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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Water Leak Detector, Water leakage monitoring system, Infrared Thermometer, oxygen meter and energy monitoring systems.

Water Leak Detector

Water leakage monitoring system includes a sensor cable, a monitoring circuitry and an alarm system. The purpose of this system is to detect leakage in a room, kitchen, office, pump room etc. If there is a water leakage beyond the permitted level, the system can detect the same. Then it will generate a phone call and SMS alert to 8 operators. It can deliver a voice message once the person attends his mobile phone. The user can adjust the sensitivity of water detection so that only a real leakage will activate the system.

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Water leakage monitoring system

Water leakage monitoring system includes a sensor cable, a monitoring circuitry and an alarm system. The purpose of this system is to detect leakage in a room, kitchen, office, pump room, etc. Water leakage monitoring can also be used as a Flood Monitoring System to detect floods in case of calamities thereby saving major disasters. Flood Monitoring Systems can save major human lives, flora and fauna, by generating alerts beforehand. If there is a water leakage beyond the permitted level, the system can detect the same. Then it will generate a phone call and SMS alert to 8 operators. It can deliver a voice message once the person attends his mobile phone. The user can adjust the sensitivity of water detection so that only a real leakage will activate the system. Water Leak Detection Alert Systems by VackerUAE can greatly help detect water leakage in small areas or help prevent a vast calamity like floods (Flood Monitoring Systems)

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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are temperature measuring devices which take a measurement using infrared rays. Hence these are known under different terminologies. Infrared thermometer (IR Thermometer) sends an Infrared ray to the surface of measurement and sends feedback to the instruments and thus conveys the temperature. The Infrared thermometer is the best and only means to measure temperature from a distance and without touching the surface. It has a laser beam in red colour to assist the user to point the rays to a certain surface. The measurement will still work even without this laser beam. In most of the models, the laser can be switched off and the instrument still works. But you’ll not know where exactly you are pointing to. For this reason, an Infrared thermometer is also known as a laser thermometer. However, the laser beam does not do any measurement. Be careful not to look into the laser beam at all under any circumstances. In case you are taking the measurement of a surface where people are standing, it is better to switch off the laser so that even if someone looks into the device they will not be affected. Be very careful when you point the device towards an area where people stand.

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oxygen meter

As the name indicates Oxygen Meters and Oxygen Analyzers are for checking and analyzing the Oxygen content in the air. This comes in various models such as Oxygen deficiency meter, Oxygen meter with sensors, Explosion proof Oxygen monitor, Oxygen monitor for Vacuum, Remote oxygen monitoring sensor, etc. Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Part # OXY-PA-000002 An oxygen deficiency monitor gives an alarm when the level of oxygen goes below a certain level. Typically the level is 19% oxygen. This is mainly used in an atmosphere where other gases also are present such as a chemical industry, oil rigs, process plants etc. Features of our Oxygen deficiency Monitor (Part no. OXY-PA-000002) are as detailed below: Measuring range of 0 to 25%. The O2 meter operates from -40 to 55°C ambient temperature. It has two relay outputs for connecting to  external alarms, phone call dialer , etc. One relay output can be programmed for 19% and the second one for 18.5%. The user can connect external flashing light with an audible alarm at any distance such as 500 meters away from the room. The Alarm is wired and hence the distance is not a limitation. The user can connect to a phone dialer which will make phone calls to 8 operators. There are no special installation procedures required for this O2 meter. The customer can simply plug-in the O2 meter and it starts working. Oxygen Monitor with external sensor Part #OXY-PA-000003 There are many applications, which requires monitoring from a distance. In these cases, our O2 monitor with an external sensor of 3-meter length will be useful. Other features of this O2 monitor are similar to the previous model OXY-PA-000002. The external sensor is capable of accurate sensing in adverse conditions containing other gases. Also, it is safe to operate in environments with quick variations in Temperature, humidity etc. It operates on 24 VDC external power supply.

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energy monitoring systems

Energy Recorder for energy management Sustainability has long been an important issue for our communities. The Middle East has one of the largest carbon footprints in the world and so we need to work even harder to conserve energy and take actions to preserve the environment. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of  Energy Recorders . Energy Recorders provide precise information of energy and voltages. Being a quality-oriented company, we manufacture and supply Energy Recorders that are in conformation with industry standards. Energy Recorders are designed as per latest market trends and demands, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Saving energy on your utility bills shouldn’t be a sacrifice. It shouldn’t require you to adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle or live completely off the grid. Thankfully, energy management technologies and systems have made it possible to conserve without creating discomfort. There are a variety of smart home solutions that can help your household run more efficiently and consume less power. Saving energy isn’t hard if you have the right tools. Vacker Global provides a smarter way to manage your home or office, allowing you to live more comfortably and securely, all the while saving your money each month.

