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Double Skin Tank Leak Detector

Double Skin Tank Leak Detector

Class I (EN 13160-1:2003) leak detector, high vacuum based, for use with double-skinned tanks and single-skinned tanks with internal lining.
The unit is designed for monitoring above ground and underground tanks containing inflammable liquids of danger class A III as well as non-inflammable, water polluting liquids and urea solutions 32,5 % (AdBlue®). Also suitable for renovating double-skinned tanks which were previously monitored with leak detection fluid.(Refer to the operating instructions for a definition of the stored media).

Eurovac 04-1 is adjusted for an alarm vacuum level of 325mbar and approved for tanks up to 2.9m Ø  whereby the suction tube connection may end at the top of the tank. If mounted outdoors, special installation requirements have to be observed, e.g. protective housing, greater internal capillary tube diameters (6 mm), condensate traps.For tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2 design A, DIN 6618-2, 6619-1, 6623-1, 6624-1 as well as equivalent tanks made from steel or equivalent approved tanks made from plastic, provided that they have double walls or are equipped with an approved leak protection lining (internal lining) according to EN 12285-1 or by analogous application of EN 12285-1.For tanks according to DIN 6625-1 which are equipped with an approved leak protection lining (internal lining) and cylindrical, rectangular or spherical tanks made from reinforced concrete or equivalent, approved tanks made from other materials which are equipped with an approved leak protection lining (internal lining).

Not for use on tanks containing inflammable liquids (Use LAD series).

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