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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Bopp Tape, Airmaster Rubber Insulation, Surface Protection Tape, Semi rigid aluminium duct and flexible duct connector.

Bopp Tape

Bopp Tape from Airmaster Tape who is Packaging Tape Manufactures UAE is a superior quality Carton Sealing Tape, with specially developed self adhesive coating, available with plain, coloured and printed. The tape exhibits maximum peel strength on the applied surfaces and can hold heavy cartons. The product is useful for custom made Carton Sealing, Packing, Labeling, and bundling the product. Bopp tape is Suitable to use with automatic packing machines and manual dispensers. Airmaster Tapes is one of the best Adhesive & Packaging Tape Manufactures UAE who provides best quality products. Advance packaging and adhesives, is one of the few adhesive tape manufacturers in the region offering an extensive selection of high performance pressure sensitive tapes suitable for the most demanding dynamic and static applications including bonding , bundling, damping, enhancing, protecting, reinforcing, shielding, masking and splicing. For More details please visit Advance Packaging & Adhesive L.L.C

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Airmaster Rubber Insulation

Airmaster sheet & Roll insulation is used to retard heat transmission and control condensation from chilled-water and refrigeration systems. It also eeciently reduces heat transfer for hot water plumbing and liquid-heating and dual-temperature piping. airmaster sheet & Rolls is ideal for applications in : Duct work Large piping and fittings Tanks Vessels Curved and irregular surfaces and all types of fitting covers

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Surface Protection Tape

  • WIDTH 100 mm. to 2000 mm.
  • LENGTH 1000 mtr. to 1250 mtr.
  • THICKNESS 50 Micron & above
  • COLOURS Transparant ,black/black , Black/White, Trans Blue

Surface Protection tape is widely used for the temporary protection of any kind of metal surface during metal processing, assembling, storage or transport. They exhibits a good balance between a perfect adhesion during the appliction and an easy peel off without residue on the applied surface. The product is useful for temporary protection on surface like coated metal, Glossy finish, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Anodized Aluminium, Composite Panels, Kynar/Powder coated/Painted surfaces & Acrylic, Poly Carbonate Sheets. Surface Protection Tape is used to protect surfaces from scratches, dust or any dirt. It will leave no adhesive residue until 2 years. Surface Protection Tapes are available in different colors such as  Transparent , black/black , Black/White, Trans Blue with thickness of  50 Micron & above. It comes with a width of  100 mm to 2000 mm and length of  1000 mtr to 1250 mtr.

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Semi rigid aluminium duct

Airmaster Semi-rigid aluminium flexible ducting manufactured from pure aluminium corrugated strips, spirally wound, to produce a double over-lapped joint to prevent uncoiling in use. Fire resistant. Available in compressed 3 metre lengths. Download our catalogue to view the complete range of products. Airmaster manufactures other ducting accessories such as duct connectors, insulated and uninsulated flexible ducts. Duct connectors are simple a flexible yet robust fabric secured by metal strip on either side. This ducting accessory, being flexible, helps prevent noise and vibration in the ducting system. Flexible ducts are used in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, to connect air outlets to the duct work. It is recommended to install flexible duct, cut to the required length, precaution should be taken to not bend the flexible duct across sharp corners. Using compressed or longer flexible ducts can cause friction losses. Airmaster also manufactures other ducting accessories such as access door, volume control dampers ( rectangular and round), pressure relief dampers, back draft dampers, sound attenuators ( rectangular, circular and cross-talk) and fire dampers (UL 555 tested and approved). Airmaster manufactures these ducting accessories from high quality galvanized steel. The volume control dampers are available with manual and motorized operation, with actuators of client’s choice. Pressure relief dampers are factory calibrated to operate at required pressure drop. Sound attenuators are used to eliminate the noise generated by the equipments ( generally AHUs , generators, cark park fans, etc). Airmaster uses a third party renowned and reliable software to make sound attenuator size selections through duct analysis. Fire dampers are available with curtain type operation and motorized operation, suitable for fire , smoke or as a combination of both fire and smoke. All ducting accessories manufactured by airmaster are tested by internationally renowned third party laboratories such as ETL Intertek, Underwriters laboratory, BSRIA, etc , for performance and efficiency.

