV printing that does not fade easily, since it is applied outdoors. We have several styles and material options and recommendations based on the budget you have. Lets examine the different types of non-lit display flanges available in materials and styles of construction. Printing: Most promotional flanges are UV printed on both sides of the material and place perpendicular to an entry wall of the store so that people passing by from both sides can see it. Our recommendation is to get direct UV printing done instead of vinyl printing for a much better outdoor life and to prevent problems like peeling or fading. UV Lamination: We also provide an additional layer of UV liquid lamination on both sides which ensures a long outdoor life. Computerized cutting: Your promotional flange can be a cutout in any shape and all the cutting is done through automated CNC and laser machines. Standard size: 16x18 Material Options 1. Sunboard 3mm This is the material option for the lowest budget. We cant guarantee a good life since sunboard is not an outdoor grade material and might bend or tear away in some time.2. Sunboard 5mm Using a thicker sunboard helps to preserve it for longer, but increases the cost and also increase life of the product. Its also safer to transport and less prone to damage.3. Moonboard 6mm Moonboard is an outdoor version of sunboard and is really strong with high density material. This is totally waterproof and fadeproof and the best choice for such an application however it is more expensive than sunboard4. ABS 3mm It is another rigid outdoor grade plastic which is commonly used. Construction options 1. Chainstring hanging: This is actually more like a dangler which is hung through the help of a metal chain or a nylon string. This further can just be hung at a retail outlet. Since there is no installation required, a lot of cost is saved but due to this its also not something permanent. 2. Plastic fitting: We can fit the double sided print onto a moulded plastic side fitting. This can be directly screwed into a wall or any other flat surface and the double sided print is fixed and screwed into this plastic unit.
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UV Roll Printing

UV printing on metal, glass, flex, vinyl, wood, MDF, Leather etc. We house two kinds of UV printing units UV flatbed printing is completely eco friendly and can print directly on any substrate be it signboard, steel, wood, acrylic, glass etc. without the tedious and fault-ridden process of pasting. You can get your doors printed or make designer window glasses or get your floor tiles printed with your own design without the need to worry of peelingfading. UV Roll-Roll printing uses the same eco-friendly UV inks which are not affected by sunlight. This printing can be done on ANY fabric, vinyl, flex, leather, canvas etc. Amitoje India believes that with the intention of being an excellent printer, similar to any other company, we cannot end ground-breaking and seeking to advance ourselves in order that we can be the lead in this fast-changing worldwide business environment.
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Vacuum Formed Signs

We have the capacity to make extruded vacuum formed signs which instantly capture the attention of the consumer. Our quality and service are unmatched. Contact us today for your requirements.
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Glow Sign Boards

Glow sign boards in India We create glow sign boards, dealer boards and back-to-back printed flex backlit boards as per your specification and budget. We have installation teams that travel all across India to install dealer boards and glow sign boards. Later, pictures are provided for verification and submitted along with invoice.
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ACP Sign Boards

ACP Sign boards We have capability in developing the ACP sign boards. We also offer ACP signs available in standard and customized color combinations made from hard-wearing polyethylene or aluminum. Almost any kind of message or customized design is feasible. Here are some of our work we have done in this field which will give you a clear idea of our capabilities.
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LED Sign Boards

LED sign boards in DelhiIndia options LED sign boards and 3D acrylic letters are the latest way of representing your brand. They look more premium than normal glow signs boards, and are much more reliable and use much less power as compared to traditional signage. LED sign boards use a large number of tiny LEDs as lighting source instead of neon tube lights. In most cases these signs are made in form of 3D acrylic letters with lighting embedded inside. They can be placed on building facades, walls and rooftops. We undertake signage design, morphing and preview, fabrication and installation of signs all over India.
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Sun Board Printing

