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Scientific Nitrification Inhibitor Dispenser

Scientific Nitrification Inhibitor Dispenser


Nitrification Inhibitor Dispenser

The HF scientific Nitrification Inhibitor Dispenser for CBOD Analysis is a quick, convenient and economical way to dispense chemicals when doing multiple carbonaceous CBOD tests.  The dispenser is designed to provide an accurate dose of TCMP as outlined in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 22nd Ed. 5210 B. 5-day CBOD test.



Patented ergonomic design, convenient and easy to use




Dispenser included. Do not have to purchase a separate dispenser!




Provides dependable, consistent dosing with only one shot




No weighing or measuring needed




Contains enough reagent for 200 standard 300ml bottles





Dispenser design prevents clogging

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