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CO Meter

Carbon Monoxide meter  or  CO Meter  is for checking the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. This meter is used to quickly check CO concentration for harmful levels. The meter should be fast enough to detect and give an alert if the level is high. This accurate detection ability ensures that you are adhering to the standards that are set for the workplace. This measuring device is hand-held and ready to operate within a few seconds of turning it on. It is quick and reliable in capturing CO concentration that ranges from 0 up to 1, 000 ppm. The values will be accurately determined up to an accuracy of plus or minus 10ppm. The reading is displayed clearly on its large back-lit display window. If needed 10 measured values can be directly stored within the BG20. Thanks to its integrated alarm function, it is simple and convenient to quickly check out critical values. In the event of discovering values over 35 ppm, this measuring device will automatically alert you using an audible beep. This signal’s interval shortens as the values increase. After 200ppm is reached, the signal is emitted as one long constant warning signal.

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infrared thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras are used to monitor and record thermal images continuously for electrical & mechanical installations, security surveillance, water leakage inspection, preventive maintenance etc. We are supplier of Thermal Imaging IR cameras manufactured by Trotec, Germany. The major models of IR cameras are listed below: A. Tablet sized thermal Imaging camera model AC80V This is a tablet sized intelligent, handy thermal imaging camera combined with the functions of a tablet and an IR Thermal camera. This can be easily connected through wireless or wired connections and has easily usable applications for managing the recorded data. table Sized Thermal Imaging Camera AC80V Features of tablet IR Thermal camera model AC80V Few of the major features of the above model of Infrared camera are listed below: USB, WLAN and Bluetooth connection capability 5 inch touch screen (capacitive type) Wireless internet connection facility Recording capability for IR videos Integrated GPS which can record position High Thermal sensitivity camera It has an integrated LED lamp Android platform for operating system Additional applications available for detailed analysis

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Moisture Meter

Moisture meter  and  moisture indicators  are for measuring moisture on the surface of materials. Such surfaces are concrete, wood, metals etc. We are supplying various types of normal and professional moisture meters. Moisture indicator type BM31 One can easily and quickly detect in different materials near-surface moisture using our electronic moisture indicator BM31. This can be used as wood moisture meter, concrete moisture meter etc. Moisture Indicator BM31 Screen Also, it is possible to measure moisture distributions in ceilings, floors, and walls. Moisture indication takes place in a totally non-destructive manner, due to the dielectric measurement method. No probes or electrodes need to be inserted into the material for measuring the  moisture meter . No delays are involved with the use of the moisture indicator model BM31, it works immediately. With fast response times, it helps professional to check the moisture immediately. Helpful additional information is shown at just the push of a button. These values include current real-time measured value, and minimum and maximum values. The back-lit display so easily readable even during the daylight. In addition, via the hold function, the momentarily measured value can be recorded.

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Videoscopes and Borescopes

Videoscopes and boroscopes  are used to inspect inaccessible points for maintenance purposes. Basically it will have a camera with a long inspection probe. The probe will be inserted into ducts, manholes, ceilings etc. and the view at the end of the probe can be seen in the camera. Video Inspector & Boroscope model BO21 The BO21 is a useful tool for making fast endoscopic visual inspections in areas or hollows that have poor access. This video inspector is universally applicable for a variety of uses.     A waterproof color camera with adjustable illumination comes with a bendable gooseneck probe integrated in the tip. The BO21 is easy-to-handle with powerful quad LED illumination that provides inspection images that are illuminated with the perfect amount of light for every situation. Excellent brilliance can be seen each time on the color LCD display. During visual inspection, the results can be seen on an external display using the video output. Inspection views can be seen in an almost upright position, even in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the 180 image rotation function.

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Cold Room Temperature Monitoring

Cold room Temperature monitoring is critical for cold rooms, walk-in freezers, cold storages, etc. This is especially important for storage of medicines, vaccines, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, frozen food, chicken, meat, cheese, butter, etc. Any such cold storage will require that the temperature should remain within a certain upper and lower limits. Vacker UAE provides various types of wired and wireless monitoring systems for cold rooms. This easy to install device is mainly for cold rooms and small warehouses. We are providing features of one of our simplest cold room temperature monitoring system as below. This cold room alert system can measure and record from -40°C to +70°C. The device has recording and monitoring functions. The cold room recording function will record temperature within the device and will transmit to a central server in a timely manner. The cold room monitoring function of this cold storage monitoring system will keep on checking whether the temperature is exceeding the upper or lower limits. When the temperature exceeds the limits, it will activate an alert system sending email, SMS, and phone call alerts. This is especially useful for storage of medicines, which are stored in a critical range of 2°C to 8°C. The data of the cold room monitoring system will be continuously recorded on a cloud-based server. The device can work on batteries without main power supply. There are different models in WiFi and wireless transmission methods. If you want to record humidity as well, a separate model of a cold room monitoring system is available. Any new customer can install the devices based on our instruction videos. The user can adjust the sampling interval from 1 minute to 12 hours. In the case of a medicine cold room, we propose to keep at least an interval of 3 minutes. For a meat cold room, a recording interval of 10 minutes might be sufficient.