Sun board printing and Foam board printing Sun board printing is widely used in the industry for POS branding wall branding, pillar branding, shelf branding, shelf strips, shop-in-shop etc Sun board printing can be done in 2 ways: 1. Traditional: Eco-solvent printing on vinyl and mounted on sun board We have a vast variety of digital and eco-solvent printing machines and the ability to mount printed vinyl onto sun board. This is the most commonly used method for store and wall branding throughout the country. We can print sun board as per your thickness requirements and use any requested vinyl brands 3M, Avery, Max, LG etc. The quality of our printing equipment is stunning and we make sure our installation is done to ensure aesthetically appealing results. 2. New Technology: UV Flatbed sun board printing directly We can print sun board sheets directly using our UV flatbed printers. This is a better technology since it is cheaper, faster and more resistant than traditional vinyl printing. The best part is that the sheet is printed directly so there is no chance of peeling or scratching. This method requires no lamination, however if clients require we also have an in-house UV lamination facility for a gloss or a matte finish to the prints. This directly printed sun board can be installed on your walls with a double side adhesive tapes or nails.
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Promotional Canopies

  • DIMENSSION 4ft x 4ft x 7ft – 6ft x 6ft x 7ft – 10ft x 10ft x 7ft – 15ft x 10ft x 7ft – 20ft x 10ft x 7ft
Promotional Canopies and Tents Promotional canopies and tents are designed for use during trade shows and promotional appearances for businesses. Each custom canopy not only provides shade from the sun, which is great for outdoor functions, but they are also occasionally used to provide shelter. Most popup tents are portable, and incredibly easy to set up. This custom canopy category includes promotional tents that are ideal for any occasion. These are not your department store or camping style canopies, as they are made for frequent and repetitive long-term use. Most of the custom canopy options include a heavy duty aluminum frame, polyester sidewalls and coverings made from fire and water resistant materials, as well as color imprinting. Each canopy also includes a carrying bag for ease of transport. However, when transporting the custom canopy, the use of more than one person is recommended for carrying. Simply collapse the aluminum frame and slide the unit into the bag We manufacture a broad range of promotional canopies in various sizes. Standard sizes are - 4ft x 4ft x 7ft6ft x 6ft x 7ft10ft x 10ft x 7ft15ft x 10ft x 7ft20ft x 10ft x 7ft Canopy frame material is available in powder coated aluminum or MS. Aluminum is slightly more expensive but more durable. Canopy roof is made from waterproof fabric and printed sides and headers are possible which are printed in Star or Chinese flex as per your specifications.
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Customized POP Display

Customized POP display POS display standsracks We can produce all sorts of fabricated products that can be placed to present products or as POP (point-of-purchase) for instance racks, display units, charging units, stands etc. with full fabrication, installation and finishing all completed here at Amitoje India workshop. A number of the items our professional experts have fabricated are shown bellow. A POP display stand helps the brand create a personalized experience for the retail shopper and an innovative design leaves a mark on the consumer mind for greater recall. The biggest problem however is finding an agency that will provide all these solutions under one roof. Amitoje India will help you do just that. We undertake fabrication, logistics as well as installation of your POP display stands all across India. We will also be helpful in providing suggestions for better design and material usage for best utility and price for your stands. We have expertise in dealing with the following materials while creating POP display stands: AcrylicSunboardSunpackMDF HDF WoodMetalWire frameGlassWe can also provide LED Neon lighting inside displaysEdge lit unitsClip-on displays
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Cnc Router Cutting

CNC Router cutting Along with multiple other facilities, we house CNC cutting and routing equipment which can cut almost any material into the most intricate shapes. These can then be use for outdoor or indoor display. We can create any shape you would like. Look at the some of our previous work and see the variety of applications of these cut shapes
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Digital Acrylic Printing

Digital AcrylicPlexiglass Printing We provide acrylic printing services in Delhi. We can also supply different kinds of acrylic sheets for printing Clear acrylic with reverse printingMilky acrylic with front printingTranslucent acrylic with backlit printingMany different depths of sheet are available. We print directly onto acrylic using a UV flatbed machine which has UV-cured inks. These can later be cut into various shapes and sizes using our CNC router or Laser cutting equipment.
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Wood Printing

  • Size Limitations Max width: 48″ (1220mm) Max height: 96″ (2440mm)
Wood printing, MDF and laminate printing We have the ability to print on any material like wood, MDF, HDF and laminates. These prints are four-color and permanent. So you can print pictures or designs and use them for furniture or display decoration. Material Wooden board (3mm or 8mm depth) or layer of laminateInks UV cured (Fadeproof, waterproof)Size Limitations Max width: 48 (1220mm)Max height: 96 (2440mm)Turnaround time 3-4 working days
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