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Vertical Gas Liquid Separators

Vertical Gas Liquid Separators

The Wright-Austin 35L series of in-line vertical gas/liquid separators remove 99% of droplets and particles equal to or greater than 10 microns in a very compact design. As the moisture laden gas enters the separator, it encounters a curved, stationary blading structure welded to the inside of the vessel, and this causes a centrifugal force, propelling the droplets to the outer wall. The liquid coalesces and exits the separator's drain.

As with all Wright-Austin gas/liquid separators, there are no moving parts, they are self-cleaning and require no maintenance. Wright Austin gas liquid separators employ a patented Vortex Containment Plate (VCP) and combined with centrifugal action assures maximum separation of entrainment with minimal chances of reentrainment. Wright Austin accomplished this without complex baffles, deflectors and other structures that obstruct the flow-stream, resulting in very low pressure drops. 

All Wright Austin Model 35L series air liquid separators are available with ASME code stamp and CRN. All fabricated 35L style gas/liquid separators are designed in New Jersey (USA) in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division I.

There are 4 configurations, refer to the chart below and follow the links to the associated part number, pricing and outline drawing pages. If your flow path is horizontal, review the 30L Style Horizontal Gas/Liquid Separator page.

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