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Environment Monitoring

Weather monitoring systems or indoor environment monitoring systems are basically for monitoring and recording various conditions of the atmosphere. The indoor versions will be basic versions. The outdoor versions can be from simple ones to sophisticated ones. The basic parameters being measured are temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, etc. Environment monitoring systems An environment monitoring system is far advanced than a weather monitoring systems in terms of the parameters being monitored. Weather parameters even need not be a part of the environment monitoring systems. Other parameters will include chemical elements, biological elements, microbiological elements, dust particles, radiological elements etc. The chemical elements will be gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, H2S, etc. The microbiological elements will be virus, bacteria, etc. An environment monitoring system may or may not include recording system. If you want to record the data for future analysis, you may opt for a system with recording.

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Vacker Group supply different types of Cables. Vacker Group deals with different Brands. We deal with sensors, data loggers, connectors also

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warehouse monitoring system

re you looking for a warehouse monitoring system that can constantly monitor temperature and humidity in your warehouse? Vacker UAE provides you the perfect solution for various monitoring systems with the best price available in the market. With lots of models available to meet your requirements, you can actually get what you want in reasonable price. Our services are available throughout the UAE region such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, etc. A warehouse requires close monitoring of temperature and humidity. This is applicable when it is used to store different items such as chemicals, vaccines, food, vegetables, medicines, etc. Proper maintenance of humidity and temperature helps to ensure and maintain the quality of the products stored in the warehouses.

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refrigerator monitoring and recording system

Medical refrigerators are used for storing medicines normally between 2°C to 8°C. It is essential that the temperature is always within these temperature limits. Otherwise, the quality of these medicines will be affected. Even though this is mainly applicable for medicine refrigerator, there are a lot of other hospital refrigerators, which require critical monitoring. We can use the same system for all these applications. However, the temperature alert range will be different based on the application of each medical fridge. Necessity of refrigerator monitoring and recording system The challenge with medical refrigerators is that as soon as we open the door, the temperature increases. In a pharmacy, the pharmacist has to open the door many times. It may not be possible to provide sufficient interval between two openings. So once the door is opened the temperature increases. As soon as we close the door, the fridge tries to reduce and maintain the temperature. However, we may have to open the door once again to take another medicine. This again disturbs the cooling cycle. Thus, it is very difficult to maintain the temperature between 2°C to 8°C. This makes it necessary to monitor and record the temperature inside a medical refrigerator. Most of the health authorities specify to record the temperature and store the data for verification.

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Air Quality Meter

Installing an  air quality meter  in homes, offices, hospital rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, research center etc. is important for human health because most people spend 90% or more of their time indoors. It has become increasingly difficult to control indoor air quality via portable dust monitoring because buildings are built so close together allowing pollutants from the exhaust to infiltrate the interior. VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) measurement is extremely important in industrial environments. Carbon dioxide is known as the silent killer. Even when it is present at acceptable levels it is dangerous for children and people with health problems. This can cause extreme fatigue and make it difficult to concentrate, which decreases productivity. Air Quality Meter model BZ25 The BZ25 meter is the perfect air quality meter for continuously monitoring air quality indoors in workplaces, school classrooms, and in the home. Air Quality Meter BZ25 In addition to measuring humidity and temperature, this product utilizes a stable and accurate NDIR measurement process. This monitors the levels of carbon dioxide and displays the results in an easy to read display in 1 ppm increments. Users can program an acceptable CO2 level in this air quality meter. The device to sound an acoustic warning when levels exceed the set limit. The LCD display indicates the date and time along with an icon that indicates whether the amount of the deadly gas is normal, good or approaching a dangerous level that can be detrimental to human health

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Hygrometer or Humidity Meter

Digital hygrometers are used to measure humidity in the air. A Digital hygrometer is also known as humidity meter. Most of these models also measure temperature. Hence, same are also known as thermometer hygrometer. We are supplying a wide range of digital hygrometers manufactured by Trotec, Germany. We supply different models of humidity meter such as wall-mounted and desktop types. Few others are handheld meters for site measuring purpose. Humidity is the measure of moisture in the air. A hygrometer measures this humidity and hence is called as humidity meter. If the moisture content is high, the air is said to be highly humid. If the moisture content is low, the humidity is said to be low. This moisture content is expressed as relative humidity. This is relative to the air and hence the term is evolved. The Relative humidity, commonly known as RH is expressed in percentage.

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