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We offer the best product range of Ro Systems, Compact Reverse Osmosis System, Oil Water Separators, odor control systems and Desalination And Water Treatment Plant.

Ro Systems

Al Kafaah offers fully preinstalled RO Systems for seawater and brackish water uses for high flow rates. The system is assembled in a single skid, making it convenient for transportation and relocation without hassle of integrating components individually at site. The system is plug-and-play and can be deployed immediately by connecting inlet-outlet pipes and power supply.  

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Compact Reverse Osmosis System

MINI RANGE (Brackish) of reverse osmosis systems cater to various commercial and residential purposes and can be used for well water purification. Each system is compact in footprint which means units can be accommodated in the most limited of places such as small rooms, basement chambers or rooftop sheds without the hassle. All systems are included with pre-treatment and post treatment to ensure complete purification of water.

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Oil Water Separators

Oily Water Separator Industrial heavy and light oils Oil Water Separators & Interceptors   Petroleum, chemical industry Storm water drainage Ships / Marine Oil Drill Equipment Cleaning Vehicle Wash Hotels / Restaurant Airport / Workshop   Oil water separation is a process that many refineries or other oil processors to clarify water prior to discharge. Al Kafaah provides applications that can successfully separate oil from wastewater. Al Kafaah is proud to offer the following oil and water separation technologies:   Industrial Oil Water Separator Low Concentrate Oil Water Separator Vehicle Wash Water Recycle Marine Oil Water Interceptor Cleaning Water Interceptor Grease / Heavy Oil Interceptor

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odor control systems

Air pollution has turned to be a widespread phenomenon in today’s growing world. And amongst this, foul odour pollution is a critical situation, especially for existing and operational wastewater and sewage treatment plants,  Al Kafaah designs and builds a complete spectrum of odour control units incorporating various processes. Systems ensure that the surrounding environment remains safe from hazardous air pollution and ensure an odour free surrounding. It is currently mandatory in most sewage treatment plants and is being rapidly incorporated in operational existing systems.

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Desalination And Water Treatment Plant

Al Kafaah provides mobile desalination and water treatment plants for emergency use, interim works, temporary construction or short term uses where clean water supply is required immediately. Systems provided by Al Kafaah are plug & play type; all systems are factory preinstalled and pre-commissioned to ensure instant deployment at site. All systems are equipped with pumps, pre & post treatment, automatic control panel and mobile skid or metal shipping containers as All in One package. All in One package enables easy transportation and no hidden assembly at site; it also reduces transportation costs by land and sea as only a single unit or piece that needs to be shipped without augmentation of peripheral devices.

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Containerized Seawater Desalination

Al Kafaah offers modular seawater desalination plants in containerized models. These are heavy duty systems installed inside corrosion resistant metal containers of 20 ft (6m) and 40 ft (12m) sizes. Their durability ensures optimum performance even in the most remote and hostile site conditions. Desalination plants installed inside containers can be easily moved without hassle. This is especially convenient for shipping/exporting to international destinations as the container also serves as a shipping container enable swift shipment. Containerized Seawater Desalination    

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Grey Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater recycling from grey water outlets is a very cost effective and convenient method to reuse water for numerous applications. Initially adapted within ‘green buildings, ’ in recent times, it has turned out to be a very effective process to save clear water input. Al Kafaah designs and builds a wide range of sizes and types of Wastewater Recycling Systems, to suit the particular requirements of every application. Al Kafaah Grey Recycling systems have been installed, tested and successfully accepted by numerous organizations worldwide. These Systems have proven at successful at saving water consumption of utp 88% at its installed locations.   Recycled wastewater parameters from Al Kafaah systems have been analyzed to be much superior in terms of quality. These systems are rapidly being adapted in most residential complexes, universities, industrial laundries, hotels and villas to name a few. Rising water costs and development of sustainable designs has made this a very wide-spread technology.

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sewage treatment systems

Increase in global population and rapid urbanization has also lead to an increased production of municipal sewage wastewater from various sources. With technical expertise of UK based ASHFLO Technologies, Al Kafaah is successfully building and executing sewage treatment plant (STP) and recycle systems with utmost proficiency. Success in systems is a result of continuous research and development in the field and the execution of countless installations.    

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

As global industrialization is rapidly proliferating, so are the rates of effluent discharges. Governments are responding by applying pressure on industries to reduce effluent outflow, and in some places by reusing the wastewater produced. Al Kafaah offers tailored solutions for treatment and reuse of industrial effluent from highly concentrated industrial process. Design specifications vary on effluent parameters and discharge standards. Al Kafaah provides comprehensive solutions for individual industries.

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Marine Systems

Producing clean desalinated water for drinking and potable applications in ocean bound ships, vessels and yachts is very important during its voyage. Al Kafaah offers tailored solutions for such marine applications, which mainly operate under a wide range of seawater categories. Al Kafaah specially designs individual units to ensure and height constraints are met.

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Sea Water And Brackish Water Desalination Plants

Large scale desalination plants are commissioned to serve larger communities, townships or industrial applications using raw water from the seawater or brackish water from surface water or well water. Our desalination systems apply reverse osmosis (RO) process to desalt water. Reverse Osmosis is preferred as it can produce greater quantity of desalinated water using lesser energy and lesser operating chemicals. Cost wise, RO is more economical to install and requires less setup downtime. Desired product water parameters can be set using control and monitoring equipment fitted in each plant.   Large scale desalination plants are supplied in platforms trains which contain membranes and pumps. Pretreatment by multimedia filtration and chemical dosing is provided in large scale and comes in separate platforms.

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ultra violet sterilizer

Typical applications:   - Water disinfection - Process water purification - Water / waste treatment - Bacteria / bio-growth control - Swimming pools / fountains

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Booster Pump Set

BOOSTER PUMP SET: Skid mounted with booster pump set with automatic control panel, pressure tank, automatic and or manual regulatory controls, pressure controls, valves, pressure switch, inlet and outlet header in stainless steel, interconnecting pipework in PVC-U or steel piping fully assembled for plug and play operation in compact SS or MS skid.

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Water Treatment

Al Kafaah offers filtration systems, complete with valve assembly and installation auxiliaries on a complete packaged basis. Systems are offered with automatic backwash systems for optimum performance.   Type of Filters   - Pressure Filter - Multimedia Filter - Silica Sand Filter - Activated Carbon Filter - Arsenic Removal Filter - Iron Removal Filter

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