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MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor

MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor


MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor

The MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor establishes a new level of control for plant operators that depend on Streaming Current to maintain water quality. Unlike other systems, the MicroTSCM can be calibrated to a known Ion Charge unit (ICu) value, using a cationic polymer solution. Once calibrated, the operator can use the MicroTSCM to determine the control set-point for the plant. This set-point is established through optimization and it reflects the actual ICu of the sample stream.

Establishing an actual ICu value for the control set-point ensures the operator can always return to the same conditions in the event of a plant upset, equipment failure, or shut down. Routine calibration ensures that the integrity of the output can be maintained by compensating for standard wear-and-tear on the probe and electronics.

The graphical display of the MicroTSCM monitor provides the operator a fast and easy way to keep up with what is going on inside the plant. Historical trending of readings over the previous 8 or 24-hour period is continuously displayed as a graph on the screen. 

The sensor design incorporated into the MicroTSCM was developed to operate under the most turbid conditions. The HF MicroTSCM monitor, coupled with leading-edge sensor technology provides an easy-to-use tool for precise control over your chemical dosing system.

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