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CPVC Strainer

CPVC Strainer

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CPVC Basket Strainer


When pipeline system components require protection from dirt and debris and the line cannot be shut down for basket cleaning, an All Plastic Duplex Basket Strainer is the ideal choice. Unwanted particles are removed as the process media passes through a perforated strainer basket contained inside the strainer body. The basket traps the unwanted material while allowing the process media to flow freely.


Easy Basket Cleaning

Cleaning or changing the strainer basket is quick and easy. Turning the operating handle on the diverter valve assembly switches the flow from one strainer housing to the other. Then, the out of service housing can be serviced by opening the hand removable, spin-off cover for access to the basket.


The cover features two angled handles for easy opening and closing. The housing has external cover threads that do not contact the process media eliminating the need for cleaning. Venting and draining are easily accomplished by using the hand removable, threaded plugs on the cover and the side of the housing.

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