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flexible duct connector

Flexible Duct Connector is a Duct Accessories used to eliminate duct system noises and vibrations for industrial and commercial applications while doing Thermal Insulation. The Basic use is to isolate the vibration and noises from the source with an air tight flexible joint consisting of a fabric fastened to steel metal on both sides.The flexible connector is fixed between the A/C equipment or fan and the ductwork. Various cloth types, cloth widths and steel widths are available in order to meet most of the installation requirements at job sites. The duct connector fabric is available in three standard widths – 60 , 75 and 100 mm. The duct connector with 100 mm wide fabric comes with a metal stip of 70 mm width. The remaining duct connectors are available with 45 mm wide steel strip. Airmaster also offer related items such as foam gaskets, duct flanges and corners to facilitate sealing and securing duct connections. Download our catalogue to view the complete range of HVAC products. Airmaster is also an adhesive tape manufacturer, well known as advance packaging and adhesive, offering various products such as foil tapes, protection tapes, packing tapes, double sided tapes. Our manufacturing facility in the United Arab Emirates uses the latest machinery and high quality , tested raw materials to ensure the production of a high quality reliable product. As an adhesive tape manufacturer, we also offer related products such as foam gaskets, duct connectors/flanges/corners, NBR/XLPE insulation, flexible/ rigid ducts, sealants and adhesives for various applications such as electrical, construction, HVAC and packing. Advance packaging and adhesives, is one of the few adhesive tape manufacturers in the region offering an extensive selection of high performance pressure sensitive tapes suitable for the most demanding dynamic and static applications including bonding , bundling, damping, enhancing, protecting, reinforcing, shielding, masking and splicing. For More details please visit Advance Packaging & Adhesive L.L.C

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Aluminium Foil Tape

Description Airmaster Aluminium Foil Tape is soft malleable aluminum foil coated with an aggressive Acrylic & Hotmelt adhesive. Superior quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low temperature performance at freezing. Applications & Feature • Provide an excellent vapor barrier, as it conforms well to irregular surfaces. • Create a heat Shield, benefiting the appliance and automotive industries. • Wrap copper refrigeration coils inside refrigerator walls. • Mask sensitive components from damage during paint stripping, such as when commercial airplanes are sandblasted and repainted.

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Foam Tapes

EVA, IXPE, NBR, NEOPRENE Foam Tapes Offers good mechanical properties, good thermal insulation, excellent chemical resistance, and low water absorption. It holds sound peel-off resistant strength, fine shock relaxation capability. It is widely used in HVAC and Construction industry, Mechanical industry, Trade, Automobile industry for bonding plastic emblems onto metal substrates, sealing windows, doors, sun roofs, and trunks/hatches. Foam Tapes are Useful as protection sheet to all kinds of general applications, Electronics industry, Household etc. Foam tapes are available in variety of thicknesses and sizes.  It can resist moisture, durable and high in strength.

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Flexible Duct

Insulated & Uninsulated Flexible Duct is available with Metalized jacket to provide ultimate strength and protection. Metalized polyester vapor barriers are reinforced with Fiberglass scrim for high durability, tear resistance and outstanding thermal insulation protection. Applications : Flexible duct is used for thermal insulation, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial applications. They are most commonly used to connect the Main duct to the plenums.  In addition to this, flexible ducts are used in areas where manoeuvring of steel ducts are a challenge due to other services for shorter lengths. Description: Flexible ducts are available from 4″ up to 20″ Diameter

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Double side Film Tape

Airmaster Double-Coated Film Tapes are made of premium polyester or UPVC carriers coated with pressure sensitive acrylic or rubber adhesive. Our film tapes are designed with versatility suitable for long term and high-temperature applications, permanent to removable applications and combination of rubber and acrylic adhesive on both sides of the carrier. These tapes are specially formulated for various industrial applications such as the telecommunications and electronic industries. Applications : • Signage, nameplates, point of purchase display Foam lamination • Paper/film splicing • Plastic extrusion • LSE/Anti-migrating bonding • General purpose indoor applications • Removable adhesive for backlit signs • Polybags and envelope flaps • Glass transportation pads • Core start/end tab of paper, foil and

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Canvas Duct Coat

Canvas Duct coat 30-36 coating provides a protective finish for insulation on pre fabricated Air Conditioning Ducts and cold water piping when applied in 2 coats with reinforcing cotton fabric embedded between coats. when relative humidity exceeds 75% for continuous periods, or where the insulated piping or equipment contains chilled water, brine or refrigerent, additional vapor barrier protection is suggested. Available with Gray & White colour. Canvas Duct coat 30-36  is a one-component HVAC Canvas Coating with tough and flexible adhesive and sealant which makes a durable seal for air leakage. Due to its excellent water and UV abrasion-resistance, it can be used in outdoors as well as indoors in thermal insulation system on ducting accessories.

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Synthetic Bond Adhesive

Airmaster 81-10 Synthetic Bond Adhesive is a low cost, quick setting synthetic elastomer adhesive for use with fibrous glass insulation (up to 3 lbs./cu.ft.) duct wrap and acoustical linings for air handling ducts. Synthetic ADHESIVE meets ASTM C916, Type IV (ASC-A-7001-A, Type IV) and NFPA 90A and 90B 25/50 requirements. Synthetic adhesive contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds. Features: Designed for use in applications where fibrous glass insulation is bonded to the interior or exterior of sheet metal air-conditioning ducts. No asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.

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Carry handle tape

Carry handle tapes that guarantee carrying comfort for multipacks of mineral water, soft drinks fruit juices, dairy products and tissue boxes. This Tape has able to take up a leading position on the Middle East market by combining comfort and efficiency in carry handle tapes.

