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Our Complete range of products are roof pipe flashing, Butyl Sealant Tape, Self Drilling Screw, Self Tapping Screw and Flat Head Screw.

roof pipe flashing

MASTERFLASH  made of EPDM or Silicone, the flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. Aztec's easy on-site customization allows for easy installation in usually five minutes, and our flexible soft aluminum base is designed to form a seal on most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location.It comes with upto 35 years warranty. RETROFIT  is used when it has to flash around, not over, due to difficulties in reaching the top of the pipe to insert it. It comes with upto 35 years warranty. BOX GUTTER EXPANSION JOINT MASTER FLASH  flashing forms & stretches to solve all those flashing problems: flashes hi-rib & standing seam profiles, stretch and form to fit & seal, flash between dissimilar materials, handles vibration & expansion, covered with 20 years warranty.

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Butyl Sealant Tape

Butyl Strip Sealant or Butyl Sealant Tape for metallic roofing and double glazing. MB-10A is a high performance butyl tape suitable for use in steel and aluminium roofing systems. It has been carefully formulated to provide a long life, airtight & watertight seal to help buildings comply with buildings regulations. Good Adhesion to metal roofing panels, strong, flexible, and designed specifically to accommodate movement, excellent UV resistance.  MB-10A Butyl Sealant Tape can be used on external metal sheeting (end & side laps), rooflights, ridge & caves sealing in combination with foam fillers... This is covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for upto 20 years.

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Self Drilling Screw

Self-Drilling Screws are sheet metal screws and do not require pre-drilling. The screw will do the drilling & tapping. Carbon Steel Self Drilling Screws come with different drilling capacity and are available with Zinc or Ruspert coating  Stainless Steel Self Drilling Screws can be made from SS410 or will be Bi-Metal in either SS304 or SS316.

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Self Tapping Screw

Self Tapping Screws are sheet metal screws and require pre-drilling. They are available in two types: Type A:   Coarse thread / Sharp end point, recommended for use on steel purlins with thickness not exceeding 2.67mm Type B: Fine thread / Flat end point, recommended for use on steel purlins with thickness exceeding 2.67mm They are available in Carbon Steel (Zinc or ruspert coating), Stainless Steel grade 304 and 316

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Flat Head Screw

Flat head Self Tapping Screws are sheet metal screws and require pre-drilling. These are used with special type of washer called as counter sunk washer. These are available in Stainless Steel grade 304 , Philip Recess Flat Head 

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They are produced in pairs and are used to fill the gap between the sheet & the purlin and between the sheet & the flashing PE-Tech is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam manufactured using unique production process. It can be produced for any profile and the density varies from 34 � 45 kg/m2

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Screw Color Caps for hex-head screws are used to protect the screw from harsh environment and come in different colors to match the color of the sheet. Color Caps are U.V. Stabilized It is available in every color matching the profile sheet.

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Butyrub is a high quality, permanent plastic one-component sealant based on polybutene. APPLICATIONS Sealant for joints in masonry, door & window frames, window sills Installation of steel glass in wooden, concrete and steel window frames Sealing all openings in roof construction Repairing/Renovation of roofs & gutters

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Hill Side Washer

Hillside washers are used to evenly distribute load in cross bracing applications. Diagonal tie rods or cable assemblies with welded eye bolts are frequently used to support wall columns and steel beams in metal building construction. The outer curved surface allows for a nut be tightened at a variety of angles. This helps to reduce installation time and field adjustments. Size of Hillside Washer ranges from M 12 to M 30. Material used is Ductile Galvanised Cast Iron. These washers are also Electro Plated.

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Saddle Washer

Saddle Washers are used in rigid fixings of profiled, trapezoidal and corrugated sheets. They offer stability to the fixing and minimize drastically the leaking on the fixing point. Features: They are made of 0.036" (1.0mm) thick Aluminum sheets and vulcanized to 0.085" (2.0mm) EPDM seal. Saddle washers are made in different sizes to fit different profiles. They come either in mill finish or powder coated aluminum to a big array of colors chosen from different standards.

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Countersunk Washer

Counter sunk washer is majorly used with the flat head tapping screw in the metal roofing industry. These are in variable thickness and bonded with thick EPDM rubber. It comes in both carbon steel and stainless steel grade 304  The size can be as per requirement.

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Hex Bolt

Hex bolts have hexagonal heads and machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. Also known as hex cap screws or machine bolts. Hex bolts can be used for many different applications that include fastening wood, steel, and other construction materials for various projects. Hex bolts, Nuts & Washers are available in different standards, finishes, sizes and coating such as Black, Electro-Galvanized & Hot Dip Galvanization

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Purlin Tape

"Purlin Tapes", also called Barrier Tapes or Duct Tapes are used on the purlin to avoid contact between the steel purlin & the aluminium sheet. It is waterproof and made of polyethylene film with a polyester / cotton blend cloth carrier. Made in USA, IDEAL purlin tape comes in Grey Color with a standard length of 30 yards. Available Width:  1. 48mm 2. 72mm

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Reinforced aluminum foil facing is suitable for a wide variety of applications, it can be used as insulation and vapor barrier layer for numerous insulation materials, it has good aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Good for duct wrap and metal building as well as pipe insulation. Thicker Kraft and higher strength. Application :  This single side aluminum foil tape is used for bonding various insulation materials such as glass wool, mineral wool and rock wool, it can be used in production line as well as manual re-bonding, with flexibility and wide variety 

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Welded Wire Mesh

Wire-mesh is used in construction for reinforcing concrete, floors and ceilings. It is also used in concrete pipes, sidewalks' tiles, water reservoirs, canals and under-floor heating in addition to many various usages as well. Surface Treatment : Electro-galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized & Stainless Steel It comes in both low-carbon steel and stainless steel in rolls of length 30 meters 

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shear connector

Shear Connectors, Concrete Anchors (Well known as Headed Shear Studs, Headed Studs, welding stud) Shear connectors are typically used in composite steel construction to tie the concrete to steel members and resist shear forces between the concrete slab and steel members. They are widely used in composite construction, such as steel building, bridges, etc. Welding Through Metal Deck are available for this stud, for this option, special ceramic ferrule type UFT are recommended. An important part of the stud is the FLUX. The FLUX load is designed to assure excellent weld quality 

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Aluminium Tape

Aluminium foil coated on one side with an aggressive solvent based acrylic adhesive. The Adhesive is protected by a tough Kraft release liner. Its Soft Temper Aluminium Foil conforms to curved surfaces, its excellent adhesion and quick stick makes a strong bond to a variety of substrates and it is an economically priced, General Purpose Tape. Suitable for protecting, covering, insulating and repairing. May also be used for roof and gutter repairs Temperature resistant from - 40 0 C to +140 0 C Water, oil and grease resistant

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fibre glass insulation

Also called as Rockwool Insulation, It is a Semi-rigid and rigid slabs manufactured from stable glass fibres bonded with thermo-setting resins, and free from coarse fibres and shot. Easy to handle and cut to fit rectangular ducts and air handling equipment. Application:  External insulation of rectangular and circular air ducting and air handling equipment. It is in the form of flexible rolls. Facing & Covering:  It is available un-faced or with a glass reinforced aluminium foil/Kraft laminate facing (FSK) which combines a pleasing appearance with excellent vapour resistance. 

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foam gasket tape

Foam Gasket tape has a moderately strong adhesive, and carried on White or Brown siliconized release paper. The tape has excellent flexibility and suitable for thermal insulation and duct Gasket purpose. Typical Applications Roof curbs Outdoor sealing High Temperature Gasketing Moisture seal Dust and air sealing Weatherproofing Non-skid tape

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