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Our product range comtains a wide range of Halls Ancho, swivel, HENGDA Air Compressor, CBZ series marine explosion proof axial flow fans and Kenter Shackle

Halls Ancho

The Halls anchor is one of the most popular anchors in the world and is specifically designed to fit anchor pockets on most ships. Also known as a stockless anchor, Halls anchors are normally supplied with certification which can be from any of the major classification societies found globally.  For detailed information about the suitability of Halls anchor for your vessel, or to find out any technical information, please get in touch with one of our staff members. 

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The Swivel is usually fitted between the anchor and the chain cable to prevent the chain cable from twisting and kinking. An anchor shackle with a joining shackle or a Kenter link are needed to complete the assembly  

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HENGDA Air Compressor

HENGDA air compressor units are the most sort-after high pressure air compressors in the PET blow molding industry. Combining innovative heavy duty design and modifications, their units comply with the most stringent requirements. HENGDA are known for high quality compressed air.  With one engine starting and high pressure testing, HENGDA high pressure units can produce a maximum 1000psig. This makes them suitable for the Power Sector, Big Diesel Engines and other applications which require high pressure compressed air.  If you would like to learn more about air compressors, or require more technical information then please get in touch with one of our staff members. 

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CBZ series marine explosion proof axial flow fans

CBZ series explosion proof axial flow fans for marine use are designed and manufactured according to GB11799-89《Marine explosion proof axial flow fans》, and general description and explosion-proof “d” of GB3836-2000 《Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres》 and 《Rules and regulations for the construction and Classification of Seagoing Steel Ships》. This series fans have been examined and approved by the Explosion-proof Inspection Authority of the PRC and have got the Certificate of Conformity. They also have been examined and approved by CCS (China Classification society) and have got the certificate. Advantages • Explosion-proof, safe and reliable in operation • Well anticorrosive • Strongly capable of resisting vacillation • Vibration and shocking Specifications/Types There are three structural types:type I (deck type), type II (piping type) and type III (separate cabins type).The structure of whole set is spark free. Type I explosion-proof fan has a hood and an explosion-proof motor installed in the top of the machine frame and a wire mesh guard with 4 openings per square cm. Made of stainless steel, surrounding the frame. The fan is vertically fixed on the deck. It can be delivered for air supply of air extraction. Type II explosion-proof fan has no hood, built-in type explosion-proof motor is mounted on the housing by the down streamguide vane. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can also be installed on the deck. It may be used for pumping or sending air. According to the customers’ special requests, the fan can be made into a separate structure-- type III. The fan and the motor are put in different cabins, with a driving device, a sealed box and two pairs of flexible couplings. It is used primarily for drawing out noxious air of dangerous compartment. Taking a front view from the motor side, the impeller should be turning clockwise. Applications The explosion-proof symbol of explosion-proof fans is EdⅡBT4 They can be delivered for gas mixtures or vapor containing combustibles and explosives, for ordinary air, for sea air containing salt fog, for air containing oil fog and other corrupt air supply or extraction. These explosion-proof fan series are best suited to pumping out gas mixtures or vapor containing combustibles and explosives in oil cabins holds, pump-rooms, battery cabins, ammunition cabins, hangars, paint houses, etc.They can also be used for ventilation of other compartments of shipping and corresponding place of land's. AC 50Hz, 380V or 60Hz, 440V type YB-H(explosion insular) for marine use may be mounted on these fans.

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Kenter Shackle

The Kenter joining shackle is used to join two stud link chain elements ending in a common link or enlarged link. Its made of Heavy Duty forged steel (U2- U3 grade).

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