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Warning Tape

Airmaster is the one of the best Tape Manufacturers Middle East, Dubai, UAE. Warning tape is brightly colored tape (often incorporating a two-tone pattern of alternating yellow-black or red-white stripes or the words “Caution” or “Danger” in prominent lettering) that is used to warn or catch the attention of passers by of an area or situation containing a possible hazard. It acts as a minor impediment to prevent accidental entrance to that area or situation and as a result enhances general safety. Barricade tape is also known as construction tape or barrier tape or in reference to the safety hazard involved as caution tape, warning tape, danger tape or hazard tape. Warning  tape is made with durable, resilient, tear-proof plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene. Warning tapes available with different colors.

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Singleside Foam Tape

  • 1 “ 7.5 mtr
  • 48 2 “
  • 7.5 mtr 24
  • 3 “ 7.5 mtr

EVA, IXPE, NBR, NEOPRENE Offers good mechanical properties, good thermal insulation, excellent chemical resistance, and low water absorption. It holds sound peel-off resistant strength, fine shock relaxation capability. Application It is widely used in HVAC and Construction Industry, Mechanical Industry, Trade Automobile Industry. Useful as protection sheet to all kinds general application, Electronics Industry, Household etc. Packing Construction Thickness Available: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, & Above Colour: Black, Grey

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Pvc Pipe Wrapping Tape

PVC pipe wraping tape composed of soft film with rubber based PSA it is characterised by excellent insulation, good flame retardant properties and excellent resistant to low temperature. This is used a lot by the underground pipe contractor to protect Iron & Steel pipe from corrosion, also used to protect PVC pipe from corrosion due to ultraviolet rays in above the groung installation. This tape is also used in oil field industry to wrap above and underground pipes prevent corrosion due to high methane levels in the soil around oil field.

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Masking Tape

  • WIDTH 1’’
  • 1.5’’ 2’
  • 30 YDS 30 YDS
  • ROLLS/CTN 48
  • 24 24

Masking tape is generally used to protect interior, furniture, flooring while painting or repairing the indoor applications.  For better performance, surfaces should be as clean and dry as possible with any loose material and dust removed as far as possible. Masking Tape is  ideal for masking off areas which are not to be painted. The main benefit of utilizing the tape is its weak adhesive that allows easy removal without leaving behind any sticky residue. Our tapes come with different available adhesive strengths. Economical masking tape offering both economy and versatility for a variety of applications. Use for general purpose packaging, building, holding, Hardwood flooring repair, splicing, masking and labeling.

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Duct Tape

Duct Tape is Surface Protection Tape which is available in Printed and Plain. Description Duct Tape are Surface Protection Tape which are Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes. These tapes are durable and used for a very wide range of applications. They are water, chemical and abrasion resistance. Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes can be used for masking, sealing, packaging, bundling and other general purpose applications. Duct Tape are available in grey and black Colour. Width varies from 1″,  1 1/2″ & 2″ of length 30 YDS.

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Acrylic Duct Sealent

Air master 32-17 Duct sealent its an economical high performance, water based duct sealent designed for use in high, medium and low velocity duct system. It is environmentally safe and contains no hazardous ingredient. Air master 32-17 has a creamy consistency that allows for execellent coverage. It cure to tough, tack-fre flexible sealent that can withstand handling and with vibration. Air master 32-17 provides execellent strength, Fexibility and resistance to heat and cold, forming a seal against air leakage. Available with Gray & White colour

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Duct Cloth Tape

Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes are durable, conformable tapes that can be used for a very wide range of applications. Noted for their water, chemical and abrasion resistance and overall product strength properties, polyethylene-coated cloth tapes can be used for masking, sealing, packaging, building and other general purpose applications. This tapes adhesive properties make these products the perfect choice for many different substrates. Duct tape is the industry choice for most new, maintenance and repair HVAC applications

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Double Side Tissue Tape

Adhering nameplates and signboard, Paper spiking during manufacturing processes Laminating to loam rubber for gasket production.

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Double Side Foam Tape

  • 1 “ 30 YDS
  • 48 2 “
  • 30 YDS 24
  • 3 “ 30 YDS

Eva, PE Description Double side foam tape is made from high density, closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam coated with acrylic adhesive on both sides. Application For mounting posters, number plates, wardrobe mirror, fixing & holding plastic mounting, sign plates, electrical parts, plastic hooks and also used in automobile industry. Packing Construction Thickness Available: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, & Above Colour: Black, Grey

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Metallized Polyester Tape

Polyester & Metallized polyester film coated with acrylic adhesive. This tape having excellent vapour barrier properties. Application Product is widely used in flexible duct, protection, splicing and turret punching application, Packing & labeling. The Product is useful for custom made carton sealing, bundling the product, core Interlayer insulation on HT coils of motors.

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